The Day of the Audition (9/23/19)

Today was the day I had the audition for Law and Order: SVU. I had gone over the two lines last night, and was just really excited to get the audition done. Now I had planned on waking up at 9:43- it was the suggested time from, a website that tells you when you should wake up, based on when you’re going to sleep- so I would have plenty of time to wake up, get ready, and leave for my audition at 12:40. Now I guess my nerves didn’t feel like letting me sleep, because I woke up at like 8:30 and could NOT go back to sleep. After sitting in bed for a bit, I finally got myself up and played a game of League, winning thankfully, and starting my day. Now I normally would just go and take a shower, but I needed to staple my sides, and I had run out of staples, so I had to make a quick run to my local Rite-Aid to buy some. Once back home, I got my sides stapled and in my bag, and I hurried off to the shower; it was already 11AM and I was hoping to leave, at the latest, but 11:40. I mean you should always get to the audition early, right? After a quick shower, I got out, washed up, and headed back to my room, where I put on some black slacks, my dark blue button up, and my black dress shoes, before hurrying out of the house. Seriously, I had to catch the 11:42 A downtown, and I left right at 11:40. I ran to the subway, and as I was heading down the steps, I heard the doors closing. Worried, I hurried down the stairs to find the doors to the subway cars closed. As I put my hand on the door, however, it reopened, just for a brief moment, so I managed to actually slip in, and away I went. Seriously, talk about a lucky break.

I took a quick nap on the way down, getting off at 14th St. and walking to the building where my audition was being held. It was at Pier 62 at the Chelsea Pier, and damn; talk about a gorgeous view. The sun was shining, I was looking right at the water, how could I not be in a good mood? As I got closer to Pier 62, I noticed this lady get out of a taxi, with what seemed to be a script in her hand. We ended up going the same way, up to the audition room, where we both signed in and sat down. It felt kind of surreal to be honest with you, being in the audition room for a big show on TV like Law & Order. Now when it was finally my time, I headed inside a separate room where a gentleman handed me a mic to attach to my shirt, and my audition began. Now I honestly think the audition went alright. I did mess up my second line two of the three takes, which I’m not happy about, but the third take went off really smoothly, and just like that I was done. I’m not sure when I’ll hear back, if I even hear back at all, but to be even given this opportunity to audition for something like this is surreal. I grabbed my bag and made my way out the door and back towards the subway, happy with what I’ve done. Was it perfect? Absolutely not. But what I gave was, I think, a pretty solid audition- in terms of emotion- besides the screw ups.

On my way back to the subway, I decided to make my way to the Chelsea Market, partly to explore and partly to grab some food. I also wanted to see if anyone from Dialogue was working there today, to be honest with you, but no one was. As I got inside the building, I headed over to a sandwich shop, where I picked up a turkey and avocado sandwich, along with a chocolate chip cookie, to go, and away I went to the A on 14th St. After waiting a few minutes, the train finally arrived and I was on my way uptown with some lunch; I was standing for a while, but at 42nd St. I managed to get myself a seat; however after a sat down, I watched an older gentleman get on on 59th St., so I got up and offered him my seat. Finally, after a bit of a ride, I was back home safe and sound. I sat down, watched YouTube videos, played some League, and ate my lunch, working to pass a few hours. I actually won a few games today, which was surprising but definitely made me smile, but after a good two hours or so, I decided it was finally time to do something with my day. I grabbed some cleaning supplies and got to it, Swiffer’ing the floors of the hallway, kitchen and bathroom, along with scrubbing down and cleaning the tub and sink of my bathroom. I know one of my roommates already did that a few days ago, but I just wanted to get it done myself. It took me a good 30+ minutes, but it was finally done; things were clean again.

I hopped back on League and having been playing for basically the rest of the night. I was hoping Gina would have messaged me about drinks, but I guess not; to be fair, I wasn’t expecting anything, but a guy can dream, can’t he? I also picked up some dinner from Pick&Eat, along with watching some anime, before playing some League with Maggie and then Eddie. It’s now 2:45 and I am feeling my eyes starting to get heavier and heavier. Seriously, after today, my body needs a good rest. Tomorrow it’s back to business and usual, and I’ll be back at work. God I hope I hear something back about the part tomorrow…

Until next time,



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