Thankful to See a Friend as Old as Time (8/24/19)

Well, I guess when I say time, I mean that she is my oldest friend, besides Mags of course- but does Maggie really count since she’s my twin? Anyway. I’ve known Kim since I was probably 2 years old, and we have somehow not killed each other in the past 21 years almost. We went to the same day care, the same elementary school, the same middle school, the same high school. We were of course on very different tracks, since she’s always wanted to teach and be in education, and I… well I want to be broke aka an actor. Seriously though I love this girl to death and she is truly part of my family. Like my parents and their parents got really close over the years, especially with her mom. Fucking LOVE that woman. Now Kim and I don’t talk that much anymore, because different paths and all, but when she said she was going to be coming to New York for a few days with her boyfriend who I have NEVER met yet, and they’ve been together for almost two years, I was excited. Thankfully we managed to work out some time for brunch, and as I went to bed last night, I was genuinely really excited. I managed to get up around 10AM today- thank god for eight hours of sleep- showered, and made my way to Time Square, where they were staying. We moved the meeting time to 11:20 because… well because I was running late. With a button-up on and my work clothes on, just in case, I made my way to 42nd St. and walked to Friedman’s, which was a restaurant I suggested, and which also just so happened to be located in or around their hotel. As I got off the train and was walking there, I got a text from Kim saying that they all decided to just go to Friendly’s, so I adjusted my path and arrived before too long. After giving Kim a call, she met me at the entrance and showed me where they were sitting, and so the party could truly begin.

At the table was Kim, her boyfriend, Kim’s friend from college, her boyfriend, and then a friend who lives at Cony Island I believe. It was honestly a lot of fun, and Kim and I fell back into our old groove so fast. After talking for a while we ordered some food, and once it had all arrived we dug in. I got a grilled chicken deluxe sandwich and honestly? Not that great. But the company was so it really didn’t matter. With that, along with an orange juice, and a chocolate brownie for dessert, I spent almost $40 on the meal. (The tip was included with our bill which was interesting. I mean I would’ve tipped 20%, but they had it set at 18% which is fine I guess. After we paid, the friend from Cony Islam had to leave, so I left with everyone else back to their hotel, before we headed towards Central Park. We were originally going to walk to the entrance to the park, but they wanted to go up to near the top of the park, so we headed to the C, where I would part from them at 59th. Kim and her boyfriend had to get subway tickets- even though the emergency gate was open and they could’ve gotten in for free, but it’s fine. I guess some people don’t feel like breaking the law.

At 59th St., I had to hop off in hopes of catching an A uptown to just take off my dress shirt, put some bobby pins in my hair, and then head back out and to work. However when we arrived, I watched helplessly as the doors to the C open and the doors to the A closed and left. So close. I waited around for a few minutes, but after seeing that the next A uptown would honestly just make me late, I decided to just not go back home. Instead I made my way to a nearby CVS to buy some bobby pins. I still gotta keep my hair up and looking good, you know? On my way there, I just so happened to run into Andrew, who had an audition, but still had a bit of time to kill before rehearsal. We chatted for a minute before we parted ways and I made my way into the CVS. Once inside, I quickly picked up bobby pins, along with some on the spot acne treatment, because I was running a bit low back at home.

After heading to the bathroom and getting my hair looking on point for work, I headed back to 59th and made my way downtown on the A, making it to Eataly with a good 15 minutes to spare- which were of course spent in the bathroom. After clocking in at got to stocking lowboys, which was my job for the day, before clocking out and heading on break; aka Pret. I wasn’t too hungry today, since I had Brunch just a few hours ago, but I still got a salmon quinoa salad and a cup of goodness because I knew I needed to eat something. Didn’t even get a cookie today, which is surprising for me, because obviously I have a huge sugar tooth. I finished what I could without feeling sick, as I wrote my blog post from the day prior, before heading back to work and to pre- shift. Same ol’, same ol’. Now today I was on section 2 again, so I was prepped for a slower day with just bigger tables, and honestly that’s exactly what it was. The day wasn’t that crazy, with me not having any issues, and getting only big tables for the most part. was a bit. Despite the slow night, I still ended the night with $130 in cash, which is great because I really wanted to try and make up for what I lost earlier today- definitely managed to do that and even go positive.

Unfortunately I got sat twice right before 10, so I ended up not leaving until 10:54. As I was leaving, I noticed that the next A was going to be leaving at 10:57- can I make it? Even if I wasn’t sure, I figured I should at least try, you know? I fucking flew out and to the train, somehow making it right before the train arrived. Out of breath, I finally sat down and was able to relax as the express A sent me towards home. When I made it back to my apartment at last, I ended up playing a few games with Mags before falling into the YouTube black hole. Before I knew it it was nearly time to get some sleep, which meant I needed to eat something. I headed up some pre-made chicken fried rice in a pot, while adding in some sauce to give it a bit more taste. I finally got to sleep at 12:30, ready for tomorrow.

Until next time,


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