Some Days Things Are Just… Normal and Boring (8/28/19)

You know I’ve been putting off writing this post for a day or two now, mostly because I was just going to go over everything that’s happened the past few days, but fuck it. I’m not perfect and that’s okay. But seriously Sunday and Monday, things were so slow at Eataly. Like normally I at least have a table to two who stood out to me, but not really these two days. I mean I made okay money, but definitely nothing crazy. I guess it makes sense- summer is over and people are heading back to school, so business slows down, but still. I will say that something funny did happen on Sunday. Remember how on Saturday I sprinted to the train? To be fair, not that crazy of a thing for me to do; I mean I seem to run to and from work all too often. But on Sunday I had a manager who works at the restaurant next to ours, “Pace”, come up to me and say “Hey I need to ask you a question. Why were you running last night? I thought someone stole something of yours!” She asked me if I ran, and when I said not really, she said I should because I’m fast. Well apparently the muscles in my legs aren’t likely to be found in athletes, so thanks for that 23 and Me. But seriously though, still a compliment; I’m glad someone thinks I’m fast. Also I’m honestly really curious what the fuck it looks like to watch me BOOK it out and to the train. Must look insane. The manager told me that if someone DID take something of mine, I would absolutely catch them.

Now though nothing really happened those two days, and all I did was stay up and play League and Minecraft, I still had fun. Like Monday I was literally up until almost 7AM, building in Minecraft with Eddie and his friend James. Then Tuesday I didn’t end up leaving my bed until 4PM, and all I did was buy heat up pizza from dominos, which I had ordered the night before- wow I am lazy- and do some cleaning. I swiffered the hallways in my apartment, and wiped down the counter and stove top in the kitchen, and then just played League until I played some Pixelmon with Jake for like 4 hours. Again, not a busy day; honestly a super lazy day, but hey sometimes you need some of those.

Today however, I tried to actually get up and do something with my day. I woke up at 1PM, and after a little while of just laying down in my bed, I got up, showered, and headed out to run some errands. So I always take the coins that I get from work and put them in a cup, and when the cup fills up, I take it over to a coin machine in the Food Emporium on 42nd. As I glanced over at my cup today, I knew it was time. After deciding which jacket to wear, I headed out, casually walking to the subway. Probably should’ve jogged a bit, because I missed the downtown A by mere seconds and had to wait for the next one. I mean it was definitely annoying, but at the end of the day I was in no rush. Before I knew it was was cruising down to 42nd St. to run my first errand of the day. After getting to the Food Emporium, I dumped my coins in, and ended up getting $32 out of it- not bad! Well technically it was 31.95, but I found a dime after the fact, so had $32.05, thank god. Now as I was getting my receipt to give to the cashier, an older woman asked me for my help. This was her first time using this coin machine, and she had no idea how it worked. I showed her how, and helped her get all of her coins into the machine to cash in. And holy FUCK were there a lot of coins. I mean she ended up with over $70 in cash. Like god DAMN. Over 1000 pennies were in her bags. We chatted for a quick moment before parting ways, with her thanking me for my help. She asked if I wanted a cut, and I told her no, because the machine takes enough of one already. (11.5% like Jesus) Now because I was helping her, by the time I got out it was already getting closer to 4:30. I was hoping to be at Trader Joe’s by this point so I could dodge the rush hour at 5, but then I had an idea. What if I just went and saw a movie? Before I made that decision, however, I had to eat. I went to a Sticky’s that was right around the corner, and after grabbing and eating my food, I got my ticket and headed to the AMC on 42nd.

Now there was a movie that I have really been wanting to see, called “The Peanut Butter Falcon”. It stars Shia Labeouf along with an actor who has Down syndrome, and I was really curious to see how it was; especially after seeing the positive reviews for it. I did have to wait a little while, because I got to the theater at 4:40 and the movie started at 5:05, but hey, I don’t mind. Soon enough the trailers came on and the movie began, and might I just say what an excellent movie it was. I know I say it after basically every movie I see, but there was so much kindness and emotion in this movie. I mean having a man with Down syndrome as one of the main protagonists of the movie gave it so much heart, and the acting was just absolutely phenomenal. I just cannot rave about it enough. It was funny, it was sweet, and it was just such a worthwhile movie. I am so grateful to have been able to see it before it left theaters, because just wow. As the credits rolled and I got up, feeling such warmth in my heart, I headed out of the theater and to the subway to catch the 2 uptown, making my way to the Trader Joe’s on 72nd. Now I’ve figured out that as long as you avoid that Trader Joe’s on the weekdays around 5, you are good to go. And by 7PM, I mean it’s pretty dead in there- thank god. I headed inside, picked up everything I needed, and headed on home; catching the 1 downtown, then transferring to the A going all the way up.

Now that I’m home, I’ve used the rest of tonight to play League with friends and with Mags, after you know, putting away my groceries of course. I did play a game by myself in between it all, and had to throw a feeding team on my back, but hey, we won and honestly thank god. Tomorrow I go back to work, and hopefully will have some more stories to tell. I will definitely try and write another post tomorrow, as long as I don’t stay up into ungodly hours of the night, which I seem to be doing more and more nowadays. Fuck I just want something to happen. Something good of course, but something. Also I’m looking into buying a new mattress, but like mattresses are so fucking expensive like what the hell. But that’s for another time. For now, my bed is calling me.

Until next time,



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