Some Days You’re Just Tired of all the Assholes (8/29/19)

Honestly today wasn’t that busy day. It was definitely way busier than Monday and this weekend, but who is surprised by that one? What was frustrating about today was the constant low tips that I got throughout he night. Like yeah normally I can take it, but I don’t know; coming into my work week on a low note like that? No fun. Like I don’t think my service was off today; maybe a bit slow at points, but the main thing I forgot today was a man’s beer. Oh no how dare I. But let’s start at the beginning of the day.

Well the day started with me waking up from a dream where I had worked things out with my -ex and we got back together, so I’m glad that my subconscious is working real hard to sabotage the slow but steady progress I’ve been making; getting her out of my head. I played a game of League, but oh boy was it not a good time. After the loss, I just hopped in the shower, got ready, and headed off to work on the 2:22 train downtown. Luckily I made it to Eataly before 3, clocking in at 2:58 and heading onto the floor. I chatted with Sergio, who had me help with wine as my side-work for the day- aka we got that shit done in no time, with the help of another server. I clocked out at 3:26 and headed to the break room for some food.

Now we had turkey and mashed potatoes today, and after some debate I decided to pile my plate up with some food. Unfortunately the turkey looked a bit too pink for my taste, so I ended up heading out towards Pret after a few minutes of chowing down. At Pret, I got my usual combo of food, spending the next 10-15 minutes just chilling and relaxing; enjoying the good food. I did have to head back a bit earlier to clock back in, since I clocked out at 3:26, but I also felt like I needed to run because there was a grumblin’ in my stomach that I needed to take care of. Thankfully I made it to the restroom, and was out before 4:15; clocking in and heading over to pre-shift. Nothing new was really going on, so after pre-shift ended, I did my usual routine of checking in with the morning server at my section, running to the bathroom on final time, and then starting my day. Today I was in section 6 (I think), which is basically the section right behind the hostesses. It likes to get a bit busier in this section, but I enjoy it in all honesty. Now the day itself was fine; It got somewhat busy, but never crazy. The jazz band was back again this week, which always creates a nice atmosphere in the restaurant, and I ended the day at 83 people I served (normal day). However what rubbed me the wrong way today was the multiple people not tipping or just giving horrendous tips. Like normally I can deal with it, but I don’t know today it just really rubbed me the wrong way. The worst one by far was this British family of four, who’s father of the group seemed kind of annoyed the entire time. I didn’t do anything wrong, besides forget to bring him a second beer, but when the bill came around- a whopping $176- this man just chose not to tip. Like honestly, how fucking sad and angry are you that you’re not even going to tip on a bill like that? Especially when this is our living fucking wage. My last table of the night wasn’t any better, leaving just over $5 on a $100 bill. Also they can’t even write numbers I guess, because even though they wrote $110, it literally looked like they wrote letters. (Also the bill was like $104.46 of something if you want to get technical)

Thankfully I still managed to clock out just after 10:30, and was on my way to the subway in no time. No running required. I ended up making $330 in cc tips, and like $50 in cash, which isn’t bad, but it could have definitely been at least $50-$100 higher if people actually tipped like decent human beings. I just cannot fathom how people can look you in the face, after you give them good service, and basically say “I know this is your living wage, but that’s not my problem. I don’t care.” It truly disgusts me. That’s what it’s like when people, mostly Americans because I know some Europeans don’t get tipping, tip 10% or even nothing. Tip your fucking waiters, like damn. Well I hope people who read this blog already do, but sometimes you just need to vent and yell into the void, you know?

Now I would have have the 10:41 A uptown and been home a bit sooner, but I got caught up watching a Chris Fleming video Mags sent me on Twitter, and when I looked up from the video, I watched the A speed away. Feels bad. I called her up to tell her that I love her, but also fuck you because how dare. Also the video was something Chris Fleming did for his sisters bridal shower, where he brought live reptiles for people to take pictures with. Ridiculous, but definitely very Chris Fleming. After chatting with Mags for a few minutes, I started to feel a lot calmer, and stopped caring about the bullshit that was today at work. I made my way home, bought some chocolate, and played a game or two with Mags before playing some League, first by myself and then with Eddie. After a few games, we moved over to Minecraft to build for a few hours. Before I knew it, it was past 4AM and I needed to get some sleep. I hadn’t even had dinner yet! Before I got ready for bed, I quickly made myself a sandwich, just so I could have something in my system, got ready, and passed right out. Tomorrow is a new day.

Until next time,


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