Another Day Off, Another Show (I Love Living in New York)(9/27/19)

Today was my second day off of the week, and unlike days I’ve had off in the past, where I would just hang in my bed for hours, I actually ended up getting up around 1PM, playing a game of League, and hopping in the shower. To be fair, I did still leave after 3PM, so I guess not much had changed, but what was different today was that I had bought a ticket to go see The Lightning Thief on Broadway tonight at 8PM. That was, of course, still a few hours away, but I wanted to go out and buy groceries today anyway, so it’s not like I had nothing to do. What was nice was being able to take a nice, long, warm shower, instead of feeling like I needed to rush out the door; I was in no hurry! As I hopped on the train and headed down to 59th St., I closed my eyes and let myself drift off for a few moments, before arriving and transferring to the 1. Once that train arrived, packed of course, I squeezed in and headed up to 72nd St., stepping out of the train and heading on outside. I hadn’t eaten anything yet today, because of course I hadn’t, so I headed on over to Chipotle and had myself a carnitas and veggie bowl, sitting down and enjoying a much needed meal before heading on over to Trader Joe’s.

Now my worry entering into this Trader Joe’s, was that it was going to be quite busy. I mean it was only 3:45 at this point, so we hadn’t hit peak rush hour yet, where it really gets packed, but it was Friday so you never know. To my displeasure, when I got inside I saw quite a long line, stretching all the way to the escalator almost. I really debated not even shopping, and instead just going home, but I was already here; I might as well just push through and get what I needed. Now despite the long line, it genuinely wasn’t as busy as I thought it was going to be. I actually managed to get everything I needed and head on out by 4:15, which was a lot faster than even I was expecting to be real with you. Besides picking up the usual things, like frozen veggies and chicken, some dried mangoes, apples, bread, turkey, etc. etc., I did see that they had apple cider donuts out on display. Now I have only tried these donuts once, when Emily back at Emma’s Torch brought some in for everyone to try, and they are pretty damn tasty. Despite everything I got, I still ended up only spending just over $50, which I gotta say is pretty solid. After all, all of this should last me at LEAST two weeks. With my two bags of groceries in hand, I headed up the stairs and back outside, catching the 1 back to 59th, and then the A back uptown and home. Now if I’m being candid with you, I REALLY had to use the bathroom, so once I got home, I quickly put everything away and SPRINTED to the bathroom.

Once out of the bathroom, I hopped onto League to play a few games, since it was only 5:30 and I wasn’t looking to leave for the show for another two hours. Now I unfortunately lost both ranked games I played, but since I had a little extra time I did play an ARAM, where I built a very troll build and did really well, carrying and just having a blast. I headed on out at 7:23- after putting on a button up over my short sleeve shirt- and was on my way to the Longacre Theater. As I headed on downtown, I ended up seeing that one of my coworkers at Eataly, who actually lives nearby, was on the train as well. I kept sort of glancing over at him, while simultaneously trying to not look at him at all, because how weird is it to see someone you know out of the blue like that? Luckily he got off at 125th St. and I was good to go, so I made my way down to 42nd St., and walked up to 48th. After picking up my ticket, I headed inside, all the way up the stairs, (I was in the balcony), and after having my seat pointed out, I of course ran to the bathroom before sitting down; I mean come on, you don’t want to be in your seat, the show beginning, and all you can think to yourself is “Wow I need to pee”. I was happy to find that I was actually in the very front of the balcony, seat A 103, which is like in the center right area, so I had a really nice view of the stage. It’s a smaller theater, with definitely no where near some of the props and backdrops that bigger plays have, but that is a-okay with me.

Before I knew it, the lights dimmed to darkness and the show began with a loud bang; or crackle I guess? It was supposed to be thunder or lightning I assume. Honestly it made me jump a little. As for the show itself? Not bad. It’s definitely not the best show I’ve seen, but the ensemble as a whole is really great, and the orchestra is fantastic. I think the one person I wasn’t totally impressed with was the actor who plays Percy. The dude has an incredible voice, but his portrayal of Percy is just this whiny kid, when in actuality Percy is very strong-willed. Still did a MUCH better job as an adaptation from the book than the movie, but we don’t talk about the movie because of how bad it was. But yeah, it’s like the director said “play an angsty 15 year old, and that was almost the entirety of his character. I don’t know, maybe today was an off performance, but I just wasn’t impressed. I will say though, the girl who plays Annabeth? Fantastic. Probably one of my favorite parts of the show. Solid acting, great voice? I mean come on now. All in all, I still had fun though, and more than anything else, it just made me want to read the Percy Jackson series all over again. It still has to be one of my favorite book series, even all these years later. As the cast bowed and made their leave, the band actually played the audience out- and holy fuck did they sound awesome- I made my way down and out, headed back to 42nd St. to catch the A uptown. Now Gina was seeing a show tonight, so I was curious if I would run into her, but no cigar tonight; it is what it is, don’t care enough to think about it (just kidding I kind of overthink everything).

After chatting with Maggie as I waited for the A for a few minutes, the train pulled into the station and I was on my way back home. After a quick train ride, where there was actually a guy playing Best Fiends, which is a mobile app that I play all the time, I headed inside, heated up some leftovers, and hopped onto League to play with Mags. Eddie, her, and I played two games before Maggie got off and Eddie and I played a ranked game. Then we played a game with his friend Mikey, before ending the game on a loss with another ranked game. These things happen, it’s no biggie to be honest with you. Tomorrow it’s back to work, so here’s hoping for a good weekend.

Until next time,


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