From Drinking to Singing, What More Could You Ask For? (8/20-8/21/19)

Okay, so holy shit did I need to get some blog posts going. This is my third post I’m writing today, well now it’s 3:30 in the morning but that’s besides the point, but anyways, damn. Hi. Hello. I am here and I am trying to stay somewhat consistent. I keep staying up waaaay too late and just forgetting to write my blog post before I go to sleep, but here I am anyways. These two days off, I did get a decent amount done, but I have somehow managed to get less sleep then when I’m working; So even though I of course love days off, I am definitely ready to get back to work. Now onto these past two days, because I really need sleep.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Wasted (8/20/19)

So really all I had planned today- originally at least- was to go back in to Enzo’s and try on my suit, so they can make any more adjustments. My appointment was at 1PM, and even though I debated waking up earlier to buy some new shoes, I ended up opting for a little bit more sleep, which meant I was rushing to get out the door and make it to my appointment on time. As I was hurrying along, I got a text message from Andrew asking what I was up to today. We decided to meet up at his place after I finished my appointment, and then maybe we’d go see a movie. Now I did make it to my appointment a few minutes late, but boy. Like I knew the suit was going to look nice; and I know there are some adjustments still to be done, but holy SHIT am I excited. Like I’ve decided to hold off taking any pictures with the suit until the wedding, but god damn am I excited. Plus the flamingo pattern on the inside of the jacket? Perfect touch. I should have the suit ready to go by the Tuesday before I leave, which is perfect.

After I had finished up and headed out, I stopped by my apartment before heading over to Andrew’s to hang out for a while. On my way I of course picked up a subway sandwich, and before I knew it I was at Andrew’s. When I got there he asked if I could do him a huge favor and help him do a self-tape for a silent movie audition. After going through the steps and finding the right shot for what Andrew was looking for, we got it and he sent it off. Once that was done, we discussed exactly what we were going to do for the rest of the day. We decided to go out, buy some liquor, watch the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie, and then maybe go see Dora. We definitely didn’t make it to see Dora, but oh buddy did we drink. We bought a large handle of Captain Morgan, and ended up having three drinks, with which probably held at least two shots in the glass, as the night progressed. Now listen, I don’t usually get too drunk, but yikes. Also I am so glad I was drinking during the movie because Tokyo Drift is so GARBAGE. I mean I swear to god the main character is supposed to be 17 and he looks like 35. Apparently the actor at the time was like 24, but that doesn’t change the fact that genetics were not kind to him in the slightest. As the movie continued we even ordered some pizza, and I drunkenly mentioned to Andrew that I wrote a screenplay, after he mentioned he was debating writing a book. Listen man, sometimes you’re just really, really drunk. I called my friend Zoe on my walk home, and when I got home, I ended up playing some League with Maggie, and then some Minecraft with Eddie. You know that I’m a bit fucked when Maggie can easily tell that I’m drunk. Like that was one of the first things out of her mouth when we started playing. I don’t remember exactly when I went to bed, but I knew that I needed some sleep because I had a voice lesson the next day with Jason, and did not want to sleep through it.

**ALSO holy shit I forgot to mention, but on my way back to my apartment before going to visit Andrew, I got to watch two men have a screaming match on the subway, while all the other passengers ignored them, minding their own business and avoiding conflict; listening to music or reading a book/magazine. I guess one man was trying to preach his ideals, and another man was not a fan of what the first guy was saying, and ended up getting right in the first guy’s face. Like the first guy kept screaming how the second guy was going to go to jail. Fucking wild man.


Jumping Back Into Singing (And Slowly Making Progress)(8/21/19)

Finally we have caught up to today, the 21st of August. Today I had a voice lesson with Jason at 11AM, so when I woke up today, I made sure to drink some throat coat, because I had a feeling things were probably still a bit tender from last night’s recklessness. Now after showering and getting ready, I hurried to the train, hoping to catch the 10:58 and be just a few minutes late for my lesson. Unfortunately I just missed the uptown A, so instead of just waiting around for the next train, I decided to just walk. Why not? Beautiful day, short walk, great view- sounds good to me. As I walked along, I listened to our last lesson that I recorded, and worked to relax and stretch my voice, so I wasn’t coming in too rusty. It has been a few weeks since I last took a lesson. Now the lesson itself honestly went really well. I feel like, slowly but surely, I am making headway; finding out what works and what doesn’t. I’m hoping that as I continue taking lessons, that things will start to click more and more and, one day, this will all be second nature to me (instead of some foreign concept).

Now I wish I could tell you about all the amazing things I did today after my lesson. But honestly it was really quiet today. After buying a sandwich from Pick&Eat, I’ve spent the rest of my day playing League and, later in the night, playing Minecraft. The biggest things I’ve done today, besides my voice lesson, was cook some dinner for myself, and do laundry. Two things that, to be fair, needed to be done desperately. Now tomorrow I head back to work, and the usual five day marathon begins. I really want to start looking into personal trainers, because I really think having that person to push you, as well as help you when you-aka me- have 0 idea what the hell to do. I had a weird moment last night when I was drunk in Andrew’s apartment, where I looked in the mirror, smiled, and thought “Everything is going to be alright. Things are going to get better for you.” I know, weird thoughts from a very drunk man, but it is what it is. now then, it is almost 4AM; It’s finally time I get some sleep and get things back in motion.

Until next time,


**I also realized that the 20th marked one year since I started writing this blog. I can’t believe that I’ve somehow committed to doing this for a whole year- well minus the break I took for a few months. Either way, I just wanted to thank anyone and everyone reading this, and my other posts. Thanks for listening as I talk into the void. I hope you’re able to relate to some of the things I talk about, and feel comfort that you’re not alone in this crazy world. Goodnight y’all~


2 thoughts on “From Drinking to Singing, What More Could You Ask For? (8/20-8/21/19)

  1. Learned a whole lot. Easy to fully grasp. Nice one for sharing with us 🙂


  2. I stumbled across your website accidentally nevertheless i’m glad i’m here. Good stuff i’m reading.


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