The Day After Labor Day Is a Slow One For Sure (9/3/19)

So I don’t normally work on Tuesdays; Normally I’m off Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I work Thursday through the weekend. However, this was obviously not true this week. I mean normally can be slow on the weekdays, so I figured it more than likely things would not be crazy today. Now the day started with me actually not playing a League game, but rather relaxing in bed for a good long while before finally getting up, showering, and headed off to work. I made a bet, theoretically, that the trains would be back and running like normal today, so I took the risk and left at 2:22, instead of earlier like I had been doing the past few days, and thankfully the bet paid off. I caught the express A and was on my way downtown to work before I knew it. I did my usual thing of sleeping on the train, and by the time I had arrived at Chambers St. I was feeling awake and ready to go. I will say, that things were a bit different today I guess, because there was a musician playing between 125th St. and 59th St., and I had to give him some money, because he was really good! I only gave him $3, but I’m still happy to help support a musician when I can. After getting off the train, I walked on over to work, and was greeted by a surprising, or I guess unsurprising, lack of guests on the floor. I was on lowboy duty, so I spent my time getting that done, but wow. Like seriously it is incredibly rare to see Eataly this empty.

After the side work was done and it was time to go on break, I clocked out and headed over to Pret, where I had some spinach and tomato Mac ‘n’ Cheese, along with a little cup of goodness and a cookie, and enjoyed my lunch while watching some YouTube videos before I had to head back to Eataly and get to work. I made my way back and clocked back in, heading over to pre-shift and getting the day started. I went over to my section- section 3 today, which is right in the middle of everything, and said hey to the morning servers, which included Gina today. She greeted me with her normal “friendly” charm, aka a middle-finger. So kind I know haha. She ranted about how a guest said that she looked like a forest fairy, which I told her is absolutely a compliment. She said “Yeah, well you look like a forest fairy”. “Yeah no, I look like Peter Pan”. I then showed her that I could click my heels in the air; she was actually impressed and surprised at how high I can jump. Seriously, I can hop pretty high, funny enough. What can I say? I’m basically all legs. She headed out and I started off my day, and damn was it slow. But hey, even though it’s slow, it doesn’t mean I’m any less likely to mess up. The main thing that fucked up was I had a table who had an allergy to onions; I don’t normally to deal with onion allergies, but it’s fine. However, the woman with the allergy wanted a meat dish, and though I thought it would be fine, when she ordered the Tagliatelle, the chef told me there was onions in the bolognese sauce. Shit okay. I suggested something else. Lasagna? Great done! Sorry for the hassle. Just kidding there’s onion in that too. Tagliolini? Nope. Fuck. I’ve been going back and forth with them for a good while now, and finally I got things together and had her order the Pomodoro. Simple, easy; just pasta with tomato sauce. Then, around the same time, I forgot to put in a pizza for another table, where the other person was already eating, and the woman just had to watch the guy eat. We got them their pizza soon enough and it was fine, but I hate fucking up like that; makes me feel like I’m not good at my job.

Thankfully, after the fuck-ups, things finally started to get better. I felt bad for another server, who had been sat like 12 times at once. He was running around dealing with tables, and I tried to help however I could. I just swiped a table’s cards, but he seemed grateful. Also the reason he had been sat so much is because our manager had already set home two servers because it was so slow. Despite this little speed-up in the night, before too long it was dead again and we were doing roll-ups and closing out for the night. I still managed to get like $330 in cc tips, and around $60 or $70 in cash; not a bad night, thank god. I clocked out and managed to catch the express A at 10:45, getting home by around 11:30. I bought some cookies at the Rite-Aid and then played some League with Mags before doing some building in Minecraft with Eddie; then it was time to get some sleep. Well normally that’s what I’d say, but I actually worked my ass off finishing the buildings Eddie had me do, which kept me up until like 6AM, but it was satisfying to get it all done. Finally, sleep beckoned and I collapsed in bed, ready for my days off.

Until next time,


***I completely forgot to mention! On the way home from work, I saw a girl get onto the train, and as I looked at her, I realized it was my friend Spencer! It’s always crazy and great to see a friend on the subway, and in general; especially when you’re not expecting to see them.

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