Slow Night, Big Tables, and One Close Call (8/14/19)

So I’m actually writing this blog late into the night on the 14th (aka the very beginning of the 15th) because you know I had these past two days off and obviously I was gonna relax. Now today really wasn’t all that insane of a day, you know? Things have seemed to be falling into place here at Eataly. The day started out as it always does, with me waking up, playing a game of League (and losing… yikes), getting ready, and heading out to catch the train. Unfortunately, even though I actually made it to the A on time today, there was a delay, which meant the 2:15 train was not arriving until 2:22 or so. Thankfully I made it to work only 2 minutes late, which is definitely not too shabby. Now today I wasn’t sure if we had finished out Pallini promotion, so I decided to wear the shirt, if only for one last time. Unfortunately when I got in, I was told by Sergio that the event ended yesterday, so I we’re going to have to have to retire the shirts for the year. Sadness all around. Seriously though, those shirts really seemed to bring a breath of fresh air into Eataly. Everyone was wearing different colors, and especially the yellow Pallini shirts really stood out and felt vibrant. I of course went with navy blue, because I cannot pull off yellow. I look like Charlie Brown.

For side work today, I was on wine and ice duty, so that of course took up the entirety of my 30 minutes; however when we went on break, I ended up walking with Gina and the two of us made our way to Pret because today was (drum-roll please) tuna fish day! Gross. So yeah we went to Pret and had a good chat as I had my usual salmon meal, along with a cup of goodness and a chocolate chip cookie, which was freshly baked- god bless! Now after heading back and clocking in, we went through the normal pre-shift, and before I knew it I was on the floor ready to work. I was in section 1 today, and was actually taking over Lily’s section, who had worked this morning and seemed ready for her days off. Now her last table who had just sat down and gave her their order was transferred to me, which is fine except the issue was… they spoke mostly French. Great for her, who speaks the language fluently, rough for me, who cannot speak the language at all. Despite the language barrier, they had a very good time, and still left a very nice cash tip- yay!

The rest of the night was pretty normal to be honest with you; section 1 is filled almost entirely of larger tables, so my night consisted of me dealing with a few large tables who sat around for a good while, instead of a bunch of two tops. My final table was a 13 top, was sat at around 8:45, where our manager actually closed my section, telling me I could keep with them or give them up. I obviously kept them, and was even given one final two top a bit later, because the large table was going to be around for a while. Now just like at the beginning of my shift, this large group did not speak English as their first language; this time however, their primary language was Italian, and basically none of the party spoke much English. Somehow I managed to get through it and get their orders, and they all seemed to have a very nice time. However when it came time to pay, they asked me to split the bill into three cards of differing amounts, writing everything on a piece of paper. This is normal and fine, but above the three numbers, I saw a separate number with ready “43”. Now I wasn’t positive, but I am pretty sure that was their plan to give me as the tip. Now their bill was like $436, so I was not going to just let that slide. They should be tipping at LEAST $80. So I decided to take the original receipt, where it reads “Recommended gratuity 18-20%”, folded it so that part was visible, circled the gratuity, and put it in front of all of their cards and everything. A bit forward and blunt? Absolutely. Did it work? Thank god yes. They all ended up tipping about 18%, which is fine by me.

As the shift came to a close, I actually ended up getting my roll-ups done and clocking out by 10:32, making it home just after 11- which is insanity. Now after I got home, I actually cooked some chicken and rice for dinner, packing away some for future meals, and ended the night playing League with Mags, jumping onto Minecraft to build for a bit, and then hopping back onto League to lose a few games. Finally I went to bed, ready to relax for the next two days. Seriously though, I went to bed at like 5:30 which is not great, but it’s whatever.

Until next time,


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