The Final Day in a Long Week (9/12/19)

So today was my final day of work before I leave for Nantucket on Friday. I’ve been working for the past seven days straight, and especially after Tuesday, I’m prepped for a breather. Today was also going to be even busier because I needed to get my hair cut AND pick up my suit before I headed off to work; so that was going to be fun. Now I woke up before my alarm, because my body hates me I guess, but after trying REAL hard, (not really, let’s be honest here), I still managed to stay in bed and run late for my hair cut. I got up, quickly showered, and left at 11:22, trying to make it to my 11:40 appointment on time. That did not work out well. I got there at 11:50, and because my barber had another appointment at 12:00, I had to wait until 12:20. I wasn’t mad, obviously, because it was my fault for being late, and I’m glad I was still able to be seen at all. I mean I wanted a fresh cut for the wedding and all. Just past 12:20 I got in the chair and my barber, Evelyn, got to work. She had suggested using a razor instead of scissors this time around, and honestly I was down; I kind of just go with the flow when it comes to that type of thing. It came out really well and my hair is definitely looking solid for the wedding. Gonna be fun. Now she finished up just after 12:40, but even though the original plan was to pick up my suit, head home, then go to work, I didn’t want to risk being late, so I just headed home, made sure I was ready, and headed back out downtown. Thankfully the Enzo office I’ve been going to is actually really close to Eataly, so I figured with just under 30 minutes I should be okay.

I made it in the office to pick up my suit with time to spare, and even though Pierre- who’s helped me with my entire outfit- wasn’t there, the gentleman who was managed to get everything ready for me. Well he did at first. I mentioned I was supposed to get a tie with the package deal I went with, but when he went to get the tie to have it paid for, it came up with above the price allowed in the package (by like $25). He had even helped me pick out this nice burgundy and dark blue tie, which looks really nice in comparison with the suit I think. He got on the phone with someone from one of the other Enzo offices, as I was continuously checking my phone; checking the time trying to see if I was going to make it to work on time. Thankfully he managed to work it out, and apparently the tie was mis-priced so I actually got it for no extra cost, even if it was supposed to be more expensive. We love that shit. I thanked him for his help and made my way out, down the elevator, and towards Eataly. What was really cool about the suit was that it actually came in a really nice suit bag, which folded in half really nicely; making it even easier to carry! I had texted my manager Eleonora earlier on in the day if I could keep my suit in the manager’s office during work, because I couldn’t take it home, and with her approval, the stress of what I was going to do went away. I made it to work right at 3:01, which is impressive because I was definitely prepped to be later, and after handing Ele my suit bag, I started up my side-work for the day.

Today I was on wine with Chernin, so I got to it getting things looking nice. We added a new rose which threw me off, but besides that things were actually quite normal. It was steady, but kind of slow on the floor, so I figured that’s how the night was going to be as well. When it was time to break, I clocked out and headed to Pret for lunch, eating my usual and watching some videos as I let my phone charge. Seriously it was PREPPED to die before I plugged it in. When it was time to head back, I unplugged my phone, made my way back to Eataly, took a quick pit stop in the bathroom, and headed to pre-shift. Nothing really crazy was going on today, besides the new rose of course, so we hit the floor without much delay. Oh! I forgot to mention, an old Eataly employee stopped by to say her final goodbyes- Laura! She was around for the first month or so I was here, and was really kind to me, helping me feel comfortable when I first started working. She just wanted to say a final goodbye before she headed off back to college, so it was nice to see her one more time. Anyway, today I was on pizza bar. Yay. I’m so ecstatic. If you cannot tell through text, I am being incredibly sarcastic. I don’t like the uncontrolled chaos that is pizza bar, where people seat themselves and I have zero control or order. Things started slow enough though, and I found myself mostly chatting with the hostesses or rolling silverware. However, as evening arrived and 7PM hit, things got busy. The bar filled up incredibly quickly, and I went from doing nothing to running around getting order after order for a good while.

It was a solid push to be sure, and it made the time pass much faster. Soon enough however, as 9PM rolled around, things died right back down and it was back to rolling. I was prepped to actually get out at a normal time and make it home early tonight to pack, but OH boy was I mistaken. At 9:58 Ele put a woman in the pizza bar, because for some reason she didn’t want to give someone in the restaurant the table. The woman was waiting for her daughter, and had to put in their orders basically immediately; because our kitchen was literally just about to close. I mean I get hit with people coming in at the last minute all the time, and that’s fine and all, but the bars are the first things we always close, not the last. I was not happy about it at all. Thankfully I still got them to pay at a decent time, so I managed to get out of there just before 10:40. I was about to leave when Ele reminded me I had my suit in the office still. Can you imagine if I spent all this work and energy, only to forget my suit at the last minute? A very “me” thing to do to be sure, but damn; that was close as FUCK.

Thankfully I was on the train home, with the A running express, and inside by 11:20. I probably should have been packing all this time, but it’s 3:11 and all I’ve done is make dinner and play some League. I do have to be back up at like 5:30 though, so I don’t really plan on getting much, if any, sleep. Like my plane leaves around 9:30, so I need to be at JFK at 7:30, and the commute takes just over an hour, so… Yeah I don’t have much time to sleep here, do I? Anyways, I’m gonna pack some things up now, and then maybe try and take like an hour nap before I need to leave. This weekend is definitely going to be a lot of fun, but I need to get there first. Keep your fingers crossed here. I ain’t fucking around. Especially on Friday the 13th.

Until next time,


**Also enjoy the first real glimpse of my suit for my featured image. Can’t wait to actually wear it on Saturday!

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