An Unexpected Turn of Events After a Long Day (9/22/19)

So I’m writing this blog in between games at 1 in the morning; here’s hoping that I get this done decently fast, because today is actually kind of a big day. So this afternoon wasn’t too bad, but after a rough end to the shift, which I’ll get on about later on, and an alternate way home, I finally get in my apartment to a notification from BMG. I have a fucking audition for Law & Order tomorrow, and I just… I’m speechless! Like I haven’t had an audition in a hot second, and the fact that I have one, and it’s for a TV show with dialogue is so fucking insane I can’t even believe it. The characters each only have one line, but it’s still so awesome I’m freaking out a bit. Now I’m literally playing League, kind of to keep my nerves down a bit, but also because of course I am, and yeah. That’s where I am. Don’t worry, I’m still looking over my lines of course. Okay, let’s start from the beginning though. So today I woke up at 12:40, got up, played a game of League, lost, and headed for the shower. After getting ready for work- brushing my teeth, washing my face, the whole nine yards- I got dressed and headed out to the train. Luckily I managed to catch the 2:15PM A downtown, so I was on my way to work with plenty of time. I took a quick nap, and soon enough I was at Chambers, walking to Eataly.

After heading inside the building, I walked up the escalators, took a brief pit-stop in the bathroom, and then clocked in, prepped for the day. I was on wine and ice duty again with Alex, so we got to work getting everything nice and stocked. As soon as the 30 minutes were up, I was on my way out of there and onto my break. Now normally I thought Smorgasburg- the event with all the food tents up outside the World Trade Centers- was on Fridays, but I guess because of the protests they moved it to today, and let me tell you I was not missing out. I got myself a double cheeseburger, and after I had finished that, I ended my meal with a delicious ice-cream sandwich. It was an oats cookie with vanilla ice cream and fudge, and the mix between salty and sweet was SO good. Seriously I’m drooling a bit now just thinking about it. I enjoyed the beautiful weather as I sat and relaxed in the shade, enjoying this delicious meal, before it was finally time for me to head on back inside. A trip to the bathroom and a stop to clock back in later, and I was at pre-shift, ready for the day. Nothing crazy for the day, other than the fact that there were five swings and doubles going on, so we hit the floor in no time.

I was in section 2 today, which today was right next to the corner section. It’s a very contained section with quite a manageable amount of tables. No problem. Now most of the day, things were quite slow to be honest with you. I didn’t have many tables, and I was quite tired. It honest proved to me again just how much I am innately an extroverted person. Like for me to be awake, I need to be talking to people; interacting with them and having conversations. If I don’t do that, I start almost falling asleep. It sounds kind of weird, but it’s true. However, as 7 hit, things started to pick up. By 8 or 9PM, Sergio- the manager for the night- had sent all but four servers home, including the bartender. Unfortunately for the four of us, that was the time when everyone decided to come in and things got damn busy. Again, I had a small section, so I wasn’t really stressing, but the other two were definitely running around a bit. I did have a table who ended up getting three bottles of wine and were very kind, and after they asked what I was doing in New York, with me of course saying “acting, so you know, serving” they asked what they’d have seen me in. I said “Nothing yet”, and then one asked if I had been on Law and Order or something. Is that what he asked? If he did, that would have been an eerie coincidence. Anyway, as they were leaving, they wished me luck and told me they looked forward to seeing me on Broadway. Super kind people, and they even left me a nice tip. Also another table I had were these three kids; no like seriously the oldest one was probably 13 or 15, and he had brought his two younger sisters with him, I’m assuming 7 and 6 or something. They paid with what I assumed to be their mother’s credit card, and- get this- he tipped 20%. Now when children know it’s right to tip 20%, but adults don’t, I mean that just… makes me speechless to be honest with you.

Now here’s where things get heated; well I get heated. So earlier on in the night, I walked into the back to grab some glasses and saw we had like two full buckets of silverware. With so many people going home, I had assumed they had gotten through most, if not all of the silverware already, so the three of us servers still on the floor could just go home when we finished. Oh how wrong I was. At 10:15 we come to find that there were three FULL buckets of silverware, not polished, not rolled, just sitting back there. I was fucking furious. I get it, people were on doubles and swings today, but to leave without doing any of that shit? It pissed me off. And I don’t want to say that no one was doing any silverware, because two of the servers that left had been rolling, but like are you serious? With the help of one of the runners, the four of us had to get through all of that silverware by ourselves, finally finishing just before 11PM. Like seriously, it took all of us a good 30-40 minutes to do everything. The fact that we finished at 11 also meant that the A was going to be running local… super. When I checked the times for the next uptown A on my phone, I was stunned to find the next A was arriving at 11:20. That means I would be waiting at least 15 minutes just to start heading home. I was furious and needed to vent, so I called up Maggie and basically just yelled into the phone for a good five minutes; she was very kind and listened, and I apologized for being so angry on the phone. As I got to the train station though, I saw that the next uptown A was still not arriving for another 17 minutes. It was already 11:05 or later, which means the A was not only running local, it was also running late. Fuck. That. I made up my mind and headed over to the 2 and the 3. I had a different route in mind to take.

I told Maggie I’d call her when I got home, and off I went on the 3 express uptown. I went all the way up to 96th St., before transferring to the 1 and going up to 181st. Now right before we reached 96th, there was this lady sitting next to me, maybe early to mid 20’s, who kept looking at me. She was with three of her friends, and they were all from another country, though I’m not sure what. All I know is they were speaking another language. Maybe she was looking at me because we had accidentally made eye contact and then we kept looking at each other, but the second time we made eye contact, smiles were exchanged, and then we made eye contact again and I think we both thought it was weird. Luckily I got off and she was gone; I got on the 1 and away I went on home; the car I was in’s air conditioning was broken, but I really didn’t care. I was making much better time than I would have if I had been riding the A tonight.

After finally getting off the train, I headed up and outside, walking to the local Taco Bell before heading home. I decided to stop by Taco Bell mostly because it had been a long day, I had no food prepped at home, and really, really didn’t feel like cooking. I got a steak quesadilla and a hard shell taco, grabbed a Baja Blast, and walked home chatting with Maggie. As I got inside, I sat at my desk and opened my phone to see an email notification from BMG. It was for an audition for Law & Order SVU tomorrow at 12:40. I was baffled. I told Maggie and we both freaked the fuck out before she hung up and I printed out the sides, starting to look over my lines. Holy SHIT what is happening. I only had one line per scene, but I really don’t care. That’s so fucking cool. As I highlighted my lines, I played two games of League to help calm my nerves, winning both thank god, and now I’m writing this blog and about to get some sleep. I mean the auditions tomorrow and I desperately need some sleep. Keep your fingers crosses, let me break all the legs at the audition, and maybe I’ll finally book something. Wouldn’t that be cool. Seriously though I’m so excited. Now time to get ready for bed.

Until next time,


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