A Moment of Silence for Those Lost on 9/11 (9/11/19)

Honestly I wanted to name this blog post “Fuck it was busy today”, or anything along those lines, but I felt like it was important to take a moment to just remember and be thankful for everyone who not only died those years ago, but also those first responders and other incredible people who made sure more people didn’t die. I was states away, and too young to really remember much, but I know how scared people were. It will forever be a day carved into US history. But we grow, and make sure something like this never happens again. I could get into the many things still wrong with today’s society, but I’ll save that for another post. To everyone we lost their lives- we will never forget you; and to the first responders, and anyone else who helped on that day- thank you for your incredible behavior; putting others lives in front of your own, and for doing such good on such a horrific day.

Now then, let’s chat about my day today. I planned on picking up my suit today, but as I woke up, still with no answer, I decided to just go back to sleep. Took me a while, because my body really didn’t want to get any sleep, but shit happens. I did give Enzo Customs a call, and they’re letting me pick up my suit tomorrow, and I also have a haircut at 11:40, so it’s gonna be a busy start to my day. As I finally got up out of bed, I showered, got dressed, and headed to the train. I ran to the subway, trying to catch the 2:15 A, but unfortunately just missed it, and still had to catch the 2:22 train downtown. Things seemed to be running a bit slow today, but after some sprinting when I got off the train, I still managed to make it to work by 3:02. As I was running to Eataly, I passed by a man who was writing something in the road, which lead directly to the memorial. I obviously didn’t have time to read it then, but I made a mental note to check it out during my break. I was on roll-up duty, so the beginning of my day was honestly very peaceful. It was generally pretty quite, and even though there was apparently a push earlier on in the day, it was still pretty dead in the restaurant. Now, as I went to clock out, Sergio told me that I needed to go talk to HR, not because I had done anything wrong, but because there was apparently a discrepancy in last week’s checks. I was really wondering what was going on, because last week I got a much bigger paycheck then I normally do. I went in and they basically said that someone forgot to add the cash tips, so they needed to take the amount back from future paychecks. I opted to have them just take the whole sum out of my next paycheck- just pull the band-aid off, you know?- and after signing that I understood, I headed to Pret for my break. I got my usual mac ‘n’ cheese, along with the cup of goodness and a chocolate chip cookie, and relaxed for a bit before I needed to leave and head back to Eataly.

I had forgotten about the writing on the street, but as I was walking back, I realized I had just enough time to head over there and snap a picture, so I made sure to do just that before quickly heading to the bathroom and then to pre-shift. Now during pre-shift, Emily (the manager closing tonight) mentioned that it was a slow morning and we were expecting a slow night, so she was prepped to cut as needed. I didn’t expect to get cut, but I was definitely ready for it to be slow tonight. I was working in Stag, with all tables but two in my section, so a slower, steady night would be best. Unfortunately, things did not go that way. At all. As the night went on, things started pretty steady. I mean I was being consistently sat, but it was definitely manageable. But then the parade started outside and the line kept growing and growing. I had no time to check the time, or look at my phone because I was literally running around making sure I was getting all of my tables’ orders in. There was one point where I almost snapped at a customer, because she had asked for some tea, and when I hadn’t brought it yet because I was dealing with other tables, but checked back to see if they wanted to order food, she demanded for her tea, giving me a ton of attitude. I told her that I was going to get it, but there were other tables that I was talking to, and I was making sure that everyone was having a good time. Again, I didn’t snap, but I was definitely short with her. I really don’t remember much of the evening, besides the fact that a lot of people didn’t get much to eat, and others really just didn’t tip well, but I definitely remember the end of the night. Why you might ask? Probably because my section was practically still full at 10PM, and my final table didn’t leave until 10:45. Now at the end of the night, I did have Emily’s parents, and made sure that they had a really good time; they definitely had fun and were kind enough to tip me really nicely. Seriously they made my night a lot better, and helped me to calm down. I had been running 1000 miles an hour for the past few hours, and needed to cool down a bit. Unfortunately, my final table was going to make my life miserable. It was these two ladies, and everything started out alright. I got their order in before 10- a pizza and a pasta- and everything was good. They loved the pizza. They wanted a creamy pasta, and I offered probably our creamiest one, our Malfaldine. At 10:20, they complain to me that it’s not creamy enough. One says they’re fine with it, and that it tastes really good, but the other goes “I’m not going to eat it. Can we get more sauce?” I tried to help out, but they weren’t having it. “Can we get some butter?” Well yeah but the butter was hard and won’t melt. “Sauce?” Well no, first off we don’t do that, also WE CLOSED 20 MINUTES AGO. When they said they wanted something else, I had enough. I went to Emily and explained the situation. I had no idea what to do. Thankfully the chefs hadn’t put everything away, so they managed to make some more of the sauce, and it was brought to them. “How’s the pasta now?” “It’s delicious, thank you so much!” Like I had a goddamn choice. You think I’m gonna try and offer them other food? One, nothing else is gonna be as creamy as they want it. Two, our kitchen is CLOSED. At 10:40, I bring them the check. “Can we see a dessert menu?” Are you FUCKING kidding me. “Sure, hang on”. They ordered three cannolis to go, paid, and finally left. I apologized to the runners, because I knew they were trying to put shit away, but thankfully they hadn’t taken the cannolis away yet. They tipped me $11 on a $59 check, which to be fair, is not terrible. But they gave me $81 and asked for $10, and honestly if I had stayed 40+ minutes after they had close,d- which I have never and will never do- I would’ve just told the server to keep the change. But whatever.

I had still not done my side-work yet, because how in the hell would I have done it at any point tonight, but with a little help from some of the other servers, we got it done quite fast. We then spent a good amount of time rolling before I finally was able to count my earnings for the night and go home. Just over $400 in cc tips, and just over $160 in cash. Probably could’ve been higher if more people had tipped better, but still; hitting over $3k in total sales by myself is not bad at all. I finally hurried home, catching the 11:28PM train (yeah I clocked out at 11:20, fun times I know) and was home just after midnight. I heated up some leftovers from Monday, and played one game with Eddie before watching some videos and writing this blog. Rough game tonight, but shit happens. Tomorrow I’m getting my haircut at 11:40AM, before heading over to get my suit at 12:30 or 1, before I have to go home, drop my suit off, and head to work. It’s gonna be a busy day, and it’s already 2:18 so I really need sleep. Well I really need sleep because I am so fucking tired. Good news though- my mattress is on it’s way, so it should get here probably by Friday. I cannot WAIT.

Until next time,


**yeah so I wasn’t paying attention and the fact that the man wrote infowars, an incredibly bigoted website infuriates me. I changed the picture because I do not support that trash human being, and I am not proud I didn’t notice it sooner. Sorry people; #fuckthatguy

1 thought on “A Moment of Silence for Those Lost on 9/11 (9/11/19)

  1. Keep it up mate, being in New York you have so many opportunities; keep grinding, attending workshops and meeting new creative people and you will get where you wish to go.


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