Working on a Friday and Saturday Means… I Forget to Write Blog Posts? (8/16-8/17/19)

Hey so it’s me again! I’ve fallen into the habit of trying to write a blog post from the day before on my train ride home the night after, and it is not a smart idea. So I’m just gonna combine yesterday and today into one post, just to make things easier. My memory isn’t that great, which is not good for being 22 lmao. Anyway-

Definitely Feeling Like I’ve Found My Groove (8/16/19)

So today I planned on waking up at 12:55, and maybe playing a game of League before showering and heading out, but my body was having NONE of that. I ended up waking up at 1:20, to be fair; feeling refreshed and ready for the day, but surprised my body was so gung-ho about getting over eight hours. Either way, I finally got up, showered, and headed out to work. Now unsurprisingly I was running late to work, catching the 2:24 train downtown, but after a quick jog from the train station, I made it into work only a few minutes late; thank god. I did sleep on the train a little bit, but I honestly spent a decent amount of time writing my blog post from the day prior, since I was on one of the subway trains where most of the seats are right against the window, and he window dips in at such a way that your neck has to crane back for any support. Not a great time to be honest with you.

Today I was doing low-boys, but since I was running a bit behind the other server on low-boys was speeding through, all I really did was check and recheck to see if we were missing anything. Before I knew it it was time to clock out for break, and I caught up with Gina, who asked if I wanted to head back to Pret today. Now normally I say yes, but today we had pork alongside some sliced potatoes and salad for staff meal, so I decided to just hang around and enjoy the free meal. We chatted for a while, as I tried to give her some advice about what to do about Eataly and her other job she’s working. I’m not gonna go into here because it’s not my story to tell, so that definitely doesn’t feel right. As our break began coming to a close, I excused myself because, you know gotta make a stop at the bathroom before it was time for pre-shift. Forgive getting a bit TMI here, but today there was no toilet paper, but thankfully there was like that paper that you lay down on top of the toilet. Not the best, but in a situation with zero other options, it definitely did the trick.

Next stop was pre-shift and then it was time to get on the floor. Today for pre-shift we actually met in the hallway right where we always get ice, next to our storage area, which was a bit cramped, but you make due with what we got. Now this shift I was in “Michael’s corner”, which I normally call “Michele’s corner”, since he always gets that section, but today he’s not here and well… it still has a good ring to it I think!

As for the rest of the day, well there were two stand-out tables. Number one was these two ladies, where one of them mentioned at the beginning that after their last experience at Eataly with one of our servers, they debated never coming here again. This was because they had tried a wine a while back, but when they asked their server what it could be, he told them plainly that he had no idea. The funny, or awkward part I guess, is that I know the server, and he definitely was not happy about his experience with them either. Now even though I get where he’s coming from, you know I gotta turn my charm on for the guests, so that’s exactly what I did. I kept the experience light, making jokes and having each of the ladies taste multiple wines on our “tasting adventure”. We ended up finding out, after one of the ladies found the original receipt, that we actually don’t carry the wine anymore, but thankfully they were both satisfied with their final choices. They ended up having a wonderful time, and told me that I could really make a career out of serving. I told them that I was actually an actor, and they said that if I was ever in anything, to please let them know. Incredibly kind people in the end, and even ended up tipping like $40 on a $150 check, which is of course incredibly generous.

The other notable table was a table actually right by the ladies, who was a young couple who didn’t speak much English. They asked for a lot of help, because this was their first time at Eataly, so I gave them multiple suggestions, saying “trust me, don’t worry.” When I came back to check on the table, they were really happy with the food, and the guy even said “In Michael we trust”. Flattering to be sure, but c’mon, that feels good. Also today I FINALLY got my Eataly ID, which I’ve been waiting to for god knows how long now. Just a little detail, but it feels great to finally get one; feels much more official now. As the night came to a close, the rolling party truly began, and all of us got to rolling everything we got. I also needed I do wine, so I got to that real quick so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later on in the night. I ended up leaving right before 11 and caught the 11:02 home. I was worried that since the train took so long to arrive (it was supposed to arrive before 11), it would be running local, but thankfully that was not the case and I was on the express track back uptown.

I was actually in a rush to get home tonight because I was having another DnD night with Jake, Devon, and Kimz, which was supposed to start RIGHT when I got home. Unfortunately despite the train being “express”, it still took its sweet time getting home, which meant I was still getting home after 11:50. My dad had also asked me to give him a call, just to catch up, so I made sure to do that while I headed inside and a sandwich for dinner. Unfortunately this meant that DnD didn’t start until around 12:15, but I hurried on, hopped on the Skype call, and so we began tonight’s journey. Now at the beginning I think the three of us weren’t having as much fun, because we were trying to stay following he rules, but once we started doing things our way, damn did it get fun. I mean today we were walking through a field and Kimz just set it all on fire because it was messing with us and teleporting us in random directions. Even though we only played for an hour or so, I was so glad to be back playing with everyone. I know how hard Jake works on these things, and even though he had to throw a lot of shit out the window because we do this… differently, I know he’s having fun too. I finished the night hopping on Minecraft, where I found Eddie and one of his friends, and we played for a while as I hollowed out more of the cavern before finally getting off to get some sleep. Definitely a day well spent.

8/17/19- Keep a Cool Head and We Can Get Through This Hectic Day

Today my body decided to try and get me up earlier than usual, and I found myself waking up at like 10:30, before going back to sleep and finally waking up to my alarm at 12:50. Like yesterday, I stayed in bed for a good while, and after a late shower, I ended up catching the A downtown at 2:22. Now today, if I remember correctly, I was on lowboys duty again, but honestly there wasn’t much to do; most things were stocked from the morning. Jorge and I did what we could, before moving to getting wine glasses stocked before going on break. Today there wasn’t much to eat in the break room, with just a bit of pork sausage and no rice, so I just went to Pret for some food. As I ate my usual, I watched the end of some League Pro matches before going back to work. My team CLG was playing later today against C9, and if they won, they went to the finals which would be huge. Spoiler: they lost.

After my usual bathroom break, I went into Stag for pre-shift. Today we had a Brinner pizza special, which had crunchy prosciutto Parma, along with cherry tomatoes, a basil pesto, and a sunny side up egg. A strange pizza to be sure, but aside from the egg, I think it’s a damn good pizza. We also had a pasta special with clams, but obviously that’s a bit less interesting. As for my section today, I was in section 4, which is a bit in the middle of things. Now the first standout tables for the day were a large table of ladies, who asked if they could add liquor to our mocktail, the Sicilian Crush, which I hadn’t done before, so I checked with my bartender. He said we of course can, but he’d recommend using vodka with it, just because it would probably blend best. When I came back with my answer, they decided to just go with the mocktail version- which is FINE, but… fuck, you know? I worked it all out and then you just say nah? Rude. Luckily the story has a happy ending because later in the night, I had another table who asked if there was a version of the Sicilian crush with alcohol, and I more than happily recommended the same drink as I did prior. Luckily both the gentleman and his wife liked the drink, and after tasting a tiny bit of it myself, through a straw of course, hell yeah it was good. The other table of note was these two older ladies who said that I was sweet, and one even complimented me on the bobby clips in my hair. She thought they actually look really good. Surprised, but hey I love the compliment.

I was working next to Patricia today, and later on through the night she thanked me for keeping her calm. She got a bit behind and was panicking, so I helped her keep a level head instead of letting it get to her. Again, I’ve of course been there, so I’m happy to help out. The night ended as we all got together and had our giant rolling party of the night, before I finally headed home for the night. Thankfully I still caught the express A, and before I knew it I was home. Now Maggie was visiting my dad today and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow, so I decided to just make some pasta for dinner and then hop on Minecraft for the night. As I ate, I hopped on to Eddie on as well, and the two of us got to work on our separate projects. After a bit, he suggested we start building, since I’ve been hollowing out this cavern area for three days, and with his help, things started coming together; I can’t wait to see what this is gonna look like when we’re finished. I have no idea what I’m doing, but thankfully he has more of a vision, with me helping guide the project along. We ended the night playing a game or two of League before it was time to head off and get some sleep.

Until next time,


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