Winning Another Competition AND Getting Off Early? Amazing (9/29/19)

Wow it is late right now while I’m writing this. Like it’s already past 4AM and I am just now starting to write this blog. But I told myself that I would not skip a day, and I am NOT starting now, so… yeah. Anyways, today started as most days do honestly. I tried to get up around noon, but ended up actually getting out of bed by 12:50, hopping onto League and playing a game before getting in the shower. After a rough early game, my team still managed to win, which always feels really good, and thankfully the game still ended with enough time for me to get up and shower without stressing about being late to work. I am annoyed though, because the tip of my damn nose is breaking out just a bit, so it’s a bit redder than usual, and hurts because that’s how zits work. Damn I thought when I became an adult I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit anymore. Despite that annoyance, I got myself ready to go and out the door by 2:13, catching the A downtown to work. After getting off at Chambers, I headed outside and towards Eataly, when I remembered that it’s Sunday, so Smorgusburg was going on today! God bless, we love good food. I made my way through the crowd and inside, going up the escalators and to Eataly. After clocking in, I found that I was on rolling duty today, so I headed over to the open area by Stag and got to rolling, spending the next 25 minutes or so polishing silverware so the others could roll. At 3:28 I grabbed my things, clocked out, and headed on over to the break room, just to see what was for lunch. Also you know when you ask someone something that is a normal question, but then when they answer you start questioning everything? Yeah I asked my manager about her marriage, because she was talking about it with some of the other servers, and even though she answered, I still felt a bit weird, having asked the question.

Now today all they had was fucking hot dogs, so you can bet your ASS I chose to head on outside for lunch. Now I debated going to the fried chicken tent, but god that double cheeseburger was calling my name. So. Fucking. Good. I got my double burger and sat down to enjoy it, while watching representative Jim Jordan trying to defend Trump on a CNN interview. The interviewer did a fantastic job presenting the facts, but this guy defending Trump just made my head hurt from such stupidity. Seriously I’m impressed how so many will blindly follow Trump because they don’t want his racist, sexist, homophobic, base to go after them instead of the “damn liberal media”. Anyways, politics aside, I finished the burger and the video, and made my way over to get myself an ice-cream sandwich. Now last time I got an oats cookie with vanilla ice cream and fudge, but while I waited in line, the guy working mentioned they had another flavor not written on the board. I didn’t hear exactly what it was, so when I stepped up to order, I asked him what the other flavor was. It was a sugar cookie with vanilla ice-cream and sprinkles. Um… yes fucking please. I said “Now I have to get that. That sounds SO damn good.” And let me tell you- Oh it was so damn good. Don’t get me wrong, the other one was good too, but damn this hit the spot. All that said and done, I headed inside at 4 to make a quick pit-stop in the bathroom before clocking back in and heading over for pre-shift.

Today we were actually presented with all like five new drinks being brought on the menu as things shifted over to Fall. Aka, I got to try a good amount of alcohol before my shift began. Didn’t get fucked up or anything, but damn what a solid perk of working in a restaurant. Now as we moved onto the floor, I mean I was on pizza bar today, so I knew things were gonna be DEAD. Now I walked past Emily, and she pointed at me and said “You won”, in regards to the competition last night. Let’s. Fucking. GO. This meant that I was gonna be able to grab myself another bottle of wine… which means I have three bottles of wine in my apartment now- two of which that are unopened. I got into some banter with Gina, who had won two days in a row, basically saying that I didn’t win two days in a row because I didn’t work between the shifts. But two shifts in a row I worked I won, so all I’m saying is- you’re wrong. Emily watched us going back and forth and literally said “You two are so in love”. Lmfao what a weird relationship I’ve built up with Gina. We’re actually working the same shift on Friday, so I guess things should get interesting; aka if there’s a competition we will compete against one another. Now as things started to get rolling, I grabbed some paper and started drawing whatever came to mind. Since this was on the back of a kid’s menu, and one of our kid’s pizzas is shaped like a bunny, I decided to draw a bunny. Weirdly, write after a drew one and Emily saw it, one of the servers- JR- walked by with a kids bunny pizza, saying that a guy didn’t want it, and she gave it to our new manager, Nicolette, to eat. She said I was a fortune teller because this weird coincidence. Definitely odd, but hey man I’m not questioning things. As for my tables throughout the night, the one funny interaction I had was with this Swedish couple, who, when I brought them the bill after talking to Nicole, (you know, my manager), they go “Is that your girlfriend?” No, that’s my manager. “I see how you look at her”. See this got me busting out laughing because, well besides the fact that she’s like 8 years older than me and my manager, 1- She’s married, and 2- she is SO gay. I told the hostesses, and they found it funny. I told it to Nicole… well she did not find it funny. You know when you kind of awkwardly laugh because you think something’s funny but the person you told isn’t laughing? Yeah that was me.

As things stayed slow for the rest of the night, I was actually cut before 8! What did I get accomplished? Well I drew a new picture that is now taped onto the hostess stand like my other little drawing “Exploring Love”. This one’s called “Little in Stature, Mighty in Spirit”. I dunno, I’m not great at drawing or anything, but above all else it’s just fun, you know? And I’m glad I’m not sticking to trying to draw one thing a day, because I don’t want it to feel like a chore. Because it’s just fun, you know? Now as I closed out my final checks and put away the silverware laid out at the bar, I gave Emily my measly number as she fetched me my prize-another bottle of wine; I again went with red, but this time something a little drier. Have to change it up a bit, you know? I literally ended the day with $29 in credit card tips, and $32 in cash. Talk about pitiful like holy fuck; BUT I did make more cash than I spent, so… that’s a plus! I said my goodbyes, grabbed my things, clocked out, and was out of there. As I headed down the escalators, I called Maggie, who I knew was going to think something was wrong. I was of course proven right when she answered and like the first words out of her mouth are “Michael what’s wrong?” After explaining that I just got cut and was heading home early, I just chatted with her for a little while until my train arrived and I was on my way home at last. I gotta say, it felt weird heading home at like… a decent hour instead of 11PM, you know? I got home, and it felt almost wrong to be entering my apartment with it not being the middle of the night basically. I headed on into my room, where I played some League with Maggie and Eddie for a bit, before playing two ranked games with Eddie- losing both- and then going over and making myself some dinner; just a simple sandwich and apple slices, but hey it’s food! I ended the night watching another StarKid Musical- “Twisted” while playing a few more ranked games. I did lose one or two, but I’ve ended the night on a win, so hey I’ll take it. Tomorrow I’m off, and I think I might actually go down and buy myself a new iPhone. Crazy I know, but we will see. Oh I’m also definitely going to see another Broadway show, but I’m not sure if I want to go see Waitress or Chicago; but that’s for future Michael to figure out. For now, I really need to get some sleep; it’s already 4:44.

Until next time,



**Also shout-out to the dude taking a selfie in my Featured Image. You do you my guy

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