A Slow Day Doesn’t Mean A Good Day (8/19/19)

I really can’t believe how fast these days seem to fly by. So fast in fact that I keep forgetting to write a blog post on the day, but what can you do. Now today things started out as they always do- I woke up before 1, hung out in bed for a while, took a shower, got ready, and headed out for work. I made it to Eataly a few minutes early because somehow I managed to catch the 2:15 A downtown, so I was able to take a quick peak into what was for lunch in the break room. Today was, once again, tuna fish Monday, which meant I KNEW I was going to Pret today. No way in hell was I eating tuna fish again. After my quick peak I headed straight to the floor, starting right up on today’s side-work: wine and ice. I ended up mostly just getting the ice, since we were pretty stocked on the floor, and after restocking some wine glasses, I grabbed my stuff and headed on break. Now at Pret today I decided to grab my salmon dish, along with a cup of goodness and a cookie- of course- but when I got back for pre-shift I remembered something very important; today we had implemented the new menu changes, which meant we were trying a TON of new dishes. Well like four or five. But still, I did not have to really eat that much. As the chefs broke down our new dishes, I immediately dove in to try everything and oh boy were they tasting good. There were definitely some I preferred over others, but mmMm were they tasty.

After all of this tasting, it was time to hit the floor for my final day before my weekend- two blissful days off. Now I was in section 2 today, which was in the thick of it all, and that is normally okay. I mean as the night went on it really wasn’t all that busy. However I just felt like I was a bit off. I mean I made multiple mistakes towards the end of the night, and Sergio had to talk to two of my last tables because I couldn’t get to them. I did have one table that were a mother, her daughters, and her mother; they kind of gave me some flack because when they asked to order more food I told them the kitchen was closed, and they said that normally you tell someone before the kitchen closes. This is true, but luckily I managed to turn it around and say “well I was trying to do you a favor! I didn’t think you all would have room for any more food. Plus you need to save some room for dessert, don’t you?” It actually worked and they left happy, which is good. However, another table whom I talked to quickly, but then Sergio had to revisit, didn’t have a great time, because somehow when I was splitting their cards, I managed to swipe one card twice. It looked exactly the same as one of the other cards, but damn is that embarrassing. I really felt just mentally exhausted from this past week- as I always do because working in a restaurant is tiring- but I definitely could tell I just needed to make it through to the end and get to my days off. After catching the express A home, I actually ended up playing a little bit of Pixelmon with Jake, which hasn’t happened in a good while, before doing some more building with Eddie. After a few hours of building, we moved to League for a game or two before calling it quits for the night, and I was off to bed. Tomorrow I gotta be awake for my appointment to try on my suit at 1PM, so I need to get at least a little sleep.

Until next time,


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