So Today I Told a Blind Man to Read- How’s You’re Day Going? (9/10/19)

Yeah I’ll get to that title in a minute don’t worry, but I need to start at the beginning of the day; so be patient (or just skim until you reach that part of this post); Also this is a better picture of the drawing I did yesterday, and I really like it. Simple, but nice. Anyways, today started off pretty normal; I used this website last night which told me when I should be waking up today and set an alarm for 12:38, curious how I was going to feel when I woke up today. Honestly I would’ve probably felt better, but my body woke me up at like 9:30, which was rough. The worst part was- I had a dream that I woke up at 12:38, only to open my eyes and see it was 9:30! Like what kind of fucked up shit is that man. Not a fan. Anyway, once I finally got up, I was feeling pretty good, so I hopped on League and played a game before getting ready for work. Lost the game, but I was surprised to say that I didn’t tilt. I was sad I lost, but I just didn’t allow myself to be affected like that. It would’ve just fucked me in the long run.

After a nice hot shower, it was time for me to get ready and head off to work. I headed out and caught the 2:22 A train downtown, thinking everything was going to be alright. Unfortunately when I hit 59th St., the A suddenly started running local, because of apparent “police activity” at Canal St. As the train took it’s sweet time getting from stop to stop, I became more and more frustrated, because I knew I was going to be late to work. I texted my manager Eleonora, and after the train finally stopped at Chambers St., I sprinted all the way to Eataly, clocking in at 3:12. That bullshit with the train added 15 minutes to my commute. Talk about disgustingly disrespectful. It’s so frustrating because the MTA is the only transportation for many commuters in NYC, but there’s so much shit wrong all the time, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Well, other than leaving earlier I guess, which I am going to start doing. I’m tired of being late and looking like an asshole.

Anyway, before I knew it, I had already clocked in, done my side-work, and clocked back out to head to break. I was on roll ups today, so at least I didn’t screw anyone over, forcing them to do everything all on their own. I waited for Gina before we both headed out to Pret for lunch. After finding a seat, we hung out and chatted for a bit, when I brought up her birthday; It’s coming up this Monday and she’s already mentioned that she wasn’t planning on doing anything special, so I said “If you’re not doing anything, let me buy you a drink”. She seemed down for the idea, as long as her family doesn’t do anything, so we’ll see what happens when I come home on Monday. I think that would be a lot of fun though; I never go out drinking, so getting to do that with a coworker who’s started to be a friend would be a lot of fun. Time seemed to fly by as we chatted, and before I knew it, it was already time to head back to work. We clocked in and headed to pre-shift, where the main point of the day was that Nicole, our manager for tonight, was having a contest- whoever sells the most of one of our specials wins a bottle of wine. Now we had a pizza and a pasta special, and to enter to win you needed to sell five of one of the two; no adding the numbers together. You need five pastas or five pizzas to win. You get five of each, maybe you can win two bottles. I was excited to say the least. I mean the last contest we had, I won a bottle of wine which is actually still sitting on my coffee table. Nevertheless, I wanted to win. I hit the floor and the day began. Well I didn’t hit the floor as much as look, see I had zero guests in my section, and went to use the bathroom. When I came back, I had two older ladies who were very kind, and actually ended up ordering one pizza- the pizza special. (Hell yeah) Now I was in section 7, which is right next to Stag- a smaller section with mostly big tables, which I call Michele’s corner, since whenever he works, he seems to get that section. I knew it was going to be slow, but holy FUCK. How am I supposed to sell specials when I don’t get any TABLES.

As the night continued, I actually ended up selling four pastas, and three pizzas. Not enough to win, but definitely the highest out of everyone working; by a decent amount I think. Now the title of this post comes into play. So I had a two top with a guy and a lady. When I walked over, the gentleman asked for a Shirley temple, and when I told him we couldn’t make it because we didn’t have a full bar, offering him a mocktail instead, he asked what a mocktail was. I told him we had two options, pointing at his menu, saying “Look!” His response? “I can’t see; I’m blind. Didn’t you see the dog?” At that moment I realized, not only the two legs poking out behind his chair, but also the fact that the second pair of sunglasses he was wearing was obviously because he was BLIND. I apologized profusely, but him and his friend were really cool about it, and we actually had a really great time; joking around and chatting. I even made a crack after the lady apologized for not knowing what to drink, saying “Listen I royally messed up at the start. You’re FINE.” They ended up ordering a good amount of dessert along with their food, and despite the fact that it is kind of really funny, all I can say is “I tried to make a blind man read”. Fucking incredible. Also something I didn’t know, as I showed him where the bathroom was, I asked what his dog’s name was- which, mind you, was not a small dog. Like a full grown German Shepard. Through me off when I walked around the table and saw it for the first time- mostly to have a polite conversation, and he told me that he wasn’t allowed to tell me his dog’s name. I mean, I get it. If a stranger says the dog’s name, it might mess things up between the dog and him, like commands and stuff, but still I felt kind of embarrassed. Like it felt like I was walking on egg-shells and kept stepping on them.

Now as the night finally drew to a close, I was doing my closing side-work, which tonight was just dumping ice, when I woman came with four people looking for a table. Mind you, it was 10:05, and we close at 10PM. They first went to the bar, asking Tina, our bartender, for food. She told them that she couldn’t serve them food, because our kitchen was closed, and my oh my the woman got mad. She instantly asked for a manager, and then walked over to our hostess stand, which had the sign literally saying we’re closed, waiting to speak with Nicole. Her excuse? “It’s only 10:05, why can’t we order food? You all just closed five minutes ago.” Yeah, we CLOSED five minutes ago. She went on about how they had come all the way here from Brazil, and blah blah blah, which one- if you’re solely coming for this, make a reservation, or at least plan ahead; don’t assume we’re just gonna seat you. And two- cry me a river. Just because you want something and yell, doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. As I was walking around carrying ice to dump, I heard someone mention that they were going to look somewhere for food, and she said “I’m going to stay here and get us a TABLE.” Like real mad. Also- best of fucking luck with THAT one. Nicole finally came over, and despite this woman screaming at her, Nicole explained that our chefs had already turned off the ovens and we were closed. The woman’s reaction? “You just lost a customer for life.” Bye bitch! We don’t want your patronage anyway, if this is how you’re going to react when you don’t get your way. Nicole said it best- “I’m not going to change my answer just because someone screams at me”. And it’s true. I thought it was hysterical, because like, if you want food that badly, one our market is still open, buy a cold sandwich, or two, McDonald’s is right down the street. Let them deal with your bitchy ass.

Finally, after all that drama, we got to rolling, and made it out by 10:50. I walked with Gina to the train, with her giving me her number along the way, and said goodnight, before I called Maggie and chatted with her on my way to the subway. I ended up catching the C because I knew that the next A was going to be running local anyway, so fuck it, and before too long I was home. Well I had to walk from the 168th St. subway station, but yeah. I stopped by Rite-Aid to pick up some snacks, along with some travel deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner for the trip, and headed home to play some League. Hard carried a game with Mags, then won a ranked game with Eddie, and now here I am at 3AM writing this blog before I go to bed. I need to fold laundry, but after that, sleep awaits! Two more things before I go though. One, my suit is in, so I’m trying to work out a time to pick it up, and two, my Casper mattress just shipped, so maybe I’ll be getting that before too long. I am excited to say the least. I made sure to order the bed stand and some new sheets, because of course I did. I had to! I am excited to get it though. God it’s gonna be so comfortable. This bed I’ve had has been great, but having a bed where my feet don’t stick off the bed is going to be crazy. Now then, time to fold laundry and get some SLEEP.

Until next time,


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