A Day Spent Being Busy Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Day (But It Definitely Makes Me Exhausted)(8/23/19)

Alright you know how in my last blog, I mentioned how no one had gotten back to me from my agency, so I assumed that I just wasn’t going to the audition today? Yeah so after passing out at 4:30 last night, I wake up today to a call from someone in my agency at 10:15 saying that they had managed to get me the audition, and they would let me come in any time before 1PM. I mean, absolutely incredible, but AH. I wish I had gone to bed earlier so I wouldn’t feel so tired. But no matter; I got myself up and out of bed, showered, and looked my best before heading out. I had to read up on what exactly I was going to be doing in this audition, because since I didn’t know that I was going to have this audition, I didn’t really read up on it. It was for a ride sharing app over at One on One Studios. Exciting times, but damn I hoped I wasn’t gonna be rusty. I mean I’m not that experienced in commercial auditions, since I’m used to theater. After catching the train and making it to the studio right after 12, I signed in and waited until my name was called. After a good while of waiting I was called in with a small group of others and the audition began.

Now honestly I think I did pretty well; hopefully we’ll enough to be hired for this commercial. I did my audition alongside a girl, and I think we played off of each other very well. I’m not sure when I’ll found out but, fingers crossed! When I finished I walked out of the room and to the elevator when I spotted someone from TAPNYC. He had also signed with BMG, so unsurprisingly he was here as well. I would’ve chatted longer, but the elevator had arrived and I had to get back home. After a quick walk to 34th St., I managed to catch the A uptown that arrived right after I did, and was on my way back home. After speeding into my apartment I got changed, made sure I had everything for work, and headed out right on time. I managed to catch the 2:15 train, which is good because when I awoke from my nap and arrived at Chambers, it was already 2:53. So strange how the ride fluctuates depending on the day… we’ll not that strange, I know there are a ton of factors that go into it. Either way, I clocked in on time and it was time to start my day.

Today I was on lowboys duty with Jay, so we got to stocking everything, and before too long the 30 minutes were done and we clocked out. I met up with Gina and we headed off to grab some food outside, since all they seemed to have in the break room today were some soggy fries. Now we normally go to Pret for lunch, but today’s Friday, which meant there were a bunch of tents set up outside, with so many options to choose from. After some debate, we made our way over and weighed our options. We both ended up getting burgers, which were a bit pricey (mine was $14 for two patties), but damn was it good; She also grabbed a raspberry and lime drink from another stand before we wandered around, enjoying this great food. As we were finishing up our burgers, we headed over to a Japanese shaved ice tent, and as we were looking at the options, one of the guys in the tent asked if we were just getting off work. We told him we were on our lunch break, and he offered us a free shaved ice. He said he was happy to feed some people in the industry. Damn what a nice guy. We ended up splitting a strawberry and mango, before I tipped them a $5 on Gina’s request. It was really cool (haha) was arching them make the shaved ice, because they literally just took a giant block of ice and shaved it down. I mean it makes sense, but still really cool. We thanked him again and headed back towards Eataly, and as we enjoyed our dessert, we realized that under the first layer of ice was a layer of cream. I was not expecting that, but god damn was it good. As we finished up the ice, we ran into Jay and sat with him for a bit, chatting, before it was time to get back to work.

After waiting around for a few minutes, we clocked in and headed to pre-shift, before it was time to get to the floor. Today I was in section 2, which is on the far end of the restaurant (not Stag). It was a small section, with just a few large tables, which meant I was not going to be insanely busy today. And that was honestly pretty true. There was a part, later on in the evening, where I was running around a bit, but for the most part I was chilling all day. However just because it was slower didn’t mean I was going to have any better luck with tables; nor did it mean I was any less likely to mess up. The first thing that set me off was a table who I disliked from the very beginning. I knew they weren’t going to tip well, but when they leave and I see they left $10 on a $150 bill, that didn’t make the situation any better. Like for gods sake read the damn menu before asking me your questions. Don’t have me explain the entire menu for you because you don’t feel like reading. I had a table later on of older people, who seemed to be American, who also tipped like shit, so incredible times. The main issue was a table who had 9 people at my large table, and then two remaining parts of their party at a table next to them. I actually knew the gentleman at the head of the table, because I’ve served him before, but at the end of their meal, I forgot to combine the two bills, so they didn’t pay for the two people at the separate table- $60 worth of food. Fucking rough. I hate fucking up that badly, and after messing up on an order or two already tonight, I was just fed up with the day.

Things didn’t get much better when I saw I was seated twice, 15 minutes before we close; because of course. However things turned when I started talking to the first table, which were two ladies, probably around my age or a few years older. I asked how they were doing and one immediately responded “living our best lives” and I knew they were gonna be some fun. I chatted with them for a little while that night, and even though I forgot to charge them for their second glasses of wine, it didn’t matter; it was the end of the night and I was done with it all. One of them talked about the law of attraction, and willing your wants into existence. It is something I believe in, but I haven’t always been putting strong enough vibes out into the universe, because of self doubt and everything, but it was definitely refreshing. Before I had to leave because you know, I needed to go home, they actually asked for my number, so “when we see you in a movie we can text you”. Fuck it why not, right? I even gave them my Insta username, and then I was off.

Unfortunately I hadn’t managed to catch the final express A, but after taking a good nap I was home and feeling better. I heated up some dinner and played two games of League with Mags and Eddie, before getting ready and heading to bed. Tomorrow I needed to be up to meet up with one of my closest friends from home, Kim, and her friends for brunch at 11, and we all know that I want to get my eight hours; you know, so I don’t feel like a zombie tomorrow evening at work.

Until next time,


**We love post audition selfies!

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