Wait That’s Not How You Do Math (8/22/19)

You know so far doing this whole “everyone polishing” has been fantastic; getting out of work before 11 and catching the express A has been incredible. And don’t get me wrong; I still love the system and think it is LEAGUES better than what we had going before. However, boy does it suck when we’re slammed in the last hour and end up rolling until just after 11. Gives me flashbacks to the times before this new system. Like I finally got on the A at 11:30 and am now currently heading home; I am exhausted. Today was just a long one, and for some reason or another- maybe it was things just building up over time- I definitely had a shorter fuse than normal.

The day actually started out alright; I managed to get up before 1 and even played a game of League before taking a shower and heading out to work. Things got interesting however, when I got an email from my agents with an audition for tomorrow. Now normally I would be absolutely psyched; but it was at 3:45, and I’m gonna be working. Nothing to be done about that one. I emailed my agent in hopes to maybe change the time, but these things happen. Either way, I headed out to the train, and surprisingly enough I actually got to work like 5 minutes earlier than normal. I clocked in and got to work on my side-work of the day: lowboys. I spent the time stocking water and anything else we needed, before having to pause and get a drink out one of our low boys. Someone had stocked 24 of the wrong drink (an Isaac cider instead of an Isaac beer) in the Stag lowboy, and that is not staying. After loading all of the ciders into an empty mole cola box, put it in the back, and then stocked the floor with some wine glasses before clocking out.

Gina was working today as well, but as I clocked out, I didn’t spot her so I just made my way to the break room. Now there was some food today, but I wasn’t feeling it, so I just headed over to Pret for some lunch. (Who’s surprised, honesty?) I was almost expecting Gina to be there, because we’ve been heading there most days we both work, and she wasn’t in the break room. After buying my lunch I glanced around, but after not seeing her, I sat down to eat my lunch. Unfortunately they didn’t have any good fruit or yogurt cups, so I ended up going with Mac ‘n’ cheese, chips, and a cookie. As I listened to music and stared off into space, I noticed Gina walk in and take a seat by herself, so after a moment I made my way over and asked if she wanted to join me instead of sitting alone. She seemed surprised because she didn’t notice to me as she walked in, but she agreed and we sat and chatted for a bit before it was time to head back to work. After waiting a few minutes to finally be able to clock in, we headed to pre-shift and so my day began.

I was in “Michael’s Corner” today, and even though I didn’t think it would be too incredibly busy, but I had the worst busser so I was still a bit worried. Now one of the hostesses tried to make excuses for him, because she knows that basically everyone feels the same way about him, but I wasn’t having any of it. The fact that when I go talk to my tables, none of them have bread or even water is infuriating, because it makes me look bad. The good news about tonight is that we had the same jazz band we had last night and fuck are they good. The only issue with them is that I’m always thinking and talking to myself, to make sure I don’t forget anything, and with music I can’t always do that; at least not as well I as I can without music. To be fair I am writing this post while I’m listening to music, but they’re too different situations. Also I’m a hypocrite. Now as things really began picking up, I kept seeing my tables not getting water or bread, and sometimes not being bussed for a decent amount of time. My busser would just vanish for like 15-20 minutes, and when he was on the floor he would work at a snail’s pace. It’s so frustrating because that means I had to stress even more about getting to all my tables, because them not even getting water is just awful.

Now the tables tonight weren’t terrible, but I did have a table who’s bill was $100 and they tipped $15. See that’s fine. But then they SUBTRACTED the $15 from their bill. Like what??? That’s not how tips work. Or math. I’m just confused. I couldn’t even take the tip because they would probably think we overcharged them? I don’t know. Now the main issue was that it fucking rained at like 8:45 or 9PM, so we had a late rush, and I ended up getting sat four times at like 10:30 up to like 10:50. One of them was even an eight top. Sigh. Most of my tables were fine, but one of them needed to change their order because of a mess up on my part, but also miscommunication between the two of us, and another table didn’t seem to have any meat in her pasta dish that basically requires there to be meat in there. Really strange to be sure.

I finally got my tables closed out and gone by like 10:40, and as I closed the checks out, I was going back and forth from my section to the back of Stag, where the rolling party had begun. We had like five buckets to get through, but thankfully with like 10 of us polishing and rolling, we still managed to get it all done just after 11. Team work makes the dream work, but damn am I exhausted. I’m still on the A, about to be home, because it actually ran express from 59th to 125th for some reason; I mean I’m not complaining. I ended up making $400 in CC tips and like $93 in cash, so definitely a pretty good night. Once I’m home I’m gonna heat up some dinner and play a game of League with Mags. Then maybe I’ll do some building in Minecraft before going to bed. Damn I’m tired.

Until next time,


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