Day 2 of the Wedding: Wouldn’t Be a Wedding Without SOMETHING Weird Happening (9/14/19)

So today was the big day. My father was finally getting married to Susan, who he’s been dating for a good while now, and I know it was going to be incredibly memorable; I mean it was going to be on the beach after all! Now last night I planned on sleeping as long as I could, coming into today, but at 10:40 I was awoken by our neighbor, Mrs. Marjorie, along with Maggie and Devon, because most everyone was going to the beach for a good hour or so to relax before the big ceremony and everything. I finally got myself up, threw some clothes on, and made my way into my dad’s jeep, as he took Devon, Maggie, and I down to the beach. (Jake rode in a separate car, since there was little to no room in the jeep) We were on the beach for a little while, with a couple people diving in and enjoying the cool ocean water. I on the other hand stayed nice and dry; there is no way in hell I am going into that water. If the water isn’t warm I don’t wanna get anywhere NEAR it. After a bit, it was time to pack up and start getting ready, so we made our way back to the cars and headed off. Well, dad was chatting away, so Devon, Maggie, and I chilled at the car for a bit, but that’s whatever. I was barefoot, so at least I didn’t have to worry about sand getting into my shoes! Before we headed back to the big house, dad drove us over to Susan’s, because he needed to pick some things up. While he was there, he ended up showering, so we waited around and brought the flowers that got delivered inside. Neuton, the photographer and one of dad’s friends, rode with us, and I even ended up getting to ride with him and the convertible he rented on the island. (This mini car with a sunroof, good times) Good thing we left when we did, because dad started trying to have small talk with Susan and she immediately SHOOED him out so she could get ready.

When we arrived back at the big house, we headed up to the kitchen to find everyone chowing away at leftovers. I ended up manning the stove, heating up some chicken patties in a skillet for anyone who wanted them. After eating our fill of pastas, chips, and most importantly, ice-cream, it was finally time to get ready. Jake took his shower first, but was running a bit late, so I only had about a half hour to shower and get ready myself. After hopping out of the shower, brushing my teeth, and washing my face, I had a good 10-15 to get ready, so I kicked Jake out, locked the door, and quickly got dressed. I wanted to just show off the vest and tie, and put it away afterwards, but with no time and being called down by everyone, I just went with the whole shebang. I made my way down and onto the bus, with people really liking the suit, and we were on our way to the wedding! Now the wedding was being done on the beach, so once we arrived, they actually provided some flip-flops for you to wear. Now listen, these are new, expensive shoes, so I am not walking in the sand with them unless I desperately have to. I took them and my socks off, and with my suit and flip-flops on, it was time for the wedding.

Thankfully we got a beautiful day outside, with the sun shining and the wind being much more controlled than yesterday, and after walking up to the isle to stand next to our dad, the service began. Beautiful words were said, but when I saw Susan walking down, all I could wonder was how beautiful my mom must have looked on her and my dad’s wedding day. I knew that she was watching down and smiling on us, knowing that even though my dad will always love her, he has finally made peace and is moving forward. I could tell from my dad just how much he meant every word he said, and it was so incredibly moving. Now despite all this beauty, there was one thing that I had left at the house- my uncle’s toast for the reception afterwards. Fuck. I mentioned it to Mrs. Marjorie before the wedding began, and we began concocting a way to get it before it was time for the toast. As the rings were slipped onto dad and Susan’s fingers and the wedding concluded, we had to walk over and stand in a line to shake people’s hands for coming. A bit weird, but it was whatever. We had to move though, because there was actually a wedding happening just after ours; the weather started to get cloudier then, so I’m glad we caught all the beauty of the day in our wedding.

Now I will be honest, it felt weird not working, and just enjoying myself at the wedding. Like, I’m used to being on the other hand, so just being able to sit around and enjoy everything going on around me was just spectacular. Now as we were leaving, dad mentioned that he was looking to play some music at the reception, but he had left his guitar at Susan’s house- my in. After we all took the bus to where the reception was being held, Susan’s sister Terry went over and asked one of Susan’s friends Jim, if he could give us a ride for our mission. His response? “Of course! Let’s go!” Just like that, we were off. Mrs. Marjorie, who had offered to accompany me on this journey at the very beginning, grabbed her things, and we made our way to Jim’s car. First stop- Susan’s house. We were told where her extra key was, and after some searching, it was found and we were in! We had to be very careful because we had to make sure Susan’s cat, Sly, didn’t get out, but after we were inside and the door was shut, we located the guitar and we were on our way; we brought Susan’s guitar as well, just to be safe. Jim knew about the secret mission of getting the toast speech, so we made our way to the big house, and I was in and back out, this time with the letter in my hand. And with that stress out of the way, it was finally time to have some fun!

As Jim was parking his car and we were walking back to the reception, now with the speech tucked into my jacket pocket, safe and sound, we made our way in- which is super interesting because the party room was inside a movie theater, which is cool- and took the elevator back up and to the party. Now obviously I had seen the room when I stepped in briefly before the mission began, but now I could just relax, eat, and drink. Now the biggest thing I’m gonna say is that, even though I didn’t get drunk, I drank a decent amount, and god did I eat. Any appetizer they walked around with and offered? I ate. Multiple of. The main courses arrived? I ate mine, and helped others finish their’s. It was a lot, and god was it good. I still stuck with hard liquor for most of the night, shifting to wine only once most of the food had arrived, but halfway through the reception, something incredibly strange happened. So there was this older lady(50’s or 60’s I’d say) who, I’m not sure if she works for the catering company or the movie theater, but was all up chatting with people all night. A bit weird, but fine. She saw Maggie and Devon taking a selfie and took pictures for them. Great. When she was bringing around appetizers when we were all seated, Maggie’s napkin was on her plate, and after asking for Maggie to move it, she leaned in and said “Be a good girl and put it in your lap”. A bit really weird, but fine. But when Devon and I went to get another drink, she looks at me and after chatting for a brief moment, goes “You should model.” She said that my nose was interesting because it was pointed and slightly bent to one side, which gave me a really unique look. I mean strange to be told this out of the blue, but it’s whatever. But then she goes “I’m gonna take your picture”. This woman had me POSE as she took photo after photo after photo, on Devon’s phone mind you, for a good 30 minutes. Like for a good amount of it, I had one of my legs on a damn barrel next to me. Now to be fair, some of the photos looked solid, but what was weird was that she kept looking at them and going “You’re hot”. There was literally a point where she went “You’re hot”, I said thank you, and she goes “But you’re gay, right?” Well, no actually I’m not. Nice assumption, but I really don’t care. To be fair, I do have flamingos all over the inside of my suit and everything. But then she goes “How old are you?” 22. “Ah too young for my daughter”. Like what the fuck. This woman is WORKING THE EVENT. I don’t have the pictures on me, but I’ll try to post one or two here tomorrow when I get them from Devon.

I finally managed to pry myself away when it was time to cut the cake, but Jesus was that an experience. Other than that, the night was so much fun though. I delivered the speech Uncle John had written for the toast, and it went off without a hitch, thankfully, and I danced SO much. Like normally I don’t dance because I am way too white to dance; but when there are people equally as white as me? Fuck it. (Also I had a few drinks in me so I cared a lot less. I will say that by the end of the night, my feet were DYINg. Like I was ready to head out and go home. The lady who called me hot also had me dance with her, which felt really uncomfortable, but I played it off and went with it, because it’s what I do. (Did that during the photoshoot too) Finally it was time to leave, and the wedding coordinator asked us to grab these bubble guns at the end of the hallway and take them with us, because Susan wanted us to shower her and Ray in bubbles as they walked outside. Now that was a ton of fun. The night ended with all of us hopping on the bus, and terribly singing different songs to pass the time before we got home and made it up to our respective rooms. Devon, Maggie, and I hung out in Mrs. Marjorie’s room for a little while, telling her about this woman photographing me, before it was time for bed. My feet are tired, pretty sure I have sunburn on my feet and nose, and I’m sure I have at least one blister, but god was today so much fun. Like I have not had this much fun in a minute, and I am so grateful. Tomorrow we’re having brunch here, and then sailing at 4:30, and then Monday I leave. God I’ve missed my family, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to see them. Now then, I am exhausted and I desperately need sleep, so I’m gonna end it here. At least my sentences are more legible today! (Unlike last night. Talk about a big oof lmao)

Until next time,


**We Stan a good looking fam ❤ (Also peak all the flamingos)

1 thought on “Day 2 of the Wedding: Wouldn’t Be a Wedding Without SOMETHING Weird Happening (9/14/19)

  1. You make that suit look pretty great. Flamingggggos. Also weddings are generally great and you explain this one so well I can almost imagine being there. Nice to live vicariously 👌🏻


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