A Day Off With Nothing Really to Do (10/2/19)

You know for once this might actually be a pretty short blog post… well we’ll see; I somehow manage to extend my posts waaaay longer than they should be, because I ramble so damn much. But yeah, today was my day off. I mean I had a day off on Monday, but unlike then, I really didn’t have any plans for today. I knew I’d be hanging out with my friend Andrew for a bit, but other than that? Nothing. I woke up early in the morning to a text from Mags, basically just talking about how a team we want to lose in League lost, but frankly I can’t remember much of my answer because I passed right back the fuck out. I ended up finally waking up at 1:30, honestly feeling refreshed after an exhausting night last night. Well I’m not sure if I was more exhausted or just mentally taxed from playing League for too long, but that’s neither here nor there. I had gotten a text from Andrew asking if we could hang out earlier on in the day, because he was hanging with a friend later today, so I told him to give me an hour and I’d head over. Now usually that hours turns into like two or three, because I am lazy as FUCK, but I’m surprised to say I actually left the house just over an hour after I texted him. Like even after laying in bed for a good while watching videos, by the time I showered, got ready, and left, it was only 2:35. Not bad!

I left my apartment and headed over to grab a sandwich at Subway, because I figured I might as well bring something to eat for when I get there. As I walked down the block, I realized just how FUCKING hot it was outside. Like isn’t is Fall already? It was 92 degrees when I stepped outside, and oh boy did it feel like it. As I walked down the sidewalk, I did fall into a tangent about using Fall vs. Autumn. Like I feel like Fall is what you call them when they’re a kid, but Autumn is when they’re all grown up and you’re like- damn that’s Autumn? Not sure why I am gendering the seasons and deciding what they are as “people”, but sometimes the brain just does that I guess. Now even though I am a Fall baby, (October 29th repreSENT), I’ve always had mixed feelings about the season. I mean I’ve always been a fan of Spring and Summer, but Fall? I dunno, I used to never be a fan of it. But then after dating two nerdier girls who had very cute Fall wardrobes, I started to get a soft spot for the season. I mean also to be fair I absolutely love it when the leaves start changing color, but who doesn’t? I feel like I don’t really have a great Fall wardrobe though, because I am not a fan of wearing long sleeved shirts. I sweat a ton under my arms, and even though it can be chilly outside, whenever I get inside I’m always hot, which makes me sweat even more. Not a fan. I do want to improve my Fall style, but that’s something I’m going to have to figure out at some point. There comes a time when just wearing plain t-shirts doesn’t cut it anymore.

See, there’s the tangent! I got to Subway, got my six inch sandwich, a drink, and two cookies, and made my way to Andrews. There was a limited time only cookie, which was a caramel and apple cookie, so I got one of the those and- of course- an M&M cookie; I was super curious how the caramel and apple cookie was going to taste! I made it to Andrew’s right after 3PM, which is solid because I told him I would get there around 3 (talk about solid timing today holy). After he let me in, we headed on up to his apartment and spent the next two hours watching Spider-Man: Far From Home. He mentioned that we wouldn’t be able to hang out for too too long, because not only was he meeting up with another friend, he also had to meet up with his parents, who were dropping some of his things off he couldn’t carry with him from their trip to Disney. Side note- we both approved of the caramel and apple cookie. Pretty solid cookie; I was mildly impressed! Now we ended up not finishing the movie, because Andrew’s parents had arrived in Penn, but we did make it all the way to when Peter was on the ship designing his suit. Spoilers, but like that movie’s been out for a bit now, so I’m not that sorry. That scene is so fucking fantastic; such a good ode to the OG Marvel hero. The movie now paused, we headed on out and parted ways- Andrew going to meet up with his friend and then his parents and me… well I was going back home. It seemed to have rained as we watched the movie, so it was definitely not as hot as it had been earlier on in the day. After a quick walk home, part of the time debating if I should go to the gym, (I of course didn’t), I made it back to my apartment. Now I know I am terrible about having myself go to the gym, but I realized that if I wake up at 11AM instead of 12PM on work days, I can head over to the gym, work out for an hour, come back, play a game of League, shower, and leave, and I would still be on time for work. The main issue is that I am LAZY. But now I at least have a plan. That’s something at least, right?

Honestly I’ve spent the rest of the day just playing League games and eating some leftover pasta for dinner. I tossed a few things that seemed to have gone bad in the fridge, (still not keeping things all too cold, but I pray that will get fixed sooner rather than later), but other than that, League has consumed my evening. Since I just dropped like 400 or 500 for the three tickets to Dear Evan Hansen, I don’t really want to be spending too much money. Gotta save a little bit, don’t I? I did end up playing two games with Maggie, both actually going really well, but then played some Ranked game by myself to mixed results. Tomorrow I do head on back to work, and then Friday it’s showtime with Gina. Should be a blast. I just realized when I started writing this blog that I had dumped all my clean laundry on my bed, and now need to fold everything and put it all away before I can go to bed. Damn am I tired though. It’s also supposed to rain tomorrow, which will be a real blast; can’t wait.

Until next time,


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