Who’d of Guessed a Wednesday Would Be So Busy? (9/18/19)

Today it was time for another day back at Eataly. I don’t normally work Wednesdays, but to be fair, I never work Tuesdays either, so I guess here we are. I woke up a bit earlier than I wanted to; waking up at 11:30, but closing my eyes again just to try and get a bit more sleep. I have to say though- holy fuck is my new bed comfy. Like seriously it felt so nice to wake up in such a comfortable bed. It’s been a long process, from where I was when I first moved in up to now, but I’m so happy about how everything has turned out. I mean the bed just looks great. I might buy another pillow or two, just in case I somehow get another girlfriend or something and bring them back here, but who honestly knows. Sorry enough gushing about my bed. So after I finally got up today, I hopped onto League and played a game, winning thank goodness, before taking a shower and getting ready for work. There was some heat with my roommates over our group chat, which was interesting to kind of be a fly on the wall of, but I chose to kind of stay out of it because I’m not trying to be in any of that drama. I will say that as I was hurrying out of the apartment, my landlord was sitting in the kitchen so I said hey, and he asked “Was that you singing a bit ago?” I mean, probably? I do sing all the time. “You sounded pretty fucking good”. Wow that was a really nice thing for someone to say to me. Like seriously, I’m glad he thought so. To be honest with you all, if I was singing, I have no idea what it could have been; I was probably absentmindedly singing as I was getting ready. Anyways, I caught the A downtown at 2:15, and after zoning out for a bit on my way to work, I made it to Chambers St. by 2:46. Now my Spotify was being weird and had logged me out, so I ended up just listening to some Dear Evan Hansen on my ride, which was fine by me; damn good show.

After quickly using the bathroom, I clocked in and got to work on my side-work of the day- lowboys. I worked with Jorge to make sure everything was stocked, before taking any empty cardboard boxes and bringing them to the back to be recycled. After everything was done, it was already time to clock out, so I walked with Gina to the break room for lunch. She needed to stop by Fossil during the break, so we just had lunch in the break room; fine by me honestly, because it was chicken, broccoli and rice today and it was actually pretty solid. After we finished eating, we made our way over to Fossil where she dropped off two of her watches, and while we waited we made a quick stop at Starbucks. She picked up an iced tea, no ice, and a cookie, and I of course got a cookie myself because… sweet tooth much? After we paid for everything, we made our way back to Fossil where she picked up one watch; the other one needing to be shipped to be fixed. We had to hurry back to Eataly so we wouldn’t be late, but we still managed to clock in right on time, heading over to pre-shift; ready to start the day.

Today we had the pizza special with sweet sausage and asparagus, along with a pasta special with a prime rib ragu. God I actually really like the pizza special. The added basil pesto just makes it so good. After pre-shift it was time to hit the floor; today I was on section 2, which is a more compact area, but it can get pretty busy so I needed to be ready. I had Michele and Gina on either side of me today, so I knew today was gonna be some fun. Now I was expecting it to be kind of slow like yesterday, with maybe a bump around 7, but oh boy was I wrong. We actually stayed pretty damn busy from like 5 til 9, with our sections being filled basically that entire time. I had some decent tables, but Michele definitely got screwed over, having six tables in a row just not tip. Hey, just a daily reminder- tip your fucking waiter! Now I was actually fine and not stressing, but damn did my final table annoy me. It was all younger people who spoke very little English, and that’s fine. I figured they weren’t going to tip, but boy did they give me a headache. When it was time to pay, they all wanted to pay for their own meal, but instead of separating into separate checks, they would all pay together, just with them paying the tax in cash. Then one person wanted to pay for their meal in cash, so I had to take that into consideration. Then another person’s card didn’t work, so they paid cash as well. I managed to get it all done and it was all good to go. As they got up, I told them to just sign the top copy and write the tip, and they were good to go. I hoped that would give them the indication to tip. It did not. $130 with nothing to show for it. Insane. Nevertheless, I worked on putting all the wines away, got my number, and wrote everything in. Apparently all of the silverware had been rolled. The manager Emily asked me to check, but when I did I found that we still had two bins of silverware left to polish. Of course we did. No one was happy to get it done, and kept bitching about some people leaving with this still not done, but I just said “We just need to get this done. No use complaining about it.” I mean I was annoyed, but complaining about it was going to get us no where. I just focused on rolling, and we actually managed to get through all of it in like 10 minutes. I waited for Gina to grab her stuff and then we made our way out of Eataly and to our respective trains. It’s always fun chatting with her, and I think we’re getting friendlier. To bad she normally works Brunch and I work Dinner, but it is what it is.

I made the uptown A running express at 10:52, and I was finally on my way home. I had chatted with my friend Zoe for a brief moment, because she was not in a great spot, but I promised to talk with her more when I got home. After a quick train ride, I called her back up and we chatted for a while as I cooked some chicken and rice for dinner. I had texted Maggie to let her know that I wasn’t going to be able to play League with her tonight, but she was okay with it. Sometimes you just gotta help a friend out. After chatting with Zoe for an hour or two (or three), we finally hung up and I took my dinner to my room to eat and play League. It’s now already 4AM, and I have no idea how all this time flies so fast. Tomorrow I got work again at 3PM, but then I’m actually off on Friday, so I’m gonna go and hang out with Zoe. Definitely gonna be a lot of fun. For now though, I need sleep.

Until next time,


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