A Surprisingly Good Day Working (9/26/19)

So for the first time in honestly the past week or so, I had a very nice day at work. Like it was busy, sure, but I wasn’t stressed. I was able to confidently do my job without feeling like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Now today started with me waking up at 12:35, playing a game of League, and hopping in the shower. Now I was a bit nervous because after people dodged right before the game began, I ended up hopping into the new game at like 1:05 or something- much later than I normally hop into games- but after a surprisingly quick surrender from the enemy team, I was doing great on time. Because of that win I was also in my promos which was super exciting; if you don’t play League, which I assume most people don’t, that’ll mean nothing, but that is a-okay with me. Anyway, I hopped in the shower, got ready, and rushed off to the train, still somehow running behind but thankfully making it onto the A downtown at 2:15. Side note- I am really glad I’ve gotten back into the habit of taking the earlier A instead of the one at 2:22; makes me so much less stressed heading into work. Now I made it to Chambers St. and to Eataly by 2:55, and after clocking in, I saw that I was on lowboys today with another server named Gia. I got to it, stocking what I could, before noticing Gia was rolling. I asked her if she was on low-boys with me and after she checked, she realized that her name was on the side-work twice. Now getting all the low-boys stocked took a bit longer than usual today because two boxes of water I had to grab were at the bottom of a pile of boxes. This meant that I had to take down all the other boxes, grab the box I needed, and put everything back- great arm workout, but damn exhausting.

I finally clocked out at 3:29 and checked the break room before heading out to Pret. I mean yeah today was turkey and mashed potatoes day, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I got myself my usual meal, and plugged in my phone as I watched a video or two, relaxing for a good 20-30 minutes. It’s always nice to have that time to myself, just decompressing and prepping myself mentally for the day. Now I was worried that today was going to be insanely busy, because they were calling for scattered showers, so I definitely needed the mental preparation. After heading back inside and clocking in, I headed over to pre-shift to start the day. Today our manager Nicole decided to have a competition for whoever sold the most of the pasta special; whoever won won a bottle of wine. Obviously I wanted to win, mostly because I am competitive as FUCK. We also went over a new white we had, which was pretty good; medium bodied and sweet, it’s definitely a nice beginner white wine. As pre-shift ended, I headed over to my section, section 3 today, next to the corner section I worked on Tuesday. I took over for Patricia again, and so my day began. Now honestly I don’t have much to say about today. I had alright tables, and even though we had a bump and it was steady for most of the shift, it never got out-of-hand busy. I did have a table of three ladies who tipped my $20 cash on an $80 bill which was really nice, and for the most part all my other tables tipped alright. A really cool moment was when one of my tables ended up being someone I actually went to college with, (I think I’m two years older), but it was great seeing someone from FDU; definitely weird, but in a good way I guess. I had seen her here a while ago, but couldn’t figure out how I knew her. Also I didn’t have her as one of my tables, so it didn’t matter than. Now I think my favorite table of the night, besides that interaction of course, had to be a table towards the end of the night. After chatting with them a bit, they asked what I was doing this weekend. I said I was working, and then we ended up getting into a conversation about Broadway shows, which reminds me that I need to see Moulin Rouge and Hadestown; maybe I’ll see one of them tomorrow, who knows. That actually just reminded me that I want to possibly buy the iPhone 11 Pro tomorrow. We’ll see. After chatting for a minute, I asked them what their plans were this weekend, and I got an answer I truly never expected. “Well we were debating whether we should take shrooms or ecstasy”. This prompted me to have a discussion with them about which drug is the better option, depending on what their plans were. I mean I am definitely full of shit because I’ve never done either, but that’s besides the point. (Is it though??)

Finally I closed all of my tables, and actually was prepped to leave at a decent time. However, the next A wasn’t until 10:47, so I decided to take my time instead of rushing out of there like a mad man. I also wanted to hang behind because I had actually won the contest, so I wanted to hopefully take a bottle of wine away with me. Nicole ended up letting me take home a bottle of Primitivo, and with that in my bag, along with a doggy bag filled with a few slices of pizza and some pasta, leftover from an event from earlier, I was set to go home. Now it took a minute to get my wine, so I ended up leaving at like 10:41; not much time to catch my train. As I stepped outside, I noticed the manager from Pace, who had seen me run before. She asked if I was about to run again and I said “You ready?” before taking off to the train station. Once inside the subway station, I called Maggie and chatted with her before my train arrived and it was finally time for me to head on home. Once I got situated inside, I heated up my food from Eataly, popped open the bottle of wine I had won when I first started working at Eataly, and then played a game of League with Maggie and Eddie. Maggie had to get off after one game, so Eddie and I played two games together before we switched over to Minecraft. Now I had to win two games in my promos, and Eddie needed to win two games to get INTO his promos, but thankfully we actually won both those games, so there I was; finally in Gold I. Seriously, it’s taken me all season to get here- it feels good. After being on Minecraft for a little while with Eddie and his friend James, they both got off and I hopped back on League to play some more ranked by myself. I actually won both games I played, and decided to get off while I’m still ahead, and after watching a podcast from Philip DeFranco, I’m finally writing this blog before getting ready to head off to bed. Seriously I’ve had a few glasses of wine, well a few in my mug, and I am ready for sleep. Tomorrow I’m off, so let’s see if I can actually be productive. Also had this feeling that something huge was gonna happen in my life soon, so we’ll see if that’s some bullshit or not. But yeah, goodnight everyone; sweet dreams!

Until next time,


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