Day 3 of the Wedding: Brunch, a Beautiful Boat Ride, and Delicious BBQ (9/15/19)

After yesterday’s incredible, fun, but definitely taxing day, today I planned to relax a little; take a breather. And honestly that’s what we did! I mean don’t get me wrong, it was still a day full of activities, but it was so nice to just hang out with my family, who I haven’t seen in months and months! The day began like yesterday, with me being awoken by a family member, telling me that breakfast was being served downstairs and I should come down. After groggily managing to find my way out of my bed, I threw on a shirt and made my way down to the first floor, where I was met with most everyone sitting around, enjoying what looked to be a phenomenal breakfast. I mean eggs, bacon, sausage, fruits, parfaits- what more could you ask for? I grabbed myself a plate, planted myself next to Devon, and dug in. I needed to refuel after last night after all. Everyone just sat around and chatted for a while, and god damn was the food good. Like, normally I expect catering food to be decent, but nothing exceptional, but god DAMN all of the food we had was really incredible. I was just blown away by what those chefs managed to whip up for all of us! After a good while of chatting and just hanging out, we made plans with my dad to visit ‘Sconset before Maggie, Devon, Jake, and I wanted to explore the town.

Now we’ve done the ‘Sconset Bluff Walk a few times now, but the only time Devon’s seen it is when it was raining last Thanksgiving, so this was definitely a cool experience. Well to be honest with you, this walk was incredibly because of just how perfect the weather today truly was. I mean it may have rained this morning, but by the time we were walking down the path, it was a beautiful, sunny day; with few clouds around helping to illuminate the beauty of the view. As you walked down the path, not only were you greeted by some incredibly gorgeous houses that most will never even get close to being able to afford, but you were also greeted with an amazing view of the beach below, along with some exquisite flowers. Today we even had some cute bumblebees just buzzing around, helping pollen get to where it needed to be. I took as many pictures as I could, while just allowing myself to take in the beauty that it this walk and all of Nantucket. I mean this peace and quiet I’ve been able to experience this past weekend has been a much needed breather from the hustle and bustle that is New York City. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the city; but this is amazing.

We finally turned around and made our way back to the car, with Devon, Maggie, and I squeezed into the back, as dad and Jake were riding up front. My dad drives a jeep in Nantucket, because of course (imagine trying to drive in the sand with most other cars- yikes); and the fun part about dad’s jeep is there are no seatbelts in the back, so when things get bumpy on the roads, we end up being transported to a bouncy castle! While a few people may call that dangerous, I call it a ton of fun. After a bit of a journey, we made it to town, with dad dropping us off and heading off to do his own thing. First stop? The fudge shop. I ended up buying two more quarter pounds of fudge, one with either cranberry or raspberry, and the other with chocolate and vanilla (yes please). After that, Jake made his way to the bookstore, while Maggie and Devon did some shopping in a shop just by the fudge shop. They picked out a picture, along with a magnet for their fridge, and then we were off to explore. We found our way to the Pharmacy, which has an old fashioned soda fountain, and after a bit of debate, we took a seat to grab a quick lunch. It was cash only so I paid for Maggie and Devon, and honestly the food was just nice. I got a grilled ham and cheese, and even though it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever eaten, it was just some food that I feel like I would be eating at home as a kid. It just brought back some nostalgia to me, and it put a smile on my face. We were catching the boat at 3:30, so I ordered Jake a BLT (no lettuce), and outside we went. We met up with Jake, handed him his BLT no lettuce, and then the four of us made our way to the docks, where everyone was supposed to meet up. We got there 10 minutes early, and of course we weren’t even close to the first people there. We signed a form and after a little while of waiting, it was time to hop on the dingy and make our way to the big sailboat.

Now, man oh man was this sailboat beautiful. And the ship ride itself? Absolutely excellent. The weather managed to stay perfect, and even though it got a bit breezy, it was never freezing out on the water. We spent 2.5 hours going along, listening to a story about the history of Nantucket, and finally listening to some singing done by my dad, Susan, and a few other souls. Well, I would say that that was the last thing, except that the crew had my dad and Susan fire off an actual CANNON to end the trip! I mean c’mon, how cool is that?! Did it feel like we were a little too close to the beach? Maybe. Did I care in the moment? Of course not! After the cannonball was fired, we made it back to land, and we stepped off to head to dinner. Maggie wanted to make one final stop at The Sunken Ship (a store), so we hurried there, thinking we had a few minutes to make it before they closed up shop. Unfortunately for us, the store actually closes earlier on Sunday’s, so we were quite a bit late… like 2 hours late hahahaha. Despite this, we still made our way to the BBQ place and sat down; ready to enjoy this awesome meal. Unfortunately, some of the food didn’t appeal to a few people, and that combined with all the noise- a bar on a Sunday with a ton of football fans- we lost five of our party. No matter, because we still had a ton of fun.  I shared the pulled pork nachos with my cousin Angie, along with anyone who would want some, and damn was that good. That, along with my short-rib sandwich for the entree, meant that I was prepped to burst by the end of it all. SO good.

Now something really funny happened at the restaurant tonight. Devon and I ordered drinks, and were carded of course. No issue. But later on, another server is bringing food to our table, sees us (mostly me probably) drinking, and goes “You need to card that table”. Our server goes “I did”, and apparently the other server points at me, surprised, and goes “No way.” Yeah, I get it; I look 15. Too bad I’m almost 23 and am terrified I’m not doing anything with my life! Anyways, god that was hilarious. The night finally concluded with us leaving the BBQ place, and after the others who had ditched earlier met back up, Susan went with them and we went with our dad. We made a pit-stop for some ice-cream at the Juice Bar, before having to finally say goodbye to our cousin Angie. Such an amazing person; I love it. I didn’t get any ice cream because I knew we still had a ton in the fridge, that also were Juice Bar, so I held off dropping any more money. Did that enough the last few days. (All the fudge) We made it home, and Maggie and Devon almost immediately glued to the TV to watch the Eagles and Falcons game. I sat with them, and we even had a wonderful conversation with one our our new family members, who also happens to be a twin, and who ALSO happened to be born on October 29th like Maggie and I. Really freaky, but whatever. Unfortunately the Eagles lost, but even more unfortunately, I’m waking up with Maggie, Devon, and Jake to say goodbye, and then am catching my plane back to NYC. I’m so sad. But I’ll try not to think about any of it until I wake up. For now, dreams await.

Until next time,



**Also! I forgot to mention that on the boat, a cute little bee landed on one of my dad’s friends’ shoulders, and wouldn’t get off. The poor thing probably accidentally came on our trip with us and was confused out of it’s little mind. We kept it safe though!

***Also also, come on- just look at how beautiful that view was from the path we walked. Like holy moly

1 thought on “Day 3 of the Wedding: Brunch, a Beautiful Boat Ride, and Delicious BBQ (9/15/19)

  1. Such a pleasure to read about this wedding and trip, and that view is pristinely beautiful indeed. Such good memories you made, it seems, and I am grateful for you sharing them here. You write very decently, and I especially enjoy the fact that you write with emotion in your posts, which helps a lot to make your writing compelling to read. Keep it up!


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