Back to Work with some Positive Reinforcement (8/15/19)

Today it was time to get on back to work for another week here at Eataly. Now I did end up going to bed later than I would’ve liked last night, but I still managed to wake myself up around 12:30. However, instead of getting up and playing League like I normally do, today I decided I might as well just lay in bed for a while, watching YouTube videos and relaxing until it was finally time to shower and leave. I still somehow managed to leave later than I would’ve liked, and ended up catching the 2:22 A downtown, closing my eyes for the ride to Eataly.

Despite my late start I still made it to Eataly right on time, heading to the floor to start up my side-work for the day: roll-ups. I spent the next 30 minutes polishing silverware alongside a few other servers and bussers, with one polishing and the others rolling. As the time hit 3:27, we all headed out for break, which meant that I finally made my way to the break room to see what’s for lunch. Unfortunately when I walked in, one of the pans was empty, which meant that all there was to eat was rice. Now I’m not sure about you, but I can definitely not survive on just rice. So what did I do? What I always do! Pret. I headed on over and grabbed my usual meal of spinach and tomato Mac ‘n’ Cheese, along with a yogurt cup (I had to get something different because they didn’t have a little cup of goodness today; it had granola, apples, cranberry raisins, and pomegranate seeds, along with some honey) and a cookie. It was pretty packed today, but thankfully I still managed to find a seat for myself and enjoyed the next 20 or 30 minutes of peace before it was time to get back to work.

After using the bathroom back at Eataly, it was back to pre-shift and onto the floor for another dinner shift. Now today I was actually in Stag, which is what everyone calls the area at the far end of the floor; on the other end from 1. ( I think today I was at section 8, which is basically the entirety of Stag) The only time I actually worked this area was when I trained with Chernin now a good two months ago, so I definitely felt a bit rusty with how to handle the section. Despite being busy for a bit of the day, running behind at portions of the night, I actually managed to get it all done and everyone was happy. I had some people, from Europe, what a surprise, not tip, but I still managed to end the night with either 300 or 400 in credit card tips, and $90 in cash. Now the highlight of the night for me was these two ladies who told me as we chatted during the meal that I was really good at this, and could absolutely make this a career. I told them that I was actually an actor, and one of them said that they could tell I was really good, and that they both knew that they would see my name in shining letters. Honestly hearing this from guests feels so damn good, but it also makes me want to prove to them that I can do it, you know?

At the end of the day, we actually tried something different and managers had us all rolling everything at the end of the night, instead of everyone working to get their 60 done and ditching. Like I mean maybe it’s not as great for a few servers, but for me who seems to never get my silverware until like 10 or 10:15, I am more than happy to do it this way. I still ended up getting out of work before 11, but unfortunately caught the first local A uptown. The funny thing about tonight is that the conductor seemed to just be done with the night, because even though we were running local, I mean doors would open at an empty stoic and then close maybe 5 seconds later. Like instant open close. The dude was READY to be done with the day. I mean, works for me! Also during the train ride a gentleman came on just playing music and having a great time. Honestly seeing that joy just made me smile. Sometimes you just need little things like that, to help you see through the monotony of the day. I made it home by 11:40, heated up some food, and then played a game of League with Maggie, before she had to get off for the night. I decided to just hop on Minecraft and continue working on my project, hollowing our the underground area, when all of a sudden Eddie popped on. He had just gotten back from Texas, and just so happened to get on. We chatted for a bit and he definitely liked my idea for the slum area, which was exciting. I spent the next hour or two hollowing out the area, while he started work building a giant mansion. Finally I got off at like 4:30, got ready, and went to bed. I was spent.

Until next time,


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