Luck Turns, and Then Shit Gets Busy (Entering into Labor Day Weekend)(8/30-8/31/19)

So I’m writing two blog posts together, partly because I of course forgot to write one last night, but also because I forgot to get a picture for yesterday, so I’m just gonna use a picture from today for both. Cool? Cool. Now then, let’s get into it.

Feels Great to Have Your Luck Turn (8/30/19)-

So today was a really good day- for the most part of course. I got up, played a game of League, took a shower, and headed out for work. Even with catching the 2:22 train, I still made it work on time. I of course took the little extra time to nap on the train, because you know I got to. I made it to work and was on lowboys, so I got to it stocking everything for the thirty minutes I had, before meeting up with Gina and heading out to the food tents outside; just like last Friday. Today I went away from the burgers, and instead went for two pulled pork quesatacos (aka melted cheese on the tacos, with everything else piled on in there. After waiting in the long pick-up line, I got my food and met up with Gina, who was picking up some dumplings (I know half were ducks, and the other half was probably pork), and then we headed over to take a seat. I did make a pit-stop to grab two pizza cupcakes (aka tiny pizza bites), and then we sat down to relax for a bit. She ended up sharing a few of her dumplings with me, which were not bad, after I had of course finished all of my food. What can I say, I am hungry and I am a growing boy.

As time ran short, we finished our break and headed back inside to clock in and head to pre-shift. Today I was in section 4, which is kind of in the thick of everything; even though it’s a busier section, it’s honestly smaller, so I was prepped. Now thing have been slow at Eataly, but tonight was different. It was insanely busy, but it was just a perfect steady busy. I don’t really have any amazing stories or tables, but I did have one guy tell me that he could tell that I liked doing this job and that was doing really well. Him, along with another table or two, tipped me over 20% and I was honestly having a blast. Lily literally remarked at the end of the night that it looked like I had joined the family of this group of three ladies, from how I was chatting with them. Honestly I don’t know what to was, but damn was I feeling it. I felt like I was being charming to tables, and people were having a good time. We all were remarking at the end of the night how perfect this kind of night was; we were all on top of our game, made damn good money, and didn’t feel stressed. I mean I ended the night with like $350 in cc tips, and just over $90 in cash. Talk about a solid day!

Now I had to haul ass to the train, because it was 10:54 and the train arrived at 10:58- I assumed it was the last express. I made it, thankfully, and was on my way home ready to play some DnD. Unfortunately things changed a bit when we stopped right before 59th St., and stayed in the tunnel for a good 10 minutes, and then ran local all the way from 59th up. I was fucking livid. I made it home right before midnight, and immediately got online- ready to play some DnD with Jake, Devon, and Mags, who was joining us for the first time. After some time, we finally got things up and running, and we rolled initiative to fight some enemies. Everyone was trying to scope things out and take things slow, since the enemies hadn’t noticed us yet, but i fucking barreled in towards the unknowing enemies, doing damage but immediately being surrounded. By some incredibly dumb luck, I dodged all but one enemy’s attacks, and then Maggie jumped into the fray. She expected her spell to just hit the enemies, but surprise we were there too, and had to roll to see if we were affected by her attack. Luckily Devon and I dodged the spell, taking only half the damage, while some others did not get so lucky. Since I was surrounded, I wanted to try something out; Jake let me roll for it, knowing it shouldn’t work, but by some dumb luck rolling more than one net 20, I set my plan into action. So I dual wield a rapier and a war hammer, and the war hammer can be a one or two handed weapon. So I chose to toss my rapier in the air, grab the war hammer with both hands, and fucking swing as hard as I could to hit all enemies around me, before catching my rapier and lunging forward with it. Seriously I have no idea how this actually worked in my favor, but god damn did it feel cool as fuck.

As the final enemies dropped, we said our goodbyes and ended the call; Devon had now totally clocked out and was falling asleep on the call. After we said our goodbyes, I hopped on League and played for a bit with Eddie before we moved to Minecraft and did some building until it was too late and I needed SLEEP. Like damn it was already past 4AM, and that is my limit. After some YouTube, I got ready for bed and collapsed; passing out and drifting into the world of dreams.

Time for Shit to Get Busy (Entering into Labor Day Weekend Madness) (8/31/19)-

So today started fucking rough. I knew last night the train started running local for some reason, but I figured things would be back to normal for the busy weekend. Oh boy was I wrong. Now things started off okay; I woke up at 12:35, played a game of League, won (thankfully), showered, and headed out for the train at 2:22. Unfortunately for me, as I got on the train, they said “we are running local until 59th St. due to maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. Great. Now I’m absolutely gonna be fucking late. As I sat, trapped on this now local A, I emailed Eleonora to let her know I was going to be around 10 minutes late, because of train troubles. I couldn’t even sleep I was so annoyed. Like are you fucking kidding me with this shit. Now I will say, as we got closer to my stop, something did brighten up my day. There was this couple who were getting married soon I assume, because they were getting wedding pictures in the subway car I was in. Like they were literally having this mini photo-shoot in the middle of a subway car, and seemed to be having a blast. I thought it was really dumb at first, but as the pictures kept being taken, I figured I’d have some fun (if the camera could see me) so I started making some fun faces and expressions, just for the hell of it. Doing that honestly made me laugh to myself, and the more I thought about it, the cuter the idea was to me. And honestly they all seemed to be having a blast, so hats off to them. I wish you both the best lives, full of happiness and good fortune.

As I finally got off the train, feeling a bit better now that the frustration had worn off, I sprinted to work, since it was already like 3:06 and I didn’t want to be any later. As I climbed up the stairs, I ran into Gina, who had forgotten her work shirt and was told to buy a new one, but couldn’t find the manager to get the new shirt from, so we walked back together just to get things started. I actually clocked in right at 3:10, so I was exactly right about how late I was going to be; strange how good I am with timing that shit. Weird little talents I guess. Now we were both on low boys today, so I had to fucking hoof it to make sure we were all stocked up; before we had to go on break. Sergio told Gina to just work in her normal clothes, and they’d get her a shirt after break, so we worked together to make sure everything was good to go; nice and stocked. I stopped by and chatted with Sergio and Eleonora for just a moment, and they told me that a lot of people were having train troubles today; Sergio even had to Uber to work because no trains were running around him. Now as I went to clock out for break, I accidentally clocked all the way out and couldn’t clock back in, so that was a grand ol’ time. I let the managers know and headed on break with Gina, as we discussed what we wanted to do for lunch.

Gina wasn’t in the mood for Pret today, so we just went down a few flights in the mall to a food court area, where I got a burger and she got some ramen. Now things would be okay, except this guy in front of me took MY burger, and then started picking away parts of it, because “it wasn’t what he ordered”. Yeah no shit asshole. Listen to your fucking number. Honestly I just didn’t care enough, and after the workers made me a new burger, I was good to go. The burger was… okay I guess, but nothing to write home about. After we got our food, we headed back to the break room to eat before we had to head back for pre-shift. I couldn’t clock in because, well you know, and so at 4:15 I just waited with Gina so she could clock in and then we headed to pre-shift. As pre-shift went on, we were bickering a bit, just making light jabs or whatever, and Gia made a remark “Are you two dating? Or siblings? What’s going on.” Honestly Gia, I have no idea. I’m just kind of going with the flow; something I don’t do that often, but should do more. After pre-shift I made my way to my section- section 4, right in front of the hostess stand- and the day began. Things started out real great when the server from the morning shift, Alexandria, told me that the first table I would be talking to was just incredibly rude, at least the dad. I made an amazing first impression when they asked for lemons, and when I set the plate with lemons on their table, it fell and shattered. 10 out of 10. Incredible. Now I’d talk more about the day, but it got so fucking busy that I literally wasn’t able to think for a good three hours. Like it felt like I blinked and it was already 9PM. It stayed decently busy until 10PM, but with the rolling party commencing we still managed to get out right after 11PM; not bad. I saw that the next A wasn’t arriving until 11:17, so I made a quick stop at the bathroom, and then headed over to wait for the train. As I was waiting, I got stopped by a guy waiting for the train who asked “Is this where the A arrives, going uptown? “Yes?” “I’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes, and it said the A was coming in three minutes, and now it says six?” “Welcome to the MTA.” Seriously, that shit made me laugh because it’s so stupid how fucking bad the trains can be in New York, even though SO many people need to use them to get to work or wherever they’re going.

Finally I got on the train and made my way on home. The A was actually running express until 59th, which would be nice, except then it ran local, so yeah that was fun. When I got home I decided it was finally time to actually do some cooking, so I gave Maggie a call to let her know it was going to be a hot minute before we could play League. After we hung up, I got a call from my friend Zoe and we chatted for a minute before I finally made my food- pasta with meatballs and veggies, alongside some grapes- and played some League with Maggie and Zach, before it was finally time to play some Minecraft with Eddie and James. By the time I got off, it was already past 4 and I needed sleep. Tomorrow I need to catch an earlier A, so I’m not late to work again.

Until next time,



**Cheers again to the happy couple. Thanks for making me smile, and making this horrid train ride a much better experience. Best wishes as you two begin your lives together ❤

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