Wow I Really Need to Stop Staying Up This Late (At Least I’m Off Tomorrow)(10/1/19)

So I’m off tomorrow, but it’s already almost 5AM and I’m just now getting around to writing this blog. Instead of going to bed at a half decent time, I decided to instead stay up and play League. I have now lost numerous games, and am tilted out of my fucking mind, so much so that I almost felt like throwing something. It’s an awful mindset to be in, especially so late, but here we are. Now then, let’s get into my actual day, shall we?

Well, I mean today was a pretty normal day at Eataly. I woke up at 12:40, getting up and playing a game of League- the first loss of the day, before heading over and taking a shower, finally starting to get ready for work. As I entered the bathroom, I heard Raf and Paul arguing about something or other in the kitchen, but honestly I really didn’t want to deal with it at the moment; I mean I had to get to work on time today, so I was not dealing with that energy beforehand. After finally getting ready and heading out, I stepped outside to see Raf getting off the phone, asking me to leave the door ajar; he hadn’t brought his key with him outside. As I passed by, he asked when I would be getting home tonight; not really sure why he wanted to know- honestly I was expecting us to have like an apartment meeting or something- but I did not have time to worry about that now; I had to be at work! I raced over to the subway, making it two minutes before the A arrived. Once I got on, my eyes closed and I got some shut-eye before my day truly began. Once at Chambers St., I walked on over to Eataly, clocking in at 2:58 and starting my day. As I walked over to Pizza Pasta, checking my side-work for the day, (wine and ice), I passed by Lily who was on the floor for the AM shift, who asked me if I was working morning shifts at all with this new pre-fixed menu we rolled out. Nope. “Good”. Seriously, she looked disheveled, and to be honest with you, I knew it was going to be like this. $19 for a meal in New York? God damn was lunch gonna be busy as fuck. Anyway, I got to work stocking wines, and before I knew it it was already 3:30 and I had to clock out.

Now normally I would’ve used the iPad right at Pizza Pasta, but for some reason or another it was down and not working, so I just skipped looking at what was for lunch in the break room, instead choosing to clock-out more towards the entrance of Eataly and heading straight to Pret for lunch. One escalator ride and walk down the block later, I was in Pret grabbing my usual lunch. Usually I’d pay with cash, but I forgot to bring some with me, so I just paid with my card and sat down to enjoy my lunch. As I sat there listening to music and watching YouTube videos, Maggie told me that her and Devon officially bought train tickets to come to New York in December, and since they wanted to go see Dear Evan Hansen, I just went ahead and bought the tickets. It felt really nice to be able to have that kind of money where I can do something nice for my family. Also I’m just going to count this as an early birthday present for Mags and an early Christmas gift for Devon. Right in the front Mezzanine too; not bad if I do say so myself! Before I knew it, it was already past 4PM and it was time for me to go back to work. Another quick walk later and I was clocked in and at pre-shift. Today we were going over the new items on the menu, which means I was able to try even more food; god bless. Then it was onto the floor to start off my day. I was in section 2, which was quite a compact section today; not many tables, but it fills up quite quickly, so I was definitely ready to go. Now things were pretty steady today, but I never felt too overwhelmed honestly. I mean there was one point where a table that shouldn’t have been sat because it was closed was, well… sat, so I just took the table; it was fine at first, but if I had been busier I think I might’ve been a bit fucked.

All in all, the day went pretty well- decently kind tables, no real issues, what more could you ask for? As 9:45 hit, I started on my closing side-work, putting away the wine, before closing my final table and heading over to start rolling. As I started with Ruy, I mentioned how hopefully someone else would come help us shortly; right when I finished that sentence, Olesya, (another server), came over to help. Then as the three of us rolled, I mentioned that another server, Jorge, would probably be over soon, after he finished his tables. Like a minute later, Jorge shows up to help. Olesya and Ruy joked how I should ask for money or something, with all this happening. Weird times for sure. As we finished up all the silverware, I got my number and took it over to Emily, so I could put in all my numbers. For some reason I was $100 off on the dot, under not over, and it turns out I accidentally put in $130 for a tip instead of $30; BIG yikes. We got that fixed and my numbers were in lickety-split. As I finished up putting in my numbers, I asked Emily if she was working Friday evening. “Yeah, why?” Because Gina and I were finally working the same shift, which means there has to be a competition. She got excited about that prospect. I told her we had to keep if fair though, with neither one of us being at the bar so it would be a fair fight. Emily said that we were her favorite fake couple, and really enjoyed our, in her words “bromance”. I’m not sure exactly what I’d call Gina and my relationship, but it’s definitely a fun one to be sure.

I headed out and towards the train, calling Mags and chatting with her until the A arrived and took me home. After like a 35 minute or so train ride, I headed out of the station and to my house. However as I took out my key and went to unlock my front door, the key wouldn’t fit into the lock. Strange. Then I remembered that Raf had given me a key yesterday, saying “just in case I change the lock”. Thankfully I had brought the key with me today, and of course it fit and I got in. I made myself some dinner, now a bit worried because our fridge isn’t working and I JUST went grocery shopping, before getting on League and playing a game with Mags. After she was done I played a bit by myself before playing a few with Eddie, then back to myself. Now I gotta say, some nights are productive on League and some are not. Today just wasn’t. Way too many losses, and my tolerance is shot. I’m done for now. I really need sleep. Tomorrow I hang out with Andrew at least, so that’ll be fun I hope.

Until next time,


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