Back to Work on Another Saturday (9/28/19)

Today it was time to go back to work. It was nice having a Friday off for once, but frankly I was glad to head back to work. I woke up today around 11:30, and after relaxing in bed for over an hour, I finally got up to play a quick game of League before work. After unfortunately losing the game, I shrugged it off, hopped in the shower, and got ready to leave. I was worried because I was running just a touch behind, but despite that, I actually still left with just enough time to catch the 2:15 A downtown for work. I found myself a seat, despite it being a packed train, and closed my eyes, drifting off as the train drifted onward towards downtown Manhattan. As my eyes opened back up, I found us getting close to Chambers. I stepped off the train and made my way to Eataly, running a little behind, because the train was running slow, but still managing to clock in before 3PM. I was on lowboys again today, so I got to it, stocking Stag and then the middle section with Alex. It was actually pretty busy today, with the restaurant full and with a line. Something I did notice though, was that the decorations hanging above La Pizza la Pasta changed! They were now paper leaves, representing the changing of seasons to Autumn. Honestly, they look really nice! Not completed yet, but looking nice!

At 2:28 I clocked out and headed to the break-room, prepped to just quickly check inside and then go to Pret like normal. But today they had sausage and rice, which is never that bad of an option, so I opted to actually stay inside for once, grabbing myself a plate and sitting down to enjoy some much needed food. As I ate, I actually chatted with another server, Olesya, about shows and the like, and ended up showing her TodayTix, since she really wants to go see Frozen. Honestly it’s not on the top of my list, but I feel like I should probably just go and see it before it leaves Broadway. But that’s for another time. As 4PM rolled around, I finished up a second plate of food and hurried to the bathroom. After five excruciating minutes of waiting for a stall, one finally opened up, so I hurried inside, then hurried back out with just enough time to clock back in and head to pre-shift. Today our manager Emily decided to have a competition for whoever sold the most of the pizza special, and you KNOW I was gonna go ham to try and win myself a bottle of wine. Why? Not because I need to drink more wine; mostly because I am competitive as FUCK. Soon enough we were on the floor and I headed on over to my section- section 3. It’s was definitely a smaller section today, with three large tables and four two-tops, but nevertheless I was ready to start off my day. Now Emily warned us before-hand that it was going to be busy today, especially because we had a good amount on the books, but honestly? It wasn’t terrible! I mean it was steady and busy at points, but I never felt like I was being pulled every which way. I think the stand-out point of the day was having this wonderful older couple, who was celebrating one of their birthdays. These ladies got themselves a bottle of wine, and had such a good time. Now nearing the time they were leaving, I had a table of 9 sit down; definitely an odd table, with a few dressing normally, and then others dressing like they never left Woodstock. These two people in the group, no judgement, and I’m not sure if they were married or related, but like they both had long hair, dressed pretty similar, ordered the exact same food and drinks, and I swear I thought they were from like a commune or a cult or something. They two ladies asked if I knew if they were from Germany, because they liked playing the game where you just guess a person’s life from looking at them. One of them assumed one of the people at the table was a professor at Columbia, while the other thought he was a chimney sweep or something. I personally agreed with the former, but that was just me. Things finally started to slow down, after a surprising bump around 9 or so, and my final table was eating before 10PM.  After doing my closing side-work, putting away the wine, I got to helping out with the silverware. Seriously, there was a shit ton to do. All things said and done, it took all of us a solid 30-40 minutes to do everything, with me clocking out by 10:52. I was pestering Emily about who had won the competition because throughout the night I think I sold like 6 or 7, and then we ran out, but she still didn’t have the answer by the time we left, so I am still unsure of the outcome. Honestly I hope I won; again, I am one competitive son of a bitch.

I made my way to the train, catching the 11:07 local A uptown and back home. I grabbed a seat and closed my eyes, allowing myself to drift off for my extended commute. I got home right at midnight, and hopped on League to play one game with Mags before she had to go to bed. I was going to play a few with Eddie, but he had to get off, so I actually ended up finishing up watching the StarKid musical “The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals”, while eating some leftovers. Such a funny show, and a ton of fun. After falling down a bit of a black hole, I hopped back on League and played two games, thankfully winning both and keeping myself in Gold I for now. Still got a bit of a climb to get to 100LP, but we’re working on it. Tomorrow it’s back to work and then I’m off Monday, so I guess we’ll see what happens!

Until next time,


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