Another Saturday Spent at Eataly (At Least I’m Making Money…)(9/21/19)

Today was another day at Eataly. I was off yesterday, which still feels strange to be honest with you, but I’m not complaining. I will say that I was happy and ready to be going back to work though. I gotta be honest with you, I like making money; it’s nice. I woke up at 12:30, relaxing for a good while in bed before finally getting up, playing a game of League, and finally getting ready for work. Unfortunately, the game of League didn’t go too great, and interestingly enough I saw a black cat just chilling a little away from my window. I don’t really hold superstitions against black cats though; they deserve love too. However, I did get unlucky in the fact that, when I went to get in the shower, one of my roommates had just stepped into the bathroom. I always shower around 1:40, so I was not pleased; not mad at the guy, just super inconvenient for me. He was in there probably until 2PM, which is not great because I was planning on catching the 2:15 A, which was definitely not happening. However, I was not going to go to work without showering, so I took the L and showered at 2PM, quickly washing up, getting out, getting ready, getting dressed, and speeding out of the house at 2:22. I managed to catch the 2:25 A going downtown, luckily, and was on my way to work at last. I finally sat down, closed my eyes, and allowed myself to drift off for my trip downtown, as I listened to some tunes from Mags’ playlist.

I woke up around 34th St., and after checking my clock, I saw that I was actually doing pretty alright on time. When I made it to Chambers, I was still running late, but no where near as late as I was expecting to be. After running through the subway and to Eataly, and managed to clock in right at 2:02; 2 minutes late? Not bad at all if I do say so myself. Today I was on wine and ice duty with Michele and Alex, which is odd because why have three people working wine and ice, but whatever. We got things done pretty quickly, and worked on getting all the ice filled up. I still had a few minutes to spare, so I kind of wandered around re-checking wines, just to buy myself enough time before I went on break. After clocking out, I planned on going to Pret like usual, but today they had sausage and rice, so I said fuck it and stayed around to eat. Saved myself like $15 so I’m fine with that! I spent 30 minutes eating and watching videos in the break room, before heading over to use the bathroom before I had to clock back in. Normally even when people are in the stalls, they get out fairly quickly, so I figured I had plenty of time; however, I got confused when a guy in the smaller stall was just standing up, not moving for a good 7 minutes. He wasn’t peeing, and to be honest I had no idea what he was doing. Just as a guy got out of the other stall, the smaller stall opened up to reveal a worker at Eataly, who had just been standing in there on his phone. Now I guess wanting to hide and spend time on your phone, but really? Locking yourself in a stall, not using the bathroom, just so you can look at your phone for like 10 minutes? At least when I’m on my phone, I’m also using the bathroom. I know it’s a minor thing, but it did bug me just a little.

Despite that little incident, I managed to use the bathroom, clock back in, and head to pre-shift. Today I was in section 2, which was at the far corner, since pasta bar was also open, and I was right next to Michele, who was in section 3. Talk about a fun shift. After a quick pre-shift, it was time to hit the floor, and oh boy did I. Just kidding, I went and talked to Gina briefly, asking if she wanted to get drinks after she was done working on Monday. We’ll see if that happens, but I figured I might as well try and ask. Why not, right? She mentioned that JR had been wanting to get drinks as well, so who knows, maybe a few of us will go out and grab some drinks. Could be fun; well if it even happens. Here’s hoping. Anyway, after that I headed on over to my section and the day began. Now yesterday had apparently been crazy because of the protest, which I love because it was all about climate change, but today it wasn’t all that crazy. I mean it was busy I guess at points, but it felt steady or even slow for the most part. I had two large tables throughout my shift; one with five people who almost all had like three rounds of drinks each- fucking hats off to them- and the second being seven people I believe, who were very nice and ending up tipping me $60 cash on a $230 check. Like hell fucking yes. I actually ended up only making $217.69 in credit card tips, which would be weird except for the fact that I made $202.13 in cash. Like god DAMN let’s go. Cash is king and I am fucking here for it. As we were closing up, Michele ended up telling me a story about how he grew weed when he was younger, and how now he actually grows banana trees in his apartment. In his fucking apartment. Like this guy is such an enigma and I think it is hysterical and fascinating.

Tonight I was on ice dumping duty, so as my final tables finished up and paid, I got to dumping and rolling silverware. I had everything done, including my numbers, and was prepped to leave when I saw one final bin in the back. Knowing we had to get it done, I had Jorge bring it out and we got to polishing and rolling the final silverware of the night. With everyone’s help, it took like 7 minutes extra, so I really didn’t care. However, when I was grabbing my stuff, the time now striking 10:35, I realized that the next A uptown was at 10:40. Determined to make it, I sprinted out of Eataly, down the escalator, outside, and to the subway station. I actually passed by the seven top who had just recently left and were hanging outside, and I’m sure I looked like a fucking madman sprinting out of there, but I did not care. I caught the train and was on my way home in no time. Once home, I gave Maggie a call, who had now caught whatever other people at her work had, and was feeling like shit. As we talked, I stopped by my apartment, grabbed all my cash, and headed to the local ATM to finally deposit everything. It took a while and quite a bit of finagling, but after like 30 minutes everything was in my account. I actually just added it all up, and I deposited $887 into my account; all of that was collected over the past like 2.5-3 weeks or so, and god damn. That’s a fucking SEXY number. Makes me so much more nervous that I was just casually walking around with all that money as I headed to the ATM, but whatever. $6 in ones couldn’t be counted for some reason- probably bent or something- so I put them in my wallet and headed over to the Rite-Aid. I was in the mood for some cookies, so I bought some Melanos, along with a Reese’s snack, and headed on home. Once I got into my room, I logged onto League and played a game with Mags and Eddie, before Eddie and I moved onto ranked. We had a good 2 or 3 game win streak, before losing the final game of the night and calling it quits. I’ve now been spending the last hour or two watching different random YouTube videos, and I definitely am in need of some sleep. And some water to be honest with you. Tomorrow is my last day before my next day off, so I’m prepped to get that nice break. Time to get ready and get some damn good sleep. Here’s to another day and here’s hoping SOMEthing happens tomorrow.

Until next time,


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