When Things Get Spicy, Might as Well Go See a Show (9/30/19)

So yeah, today started really fucking interesting. Like things fucking ESCALATED and all I wanted to do was sleep IN. So I planned on waking up close to 1PM, playing a game of League, showering, and heading out to run errands, but unfortunately that was not the case. I was awoken by a banging at the front door, and even though I wasn’t sure at first, when I heard police officers knocking on my roommates’ doors, I knew something was up and they had come back. I got myself up, puts some sweatpants on, and as they subsequently knocked on my door, I opened up to find the same woman I talked to previously, this time with a different gentleman. I don’t even think it was 11AM yet, but I definitely wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep. Now one of my roommates, Eric, stayed in his room during this entire exchange, since he had talked to them last time and didn’t feel like dealing with all that shit again. This left Paul and I to deal with them. After they asked a few questions and headed outside, Paul asked me to put a shirt on and join him in talking to them; things were apparently real serious. FANtastic. I threw on a shirt and walked outside to see a third police officer standing with the other two, and the three of them explained the situation. Apparently what the lease holder has been doing is illegal because he doesn’t live here, so that’s not great. Also apparently we can’t have locks on our doors with keyholes, because it’s a safety violation? They said that if they came back- could be tomorrow, could be in a week- and things hadn’t been fixed, we would all be evicted and would be given eight hours to clear the premises. So that’s not great. Paul was very nervous and anal retentive about the whole situation, which is good I guess because he was taking notes; I was more just there to be a witness and listen. Once the officers left, we agreed, with Eric, to deal with this ourselves for now. The officers told us that we were the owners of the lease because we’ve been living here for however long now, and that moving forward we have to pay our rent to the management company. Also they said that it’s possible the lease holder had been over-charging us for rent to make a profit. Again, speculation, but whatever.

Once the officers left and the three of us had a conversation, Paul set to it to have someone come in and change all the locks on the doors. It was a surprisingly quick endeavor, with a guy coming in from the hardware store down the street and getting it all done in like 30 minutes or so. Quick and easy. Now I thought things had settled down so I headed on back to my room to relax; big mistake. Like 10 minutes later Paul asks me to come outside my room, because Raf, the lease owner, was here. Raf asked us to explain, but him and Paul started getting into an argument, with blame being thrown around. Raf told Paul that if he was just going to yell and not have a conversation, then he would just talk to me; aka him and I went to the kitchen and talked about what the fuck went down. I explained the situation to him, and why we chose to wait to contact him, since obviously the officers made this seem like a sketchy as FUCK situation. After chatting for a bit, and Eric even coming in the kitchen, Paul popped out and the arguing began again. It literally came to a point where Raf just screamed at Paul and stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him. As they were arguing, honestly Eric and I were just kind of joking around; I even offered him one of the donuts I got from Trader Joe’s. We seem to have the same mentality of working to defuse a situation when things are so tense by making light of the situation and joking. It honestly helped my mentality and kept me calm and collected during all of this. After Raf had cooled down I guess, he headed back into the apartment, where him and Paul actually had a calm situation, and I guess agreed to work together to fix this. Raf seemed to not have a problem putting our names on the lease or whatever, but he has to know in order to help; which I get. But yeah, fucking spicy times. By the time all this had calmed down, it was already like 3PM. The last time we were talking I literally just had a towel on because I wanted to go and shower.

After I finally got to get to the bathroom and shower, I took my sweet ol’ time just enjoying the hot water, and decompressing. I had actually just bought a ticket to go see Waitress tonight at 7PM, so I was definitely looking forward to that. Since I had a few hours to kill, I decided to try and get the new iPhone 11 Pro, along with picking up some more witch hazel. I debated just leaving at 4 and buying food, but I stayed strong and actually just made a sandwich for lunch, so I wouldn’t be spending any extra money. I finally left around 4:40, and made my way to 59th St., where I got off and walked over to the TJ Maxx close by; that’s actually where I always go for my cleanses like witch hazel. Pretty decent quality, and definitely not too expensive. After that, I decided to walk over to 5th Ave. to go to the Apple store to hopefully get my new phone; along the way, I ended up chatting with Mags, and worked to explain what the actual fuck transpired today. I still can hardly wrap my brain around this shit, to be honest with you. Now, when I got to the Apple Store, I saw this long line of people waiting outside of the store. I walked up to the workers standing outside, asking what was going on with that line. They said “This is everyone waiting to buy the iPhone 11.” Not even the 11 PRO. The female worker asked if I wanted the new phone, to which I said “Yeah”. Instantly she said “order it online”. That I will do… well when the iPhone 11 Pro is available again. As I walked back, I realized that I actually didn’t have too too long to get home and get ready to leave for the show, so I hurried back to 8th Ave and into Columbus Circle, where I grabbed the next A uptown and made my way back home.

Upon getting home, I chatted with Maggie for a bit longer, before I had to already leave for Waitress; I even left late! I threw a button-up over my short-sleeved shirt, and away I went to 47th St- the Brooks Atkinson Theater. I made it right at 6:53, getting my ticket from the workers and heading on inside. As I walked over to get my seat, the gentleman showing people to their seats asked if he had already seen me. I said, no- obviously- and he responded “It was a guy wearing the same hipster glasses. But you’re much better looking”. See the big difference is without these glasses, I am straight blind, so… Before the show started, I hurried to the bathroom to find a woman directing people in and out of the bathroom. Apparently there was something wrong with the women’s restroom, so men and women were sharing the bathroom. I chatted with three ladies for a minute as we waited, with the three of them joking how they didn’t care about sharing the bathroom with men. One even said “At this point I assume you’ve seen a vagina” to me, so that was something. I mean fair, and I also did not give a single shit about sharing a bathroom, but I just found the whole thing funny. As I headed back to my seat, I saw that there were a few seats next to me still vacant, so as the lights came down, I quickly shifted over to a better view of the stage.

And just like that, the show had begun! Now Jordin Sparks was playing the main character, Jenna, and holy FUCK is she so damn talented. A great actress and an incredible singer, her performance was definitely a pleasure to watch. Honestly the other main characters and the ensemble were stellar as well. The one person who I thought was just alright was the doctor. But to be fair today the understudy went on, so I’m just gonna cut the guy a little slack here. As the final song ended and the cast came out for bows, I gave them a standing ovation; but you know, as Jordin walked out to bow in the end, I was reminded how much I missed that feeling of accomplishment, and I just wanted to know what it feels like to step out to bow to a standing ovation for your performance. I want to know that so badly. But enough about that; I headed out of my aisle and down the stairs, making my way out of the theater and up to 59th St. I caught the A uptown, making it home by 10PM and playing a game of League with Mags before playing an ARAM with Eddie; well right after I had made food and started my laundry. Honestly I forgot about my laundry for a bit there, so I had to hurry and grab everything at 1AM before it got way too late. It’s already 4AM, and I’ve spent the last few hours just playing League and doing laundry. Fuck I am beat. Tomorrow I go back to work, so I guess sleep is necessary.

Until next time,


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