Back to Reality and Normalcy (9/17/19)

Today it was back to the same ol’, same ol’. I had work today at Eataly, and even though this weekend has been so much fun, I was ready to get back to work. I woke up today at 12:30 to an email saying that my mattress had finally arrived from Casper. I quickly got up, confused at why I didn’t hear a knock at the door or anything, and swung the door open to find a giant box sitting in front of my door. Thank god I didn’t choose to check later, because that would’ve been a pain to deal with when I’m running to work. Seriously though, this thing was heavy as fuck, so I had to drag it through the hall and into my room, leaving it there as I hopped onto League for a game. My room was starting to feel a bit cramped, but there was no time to set up my new bed now; it would take to long. Instead I played a game of League, lost, and hopped in the shower, working to start my day off right. I dried off washed up, got dressed, and headed off to the train a bit earlier than usual- 2:12- and made it just on time for the 2:15 A downtown. I figured it’s safer to catch an earlier train and not have to sprint to work to maybe make it to work on time. I took a nice nap, and managed to make it to work a minute or so early, after being able to walk instead of run to Eataly.

Today I was on wine and ice duty, so I made sure everything was looking good with the wine, before starting up on the ice. Now usually when I go to the back to grab some ice from our machine, I need to use a shovel to scoop some out. However, today the ice had piled up straight to the opening, so when I opened up the container for the ice, a bunch of ice fell through. Damn was it full. I made a few trips back and forth, and once I was done with all of the ice, I did one final check on the wines before heading on break. It was Taco Tuesday today but I really wasn’t in the mood for anything in the break room, so I just headed on over to Pret for my usual lunch. Today I ended up trying something new with a squash and ricotta mac ‘n’ cheese, which was actually really good, and the cup of goodness. I wanted a cookie or something sweet, but they were out of most everything I wanted. Sad times, but it’s okay. I managed to find a seat and spent the next 30 minutes just relaxing and listening to music before it was time to head back to work. After a quick stop in the bathroom, it was time to clock back in and head to pre-shift. I noticed, as I walked over to pre-shift, that one of our runners had started working as a server. Unexpected, but definitely really awesome for him. For pre-shift they brought out a lasagna and the pizza special, so thankfully there would be no way for me to go hungry. Now after pre-shift was over, it was time to hit the floor and start the day off at last.

Now it’s Tuesday so I wasn’t expecting much, but damn was it slow. I mean it did pick up at one point, where I was actually talking with a table, before turning around and seeing that I still had to talk to two or three new tables, but everything worked out really well. I didn’t really have any screw ups and the day went along as normal. I did talk to one of my managers about the iPhone 11 Pro, and even though I don’t need it, boy do I want it. Apparently it releases on the 20th, but I have a feeling there will be no way in hell that I get it on release. That’d be insane. Things eventually came to a close, and I clocked out just after 10:30, making it home by 11:15 or 11:20. Now normally this would be really exciting, but tonight I had some building to do. With that in mind, I started off by dragging my old suitcase to the trash over in the basement, before opening up my bed frame; getting to work on that ASAP. It wasn’t a very complicated build, but it still took time to put together. That, along with having to open up the mattress, put it on the bed, and put covers on top, all took up a good 2-2.5 hours. At 1:20, I texted Eddie, who had asked if I was getting on, that I would be on as soon as I got some food. I hurried over to the Rite-Aid, pick up a frozen meal, (along with two Ice drinks), got home, heated up my food, and logged onto League. We played two games, one of which we won and the other where we lost, but you know I’m just happy to have this new bed. I mean I hopped on it for like a minute, but it feels almost like a cloud; It’s crazy! Seriously, I can’t wait to see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow. For now though, it’s already 4:20 which means I have to get some sleep. Time to drift off into the endless abyss that are dreams…

Until next time,



**A bit messy, but things are looking good!

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