Happy Labor Day! Time to Go to Work (9/2/19)

So today was Labor Day, which to be honest with you, I keep mixing up with Memorial Day, but that’s besides the point. Even though most people are off today, I work in a restaurant, and one in the World Trade Center at that, so we all know that there was no way in hell I was getting today off. I woke up around 12:30, and after getting up, playing, and losing a League game, I took a quick shower and headed out to start the day. Now when I asked Google how the weather was looking, and she told me that there would be scattered showers today, I immediately knew what that meant- today was going to be busy. As I’ve mentioned plenty of times, when it rains, people pour into Eataly. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect coming into today though. Now normally it does get flooded with people when it rains, but most everyone is off today because of Labor Day, so is it going to be slow? Only time would tell I guess. With that in mind, I grabbed my umbrella and made my way out the door and to the subway, catching the A downtown at 2:16, with it of course running local until 59th St.

As I sat on the train, I tried to sleep like I normally do, but for some reason, the nonstop stops made it pretty difficult; doesn’t mean I didn’t stop trying. Eyes closed, I played this week’s Discover Weekly, letting the music drown out the outside world, at least for a few moments. I got to Chambers St. and walked through the mall to Eataly- mostly because it was raining and even with an umbrella, I’m not trying to rush through the rain; Mythbusters already proved that when you run in rain you get more wet, soooo yeah I’m good. Once I arrived, I clocked in and checked my side work, ready to get the day started. I was on roll-ups today, so the next 30 minutes were spent absentmindedly rolling, until it was time to go on break. I checked the break room for what food they had, and chose to just go to Pret. I got the same things as yesterday, and sat down to breathe and prepare for what could be a busy night.

Soon enough it was time for me to go back to work, so I headed out, and after feeling rain on landing on my hair, I pulled out my umbrella; can’t let my hair get wet. I work too hard keeping it up and looking nice to just have it fall in my face. After clocking back in and heading to pre-shift, we were told to be prepped and head straight to the floor to help out the morning servers; it’s been a fucking crazy day so far thanks to the rain. And that’s what I did honestly; I mean I quickly headed to the bathroom again because once I was on the floor, I wanted to just be there for good and not have to leave. Now despite how prepared we all were- bracing for impact- there was honestly no need. The rain slowed to a stop, and by the time we really got going, it was a typical slow Monday. I was in Stag so I had people complaining that it was cold throughout the night, thanks to the AC blasting in that area, but other than that it was a fine night. I had a really kind table who tipped me $35 on a $100 bill which is really awesome, and then despite some rough tips, I managed to sell two bottles of Merlot- a new red we just got- which is $80 a bottle, along with a glass at another table.

I was expecting kind of low numbers, but I mean I ended the day with $340 in cc tips and just over $100 in cash, so definitely not a bad night at all! I got out of work right after 10:30, and caught the 10:45 A uptown. Unfortunately it still was running local from 59th onward, so I still got home right around 11:40, but that’s fine. I played two games of League with Mags right when I got home, and then heated up some food before playing some more games with Eddie before we moved onto Minecraft, where I spent a bit building before switching back to League for a game before I had to get to get to bed. It’s already past 4AM- and somehow all these guys were talking about how it’s EARLY. Like damn I mean that’s impressive and all, but I like sleep. After watching a few videos and washing up, I finally got to bed just before 5AM.

Until next time,


1 thought on “Happy Labor Day! Time to Go to Work (9/2/19)

  1. Hi, I read your new stuff on a regular basis. Your humoristic style is witty,
    keep it up!


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