Still Trying to Figure Out Why Some People Are Just So Shitty (9/25/19)

Today marked just another day at Eataly, dealing with annoying tables and everyone getting stiffed at some point. It sucks, but I guess that’s the business. Now today started, actually really fucking weird now that I’m remembering just what happened. So there was a knock at the front door at like 10AM or something, but I decided to just ignore it because I wanted to get more sleep. Next thing I know, there’s a knock on my BEDROOM door, and when I ask who it is, a woman replies that they’re with the police. Um… what? So I told them to give me a minute, and I got up, putting on some shorts and answering the door. Who stood in front of me was a white woman and an Asian man, which to be fair, ethnicity doesn’t matter, but gotta paint the picture here, who told me that there was an anonymous complaint about this apartments living situation? They asked me a few questions, like how long I’ve lived here, how long people stay here for, etc. They also took pictures of my room, to make sure everything was up to code I guess? The guy asked if there was a fire escape, to which I replied “Well this is ground level, so I can kind of just step outside.” Before they left, I asked what exactly the complaint was about, and they told me that they had gotten an anonymous complaint about this apartment, and how it might be being used as like, an AirBnB or something? Like people are staying for a week or and then leaving. That’s not true in the slightest, but they said even if it was just like, an -ex roommate with a grudge, they still had to do a thorough investigation. After they left, I texted Raf, my landlord, to tell him what happened, and then tried to go back asleep. Well I would have, but Maggie gave me a call and we chatted about what had happened for a little while; she had forgotten her headphones, and wanted to talk while she was heading to get her picture taken.

After getting off the phone with Mags, I fell back asleep for an hour or so, before getting back up and playing a game of League- winning thankfully- taking a shower, and getting ready for work. I managed to leave by 2:12, and caught the 2:15 downtown to Eataly; taking a nap on the way as I always do. Once I got off the train, I walked to the World Trade Center building, up the escalator, and entered into Eataly, clocking in and starting my day; after a quick bathroom break, obviously. I was on lowboys today, but frankly there really wasn’t much to do. I stocked what I could and helped put some wine glasses back on the floor, but before I knew it, it was time to clock out. I stopped by the break room, but after trying the meal and not being impressed, I headed over to Pret for lunch. I got my usual, well this time I got the mac ‘n’ cheese with squash, along with the cup of goodness and a chocolate brownie cookie, and watched some videos before it was finally time to head back. After disposing of my garbage, I walked back to Eataly, and headed to pre-shift, sitting up against the low-boy as I always do. Simple notes per usual, and we were on the floor. I was in section 7 today, which was right next to Stag. Things started alright, with the server before me transferring two tables. One tipped and left before too long. However, this 10 top first asked if they could all pay seperately; yeah no? Too many cards to deal with. I told them that I would bring them the bill and they could hash it out amongst themselves. Their bill was $160.23. How do I remember this? Because they paid in cash, with the total coming out to $160.25. I went up to them and said “This doesn’t have the tip in here”, since they were about to just get up and leave, and they talked among themselves and ended up giving me $20. Thank god they tipped me, you know, 13%? So kind. Fucking whatever. For most of the first hour or two, I was actually rolling silverware, because I didn’t have many tables, but as 7PM hit, I started getting slammed. I wouldn’t have felt as busy, but I had two large tables to deal with at one point, so I was scrambling for a minute. Now I had one table with eight people who, throughout the course of the night, racked up a $540 bill, through all their food and drinks. I had dropped them the bill, one person paid, I handed it back to them, things were fine. Well other than one person asking to do the Pomodoro with the seafood linguini pasta, and then when I told her we couldn’t do that, she told me “then just give me the seafood linguini”. The runner brings out the seafood linguini- “I didn’t order that; I said just bring me the pomodoro”. Yeah no you didn’t, but whatever. After the bill had been paid, THEN the person looking through the bill noticed I had accidentally charged her for a third glass. Not before she had paid. After. Like why the fuck are you looking at that shit after you’ve already paid? I don’t get it. Now a 20% tip on this bill should’ve been a good $105. SHOULD have been. How much did she tip me? Fucking $72. Thanks bitch. Like I get it, I messed up like two things, but to tip me 13%? Whatever. To be fair, even if a server messed up a small thing here or there, I would still probably tip them 20%, but that’s because I get it. Also I offered to just give them the extra glass of wine, but they all declined it! Like at that point it’s on you.

Things finally started to slow down, and I was back to rolling. Before I knew it, my section was closed, besides my final table just having a bottle of wine and our meat and cheese platter, so I dumped the ice, which was my side-work, and got back to rolling. My final table finally paid and was set to go, so I put in my numbers and managed to leave by 10:32. I caught the 10:38 A home, and after getting off at 175th, I stopped by the Rite-Aid to pick up some hand soap and snacks, because I’m a fat-ass. Once I got home, at last honestly, I hopped onto League and played a game with Maggie and Eddie, and then one just with Eddie, before hopping off and actually cooking for once. I know! Look at me go honestly. It took me a good hour, but I made myself some chicken with rice, broccoli, and green beans. Nothing too interesting, but it’s edible so hey- works for me! I played two more games of League, losing one and winning the other, and now I’m writing this post before I pass out. Seriously, it’s already almost 4 like damn. I really hope things are better tomorrow, because I’m sick and tired of people not tipping. Honestly I didn’t even have it that bad. Another server, Jorge, had one of his final tables, with a bill of $372, not tip him at ALL. Like he even confronted them about it, and they just didn’t seem to care. Like WHAT the fuck man. Fucking awful human beings.

Until next time,


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