Day 4 of the Wedding: It’s Time To Go Home (9/16/19)

Today it was finally time to go home. This weekend has been so incredible, and I have had so much fun, but like all good things, this too must come to an end. Last night, I forgot to write about a conversation I had with some of the new in-laws, along with Maggie and Devon, all based around the perception of “being charming”. Because for me growing up, that’s never who I’ve been. I’ve never been the charming friend. I was always the awkward skinny (short) white kid. Even in college, I never considered myself charming; more awkward and kind than anything else. I was taller though, which is nice. Seriously, until the 10th grade I was 5′ if that, and now I’m 5’11”. Crazy what time does to you. Anyways, so in college, I always considered that I was tha0 friend that you could always rely on and trust, and that still reigns true to this day. I try my best to be as kind as I can be to everyone around me, and stay positive and happy. So being told by multiple people this weekend that I was “hot” or “charming” was incredibly unexpected. I mean don’t get me wrong, I wanted to look good in the suit, but to have someone say that I was hot is not something I ever expect to hear. When I think “charming”, I think Prince Charming; someone who women find physically attractive, and swoon over. I mean my girlfriends hopefully saw that in me, but I’ve always felt like I’m too goofy to be charming. However, the more and more I think about it, the more I realize that my charm is how personable I am with people. I’ve always been that way; wishing to listen and really get to know people, and that’s a different type of charm. But when my dad drove me to the airport, he mentioned how multiple people told him how charming I was, and that threw me through a loop; it’s weird to look at who you were, and who you perceive yourself to be, and how those around you see you. Sorry for the tangent, but I would love to know your thoughts about what you consider “charming” in a person.

Now today started with me waking up at like 7AM to say goodbye to Maggie, Devon, and Jake, as they made their way to the airport. I gave them all hugs, (well besides Jake, but he’s not really a hugger) and waved goodbye until they were out of sight. After they were gone, I headed back up to my room and closed my eyes for another hour or two, before it was time for me to actually get up and get going myself. My flight was predicted to leave at 11:28, so I got up, got all the remaining parts of my things in the room, and headed on out- making sure to take the sheets off my bed and bringing those and the towels in my room down first. I hopped in the car with my dad and we were off to the airport. We had a really wonderful chat in the car, and it made me start to miss him, even though I hadn’t said goodbye yet. I know I’m going to see everyone at the end of December, (unless there’s a major change in my life, whatever that would be), but that’s still three months away. As I hugged my dad goodbye, went through the TSA, and got on the airplane, I knew just how special this weekend was; How much I needed to just see my family again. I have been working constantly for the past three months, and this was such a great reprieve from all of that, and it made me realize just how much I love and miss my family. They mean everything to me, and I was so glad I was able to be there on the island watching my dad get married.

Now when my bag was going through screening, it did get pulled aside and searched real quick, but I assume what triggered the system was either the liquids I forgot to take out, or maybe it was the little box holding all my amazing fudge. After the quick search, I got my bag back and boarded the plane, placing my bag in the closest above-head storage area, and sitting in my seat; music playing in my ears. Now it may have been a quick flight, but man did I get some sleep on that plane. I mean I passed out SO fast! Soon enough, the plane had landed in New York City, and so I grabbed my bag from above and my suit from under my feet, and finally got off this metal bird. I took the AirTrain to Jamaica Center, where I bought an LIRR ticket Off-Peak to Penn Station, and finally made my way home via the A. On my way home, I messaged Andrew to see if he wanted to hang out, and when he said he was, we decided to go and see “Ready or Not” at 6:40. It was only 2PM, so I spent the next few hours grabbing Subway for lunch, unpacking, showering, and playing a game of League before I had to leave. The next few hours flew by in a moment, but the best thing was really being able to shower and moisturize my face; seriously my face had become so incredibly dry in Nantucket, I’m sure my skin was ready to be home.

At 6PM, I grabbed my bag and made my way to 34th, making it right as the trailers were starting. I said hello to Andrew, and before I knew it, the movie was over. Now “Ready or Not” is a surprisingly tense but funny movie, with great chemistry and an enthralling story line. Now I will not go spoiling this movie, but I will say that the ending is amazing and I love how they did it. Just… amazing. Go see it. We headed out of the theater and planned on hanging out for a bit, but Andrew’s back was hurting so we called it quits and I went straight home. I stopped by Pick & Eat to get some pasta, and then I got home and have been playing Minecraft and League for a good while tonight, before going and doing some laundry for a little while. It is now 4:20 and I need to pass out; so then, I wish you all great sleep, and I’ll chat again later.

Until next time,


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