A Day Off Getting to See a Scary Movie with a Good Friend (9/20/19)

So today was the first Friday I’ve had off since… well I guess since last week when I went to the wedding, now that I think about it. but before that! It’s been a minute. Since I had the day off, I asked my friend back at FDU, Zoe, if she wanted to hang out for the day; it’s been a minute since I’ve seen her, so I was definitely down to do something. We had agreed on hanging out at 12 or 1, depending when I got up, so this morning was definitely a rush. It wouldn’t have been a rush if I had gone to bed at a regular time, like a normal person, but we know that is impossible so here we are. I got up at like 10:30, and after lazying around in bed for a good 20 minutes, I finally hopped in the shower at 10:50, now in a huge rush, since I needed to catch the train to New Jersey at 11:48. Aka, I had no time. Somehow I managed to get all ready to go and out the door by 11:19, catching the 11:22 A downtown to Penn. How did I do this? By running, a bit of willpower, and a lot of sheer luck, if we’re being honest. No matter how I did it, I was still on my way to Penn. I knew it’d be close, but I also knew that even if I had to run, I would make it before the train left. Also I forgot to mention that today I wore my nice shirt that I got from H&M, along with my vans because I wanted to look nice for a change, but this meant that running was not going to be the most pleasant time. You ever try running in vans? How about vans that are definitely a half size too small at least. Not a good time.

As the subway doors opened, I booked it to the New Jersey Transit train, having only five minutes to make it on-board. Now as I ran and looked at the board to see what platform my train was on, I noticed that it was actually arriving two minutes early. Fuck. It was on track 2, so on I went, through the doors and down the escalator. Thankfully I was not the only person running to catch the train, and one of the conductors was holding just for a moment; aka just enough time for us to get on. After quickly activating my ticket, which I had actually managed to do on the subway ride down, I sat and relaxed for the hour long train ride ahead of me. I had had the Beetlejuice soundtrack running this entire time, but once the final song ended, I moved onto my playlist that I made through listening to all my “Discover Weekly”‘s. Soon enough I arrived at Convent Station, and as I walked off the train and to the parking lot, there she was- recording me for her Snapchat story. I couldn’t help but smile though; it’s always really wonderful seeing a friend after being away for so long. I got in Zoe’s car and gave her a big hug before we headed out, still unsure of where to eat. After some discussion, we made the decision to go to Applebee’s. I actually really liked the idea, mostly because I had a gift-card for $25 that I still hadn’t used. As we drove along, we also ended up deciding to go see It 2, even though Zoe had just seen it yesterday. She was a bit uncertain at first, but when I told her I’d buy her ticket, she was on board with the plan. We made it to Applebee’s right around 1:30, and she ended up getting three apps- chicken wings with buffalo sauce, wanton tacos, and pretzel bread-sticks I believe, with me getting the 4-cheese mac ‘n’ cheese with the delicious breaded chicken on top. Seriously, I know it is in no way good for you, but holy fuck does it taste delicious.

Now we had originally planned on seeing It 2 at 4:30, but with us getting close to finishing our food by 2:20, I suggested we might as well see the movie at 3PM. I switched our reservations, paid for our lunch, much to Zoe’s confusion and surprise, and we headed on out. What did I tip, you might ask? Why 20%, like a DECENT HUMAN BEING. Sorry, anyway; We drove on over to the East Hanover AMC, and after Zoe grabbed herself a blue slushie- with two straws because I was going to make her share- we sat down in the theater, ready as we would ever be for this movie. Now It 2 was a fucking fantastic movie. I think Bill Hader absolutely stole the show because he was so funny, but like god damn. Yeah it was three hours, but I really didn’t feel like there were many, if any, parts that I was like “Yep, time to go and pee”. Now the thing I will say is that the opening sequence really, REALLY fucked me up. Spoilers of course, but holy fuck. The gay couple being viciously beaten, and then one of them being tossed into the river and eaten by Pennywise? AHHH. Just fucking… gives me the shivers. Dark, horrifying, but compelling. I think one of my favorite lines in the movie though, had to be when the Losers were all getting back together, and Bev and Ben were chatting in front of the restaurant, and Richie comes up and goes “Look at you, you both are hot. What the fuck happened to me?” Honestly, such a mood. But holy FUCK were the kills in this movie gruesome. Like I guess the director saw that people were freaked out by Billy’s death in the first movie and said “Yep! Time to amp that shit up to 11!” I did hide my eyes a few times, but there were also plenty of times when I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a funny movie! Listen, the old naked lady? Hysterical. I know it’s supposed to be scary, but I was dying. Also scared the shit out of Zoe when the Spider Pennywise stopped by, so I acted like my fingers were a spider on her leg, and she fucking BUGGED.

As the credits finally rolled, after three hours of emotions, I realized just how damn sweaty I was. Seriously, it’s impressive and strange how I only really seem to sweat under my arms. Anyways, we headed out of the theater and after some debate, began driving to FDU. Zoe had a party to go to tonight at 9:30, and even though I was invited, I mean I have work tomorrow, and I don’t feel like getting fucked up and trying to deal with that. Too much of a headache to be honest with you. As we were nearing FDU, Quinten, a friend of Zoe’s who I also knew because he had worked on a show with me during my time at FDU- fun fact that was also where I met Zoe- called her saying he was hungry. We agreed to get some food, and after picking him up, we decided on Moe’s. Even though I had just eaten a few hours ago, I’m not going to say no to food. I ended up getting a carnitas quesadilla, and damn was it good. Not bad for like $11. The three of us had a good time chatting the night away, before it was unfortunately time for me to catch my train home. Zoe drove me back to the train station, and after a few minute delay, the train finally arrived. I gave her a big hug, hugged Quinten, and was on my way back to New York.

After a brief nap, and a chat with my brother Jake, I was at Penn, heading to the subway. I gave Mags a brief call, chatting about It 2 until the A arrived, and before I knew it I was almost home. Now I got a call from my landlord, Raf, asking me to call him, which got my heart pumping a little bit. One of my other roommates complained about the bathroom being dirty- which is fair, I do need to clean it more- so I knew that’s what the conversation was going to be about. My mind always jumps to worst case scenarios, like me getting kicked out of the apartment, but as I gave him a call back and then chatted with him inside my apartment, everything was good. Raf just said to make sure to let him know if something’s broken, because he can’t fix it if he doesn’t know. Also to just work to keep the bathroom clean. Done and done. He also asked how everything was going with me, and I told him that things were definitely better now that I’m working at Eataly. He then asked if I was still with that girl. Hahahahahahahaha. HAhahaa. Hahaa. ah. Hm. “No, she broke things off with me a few months ago. Basically when my life was falling apart. But I’m good now!” Well, as good as I can be at the moment I guess. I ended the night playing a few games of ARAM with Mags, before she got off and I played two games of ranked by myself. Thankfully I won both, not from me really doing too much, at least in the first game, but hey I’ll take a win at this point to be honest with you. Now it’s getting close to 3:30, so I want to actually get some sleep tonight. I know, sleeping at a normal time? What is this? Well, I work the rest of this weekend, but I’m off on Monday, so I’m hoping to do some cleaning, along with going to the gym because I want to finally start building some muscle. It’s time. Also really side note, I noticed that at some point, someone reading my blog looked up “Michael Saunders movie” and honestly I’m flattered. Keep an eye out, because I pray something comes my way. I want to start acting again; I miss it so damn much.

Until next time,


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