Some Days It’s Just Damn Slow (9/19/19)

You know, some days it’s just damn slow in a restaurant. After yesterday being actually pretty busy, I was hoping today would be the same. Now I woke up today at 12:40, after having a dream about the zombie apocalypse or something and me waking up right when someone was about to make me end my own life- super fucking weird, I know- but yeah I got up, played a game of League, (thankfully we won that game), took a shower, and hurried off to catch the train. I had to run, but thankfully I did make it to the A going downtown at 2:15, so I was running on time to work. I took a nice nap, and once I made it to Chambers St., I casually walked to Eataly. As I was about to step inside the building, I checked the time and noticed just how nice it was to be able to walk to work and not run. I mean normally I would be hitting the door hopefully at 2:59, but today it was only 2:51 so I was set. I headed up to Eataly, used the bathroom, and clocked in for the day, checking to see what my side work was before I got to it. Today I was on lowboy duty again, this time with Ruy, so I got to work stocking waters and everything. Just a normal start to a Thursday to be honest with you. Before I knew it 30 minutes had gone by, so I clocked on out, headed over to Pret, and relaxed for a bit eating my salmon quinoa salad, a cup of goodness, and a cookie; always nice to take a breather.

On my way back from Pret, I stopped by the bathroom (because of course I did) and then clocked back in, heading over for another pre-shift. Today we had the special pasta again, but this time with a different special pizza. Mozz de bufala, cherry tomatoes, spicy salami, and basil pesto. Super good to be honest with you. Once we had finished, it was on to the floor to start the day. I was in section 2 today, which was at the far corner, because for some reason they had both the pasta and pizza bars open. Not really sure why, but it’s whatever. Now I really don’t have much to talk about in the way of my evening because it was really, really slow. Like my only big table, which normally sits 6-8 people, literally never got sat the entire night. I had a few tables, but I really wasn’t doing all that much. I mean my tables liked me and all, and it’s not like I did a bad job, but it was just slow. Our manager for the shift, Nicole, ran a contest for a bottle of wine, to see who could sell the most of the pizza special, but there was no way in hell I was gonna win. No tables equals no opportunity. I mean it was fine though. The most impressive thing was that all my tables had closed out before pasta bar’s had, which is normally unheard of. I spent the final hour or so of the night polishing and rolling with the server at the pasta bar, Lily, as we casually chatted. All things said and done, I actually left Eataly at 10:24.

Now as we were closing up for the night, I noticed there was some food left from something for us to take, so I grabbed myself a to go container and took some food for myself; why not right? Unfortunately even though I went through all that trouble, I completely forgot about it in my haste to leave. I was planning on just walking to the train, but when I saw that the next A arrived in 6 minutes, I knew I had no time to spare. I actually think I would’ve been slowed down with the food, so I don’t mind that I forgot it. Besides, I have food at home, so I was set. I made it to the train, after sprinting all the way there of course, and made it home by 11:05, which is insane. I heated up some food and played a game of League with Mags, before playing a game with Eddie, and then playing a game by myself. It is now just past 2AM and I am off tomorrow, which means I’m going to go hang out with my friend Zoe over at ye ol’ FDU. Should be a lot of fun! Also I’m off Monday and Friday next week which is crazy, so who knows what I’ll be doing then. Now then, Imma go and get ready to get some sleep. My bed awaits!

Until next time,


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