Day 1 of the Wedding- A Long Day of Traveling, Chatting with Family, and of Course… Drinking (9/13/19)

So today has been a damn long day. It has been a hell of a lot of fun, but it’s only 11:15 and I am so damn exhausted, which shows just how little sleep we I’ve gotten today. Normally I’m staying up until 4 or 5AM, but people are still jamming downstairs and I am writing this blog post right before I need sleep. Now today started off really stressful, in all honesty. I decided last night to take a quick nap at 3:50-4:50AM, just to get about an hour nap before getting up and getting ready to leave for my trip. Unfortunately, I awoke at 6:15, having had a good 5+ alarms going off without me waking up. Panicked, I sped out of bed and hopped in the shower, making sure to get nice and clean (as quickly as possible) before making sure I had all my stuff packed up. With everything in hand (including my suit, thank god I didn’t forget that) I hurried to the train, catching the 6:55 A downtown to Penn Station. I dropped $10 on my card, just to be safe since I wasn’t sure if the month restarted today for my metro card. After a quick train ride, I found myself heading to the LIRR, catching the next train passing through Jamaica Center at 7:27, finding a seat, and being on my way. Luckily I had bought a ticket on my A ride down, so I didn’t have to worry about buying my ticket at the last minute.

Jamaica Center was actually the first stop on this train, so after about 30-40 minutes, I got off and headed to the AirTrain, which was going to take me to my terminal. Thanks to some quick googling, I figured out that my airline, JetBlue (we Stan), is at terminal 5, so I actually made it to bag check and the TSA fairly quickly. By the time I got in line it was already 8:25, but thankfully I actually didn’t have any issues with my bags, and so I was in and out in like 25 minutes or so. Definitely not bad at all! I will say that I had to fit my backpack into my duffel bag, since apparently I was only allowed two bags on the plane (overhead and under the seat), but yeah things went nice and smoothly. Once I walked through the scanner and had gotten my things, I made a quick pit stop at one of the little shops in the terminal, just to pick up a sandwich and a water, before heading to my waiting area. With my turkey club and water in hand (of course I went with the turkey club) I headed over to where my waiting area was, only to find they had just begun boarding. Yay! My group was at last called, and before I knew it I was in the plane and we were heading up, up, up and away into the morning skyline. We passed through the clouds and hung just above it all, staring out into the beautiful abyss below, before it was already time to begin our descent to Nantucket. Seriously, the flight only took like an hour, if that. Talk about crazy. However, what’s even crazier is the fact that I haven’t actually flown in a solid three years I think? Maybe 2.5. Either way, it’s been a bit to be sure.

We arrived at the gate early, and after grabbing my two bags, I ended up waiting for and dancing around right outside the building while waiting for my dad. He finally arrived, not actually noticing my dancing because he was looking at another entrance, so I went up to meet him before giving me a hug. After a quick greeting, he drove me to the “big house” where I’d be staying in the same room as Jake. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but god damn was this a pretty large house; like different stairs go to different areas beneath it all. After hanging around for a moment, catching up and chatting with faces old and new, I went along with a few others into town, because damn I needed some hair product; being forced to leave mine at home was fucking rOUgh. I NEED my hair looking good for the wedding tomorrow. Now there really wasn’t enough room for us all in the car, so instead of having someone sit in someone else’s lap, I just took the trunk! Surprisingly cozy- all I do is rest my head on my backpack, close my eyes, and I’m good to go! After we got there, I clambered out of the trunk and started walking with Marjory, Allen (next door neighbors) and Theo; The ladies spent quite a bit of looking around and shopping, so I helped Allen pick out a few bottles of white wine for himself and Marjory, quizzing the worker about the wins and here opinions on the wines. Allen finally got what he wanted, and so we met up with the girls before finally, FINALLy, we headed off to lunch. We went to the restaurant where Kevin Spacey sexually harassed that guy, but it didn’t change us from getting some food. We were all STARVING. Now three of the four of us ordered the lobster salad- including myself- and even though the lobsters tasted really good, the greens they used were only so-so. Even still, I got everything done I needed to, and after a paying and a quick pit-stop at the fudge shop, we headed to the pharmacy so I could at least get some hair product. Oh also for the fudge, I got raspberry vanilla swirl and GOD does it taste good.

With everything else on our check-list done and over with, we headed to the pharmacy, where I spent $16 on some damn hair product I can’t use when I head back to NYC. Finally I got what I needed and we all Ubered back to the Big House, where I was greeted by Maggie and Devon. After saying hello to everyone in the house, a few of us had to go to the rehearsal for the wedding, so we made our way there. It was fine until we got to the beach, but once we arrived, god DAMN was it windy. What an insane time. Nevertheless, we ran through it all and were our in like 20-30 minutes, with Maggie and me cracking each other u the entire time. Damn I missed that girl. We walked back to the cars, and it was back off to the Big House, where we relaxed for an hour or two, chatting with the other people in this house, before the party began. Now at this point, I was feeling tired, but like I can’t nap now. Instead, I change my shirt, look presentable, and head on down to the party. Now the party itself was so much fun. Good food, a lot of drinking being done, live music, and even a game? What more could you ask for? Throughout the night, I ended up drinking four rum and cokes- though thankfully I didn’t get drunk- and ate a ton of food. Jake is not a fan of crowds of people, plus he had a DnD game, so I made sure to grab him a plate and bring it up to our room as the party commences. The game we played that night was a questioner game about Susan and our dad, which Maggie and I mostly got the questions for on our end, and it was a lot of fun going through the questions. Dad was even impressed by some of them that we asked. Things finally closed out with some ice cream and a jam session, where I kept myself awake for a good while, but I mean now it’s 12:42 and I am literally falling asleep as I’m writing this, so I think it’s time for me to peace out for the night. Like seriously, I would be falling asleep and typing, and then basically be typing what my brain is trying to dream. It’s bad. Now then, tomorrow is the wedding and my suit reveal, so it’s gonna be a fun one to be sure. For now though? Dreamland.

Until next time,



**Gotta look sharp for the party! Just wait until tomorrow…

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