God Damn It’s Busy… (At Least I Made Some Money)(8/1/19)

After the busyness of yesterday, I wasn’t sure what to expect, coming into today. It was gonna be a sunny day, so I expected to be running around for a while. However, the day started off fine enough. I knew that I needed to catch an earlier train to work today, so I wasn’t late like yesterday, so I woke up a bit earlier, played my usual game of League, showered and got out. With my game, sitting in champ select I had my team flame me for my pick, troll pick, them someone dodged and the next team I was in said nothing; and then I carried, soooooo fuck y’all haters hahaaa. Anyways, I made it out of the apartment, caught the 2:14 A downtown, and was on my way to work. As expected, the A went local until 59th St. before running express the rest of the way. I made it to work right at 3PM, thank goodness, and got to stocking lowboys for my side-work. Not really being in the mood for whatever was in the break room tonight, I headed over to Pret, got my usual combo with the salmon quinoa salad, a cup of goodness, and a chocolate chip cookie, and listened to music for a bit before I had to head off back to work.

After using the bathroom, I clocked in and headed to pre-shift, and before I knew it I was on the floor and work had begun. After a quick pit-stop back to the bathroom, it was time to get to work- back on section 4. As for the rest of the days, holy FUCK was it busy. Even though I was frustrated at the end of the night, there was one couple that just made me smile. It was an older couple who were locals, “right down the road”; Now after I greeted them and went to grab their drinks, the gentleman goes, “you know, you just have this look to you. This Broadway look.” “Well I hope so, I am an actor”. I mean I’m not sure what kind of look that is per say, but being told that still makes me smile. I mean how could it not? He then told me that I should audition for Book of Mormon, and then, after chatting up the table next to them, told them the same thing, and had me to turn around to confirm what they were saying. I mean it’s kind of embarrassing, being put in the limelight like that, but it felt good honestly. Now to just book so I’m actually acting and doing what I love for a living…. Now after that, things definitely picked up, and I really wasn’t able to think all that much for the rest of the night. I had some fucking rough tables, with one table leaving me a $5 tip on $130 bill- just don’t tip asshole- and another table not tipping at all on a $76 bill. Like come the fuck on man. Tip your goddamn waiters. I didn’t think that this was rocket science.

Now things definitely continued to be rough as we winded down to a close for the night, mostly because I got sat FOUR times in the last 10 minutes we were open. Thankfully I got their orders in extremely quickly, but FOUR times? That’s just ridiculous. Most of the tables were kind, but the last fucking table, oh BOY was the guy pretentious. You know how, sometimes you just hear someone talk and you know they think they’re better than everyone else? Like Sergio took their order for me, because they sat down at 9:59, and as I walked by to put in another order, or check on tables or whatever, they just go “Excuse me, can we get some bread?” Real obnoxious like. Honestly fuck off. I brought them the bread, and was about to go and get the girl’s drink when she asks the guy- “You wanted a drink, right?” No menus in their hands anymore, which means he chose not to order a drink when she did, when Sergio was taking their orders. No menu in hand, the guy just looks at me and says “What do you suggest?” Motherfucker. “What do you want?” I replied. I kind of snapped, but honestly like who the fuck do you think you are? I don’t know you. Do you want wine? Beer? Cocktails? A throat punch? What? The lady ended up telling him just to get a Bellini, which is what she got, and that was that. Now things would have been alright if them, or the ladies next to them, had tipped properly. I mean we let them in right before we closed, and they stayed until 10:30 or later. But no. The two ladies’ bill was $63, and the two pretentious fucks’ bill was $68. How much did they tip? $6 a piece. Not. Even. Worth. My. Time.

Fuming, I headed over and helped everyone get roll-ups done, before it was time to finally head home. Surprisingly enough however, even despite the bullshit, I still managed to make $488 in cc tips, and $50 in cash, which is fucking insane. I served over 100 people today as well, which definitely shows how busy of a day it was. Exhausted and ready to be home, I headed to the train and caught the 11:17 home, making it home just around midnight. I played a few games of League with Mags and Eddie before hopping on Minecraft and doing some building for a bit. Eddie’s having me make the other half of what he’s building, think like the reflection in a mirror, so I get better at building, and damn is it a task. I hope I am learning though, because I’m terrible at building to be honest with you. Finally I got off and got some much needed sleep. Damn I’m tired.
Until next time,


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