Making a Hard Reset to Start Back Up Again (9/9/19)

Hello it is me again. I haven’t written a post in a while, not only because I am a huge procrastinator, but mostly because I feel like nothing crazy is happening in my life at the moment. Like all I’m doing is waking up, going to work, coming home, playing video games, and going to bed. I keep on looking at my days and being like “Yeah things aren’t interesting, might as well not write anything”, but the more I think about this, the more I hate that view. Yeah things aren’t interesting at the moment, but that’s okay. I started writing this blog just to talk about my daily life, no matter if it was boring that day or not, and that has not changed. So I am using this blog post to go with a hard reset. So let’s do this. Will I keep fucking up and forgetting to write posts? Actually I was going to say absolutely, but I need to hold myself to a standard, so yeah no. I’m going to do this, and we’re gonna do this proper. So let’s just hop into today and we’ll move from there.

So today was honestly a normal Monday at Eataly. Now I am leaving for my dad’s wedding this Friday, which means that I’m working today through Thursday; aka I will be working for seven days straight, from Friday to this Thursday, so we’ll see how I’ll be feeling by the end of all of this. Now yesterday was incredibly slow, especially for a Sunday. Today was a bit busier, but nowhere near how crazy it was a few weeks ago. I woke up today at 12:45- after my body tried to wake me up earlier- but I digress. I got myself up, lost a game of League, showered, got on the train, and hopped on the A heading downtown for another day at Eataly. I was a bit worried because the A had been running local yesterday, from 168th to 145th St., so I was definitely worried to make it on time. Despite some stalling from this train as I was heading along, I actually managed to make it to work right on time, mostly because I fucking hauled ass, like sprinting from the train station all the way to Eataly. Once I got to work, I clocked in and started up my side-work; today I was on wine, so that took up a chunk of time. After the thirty minutes were up, I made my way to the break room after clocking out, just to see what was there. Unsurprisingly it was tuna fish Monday, so I instantly made my way to Pret to get some food.

I got my usual order- salmon quinoa salad, a little cup of goodness, and a chocolate brownie cookie, and I jammed out to this week’s Discover Weekly for 20 minutes or so, before I had to head off back to work. After finishing up, I tossed my trash, headed back to Eataly, clocked in, and (after a quick bathroom break) headed to today’s pre-shift. After covering the pizza and pasta specials, along with the new wine we brought in starting today, we headed off to start the day, prepped for a slow one. I’m was working in section 2 today, which meant I had a generally smaller section, with mostly larger tables. Now for the first two hours, it was definitely dead slow. I was sitting with like two tables, and had nothing to do. I actually drew the heart that I’m using as my featured image today, which has two small people inside holding torches with the title “Exploring Love”. Something simple but really nice. I’m actually gonna try and get a better picture of it tomorrow, so maybe you’ll get a closer look at it, but for now that’s what I’m going with. Now as we started rolling towards 7PM, I was surprised to find that things actually picked up a decent amount; not insanely busy, but steadily busy. I was making money and having good tables, most of which who were tipping me around 20%. I will say that today confirmed once more that old ladies love me. Like I had a group of four older ladies from New Orleans, and they started to cause a ruckus when I told them I couldn’t do just pasta with butter. Again, the rule that we have is that we can’t edit our pastas; we can subtract things, but not substitute. They were annoyed, so I finally decided on the solution to be giving the woman asking for the pasta a kid’s pasta with butter, which they were happy with, and enjoyed thoroughly. One of the ladies actually apologized to me later on, and said that they wanted to make sure to tip me well, which was incredibly kind of them. We even had a wonderful discussion about Wicked, because they had just seen it, and I told them about the book that the musical is based off of, if they wanted to look into it. I never finished that book, which is called “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” in case you’re interested, but from what I did read, it’s a really good book. I kinda feel bad that I never finished it. I know my mom loved it.

Anyway, besides those ladies, it was a normal day overall. I ended with just over $350 in cc tips, along with $50 in cash, so not too shabby of a night if I do say so myself. I closed my final table at 10:20, clocked out, and headed home for the day, catching the 10:43 express uptown; making it home before 11:30. I gave Maggie a call, and after an argument about whether it was dumb that Eataly does not allow changes to their dishes, we hopped on League and played with Eddie for two games, before Maggie got off and Eddie and I hopped into ranked. After two very tilting games- I muted everyone just so I didn’t tilt, but Eddie was definitely feeling it, we hopped onto Minecraft for a bit. It was almost 2AM at this point but I needed food, so I prepped chicken and rice and made that for myself for tonight. As the time came for the chicken to be done, it was still pretty raw in the center, probably because the piece of chicken was huge, but after a good eight extra minutes in the oven, it was looking delicious and ready to eat. After preparing myself a plate, I headed back to find that Eddie had gotten off for the night; so after a bit of building I hopped off myself, and have spent the last hour listening to a podcast that Philip DeFranco did with Steve Zaragoza. Now it’s already 4:40, but I’m glad that I got down to finally writing this blog post. I may be exhausted, but this is a step in the right direction and I’m happy. See y’all tomorrow.

Until next time,


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