A Rainy Day with Bad Tips Means a Rough Shift at Eataly (8/18/19)

You know, I didn’t think it was gonna rain today. I was expecting a normal, maybe slower Sunday, where I got decent tips and left at a good time. Unfortunately only one of the things I just said came true. Now the day started off fine enough- I woke up at like 12:50, and relaxed in bed before finally getting up, showering, and speeding out of the house. Unsurprisingly I was running late and caught the A downtown at 2:22, just like the past two days. As the train pulled into Chambers, I hurried off the train and made it to work probably 3 or 4 minutes late. Today I was on ice duty with Patricia, so I got that done and got to work rolling up, because let’s be honest ice doesn’t take a long time to get done.

As we cut for break, I headed out to Pret to relax as I ate some Mac ‘n’ cheese and the other usual bits of my Pret meal, watching some professional League before heading back to work. After clocking back in, I headed to pre-shift and got onto the floor, ready to start the day. Now today I was working in Stag, which is actually the first time I’ve really worked the area since training with Chernin. I mean today I got basically the whole section to myself; a task which was difficult to say the least. The shift didn’t start of too busy, but as grey clouds rolled in and rain began falling from the sky, I knew things were about to get rough. My section got continuously slammed over and over and over again for three hours; honestly I barely had time to breathe let alone think. Now I’ve had busy days like this before, but holy FUCK were people being rude, obnoxious, or just not tipping. I had this table of old people exclaiming that they needed to be in and out asap because they were locked out of their car and they wanted to beat the rain? I don’t know. Then you had this one guy in the group say that he wanted a diet mole NO ICE with lemons. Like alright my guy so damn specific. I don’t know there was just something about them that rubbed me the wrong way. Then later on in the night, I had two tables, both white people- well there was one black guy in the other party, but that is besides the point. These were Americans, not Europeans. So explain to me, when they both tip, how the $96 bill table tips $18, and the $120 bill table tips $16. $16!? Are you FUCKING kidding me? We love that that as that table left, the black guy patted me on the back saying thank you. Like how fucking dare you feign kindness when you’re all just stingy pieces of shit man. And then, like literally not even 30 minutes later, I had a table, this time European, who didn’t tip at all on a $60 bill. So I was having a bLASt.

Thankfully, despite all this bullshit, at 8:30 the manager stopped seating my section, and by 9PM Stag was empty, and I was off to polish and roll silverware for the end of the night. Honestly what surprised me more than anything else is how quickly we all got out of there that night. I mean we all actually somehow managed to leave right after 10:30. That has not happened once since I’ve been at Eataly. To be fair because of this new system of rolling at the end of the night, there aren’t the few stragglers stuck rolling at 11PM or later but still; damn does it feel good. As I was leaving, I checked the MTA app to find that the next A was at 10:42, and the next one wouldn’t arrive until 10:59, so you know I booked it to the train, making it just in time to catch it. After the quick train ride home, I finished the night heating up my pasta from last night, playing League with Mags and Eddie, and then playing some Minecraft with Eddie late into the night before finally going to bed.

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2 thoughts on “A Rainy Day with Bad Tips Means a Rough Shift at Eataly (8/18/19)

  1. Somehow I chanced across your journaling here, and for some reason or another, it has been a pleasure to read about someone else’s life in a part of the world that is remote to me, though not so remote that I can’t relate. Helps me to realize that all of the tasks I deal with on a day to day basis in my career and my life in general aren’t all that’s going on in this world. Keep up the living and the writing, friend!

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  2. It’s hard, really. Working and making way less than minimum wage, just to be given crap tips. I wish more people understood that servers rely on their tips and they have to! I hope the rest of your week goes better.

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