We Love Days Off Where We Actually Spend Time with Friends (8/12-8/13/19)

These past two days have actually been really nice. I haven’t really been able to see anyone on my days off, which meant that all I’ve been doing on my days off is like- running errands and staying in my apartment. Now I know some people thrive on that, but unfortunately I am not one of those people. I need to be with people to actually have energy and feel fulfilled. I mean that’s why I love acting, and why, in my opinion, I have the potential to be a really good server. I mean I think I am pretty good right now, but there’s always room for improvement.


Now on Tuesday I really didn’t have much planned. Because I stayed up so late the night before, I actually ended up sleeping until 2:30 or so, and stayed in bed for a good hour after that. However when I was checking Snapchat, I saw that my friend Andrew was watching Avengers: Endgame, so I messaged him to see if he wanted to go and see a movie today. He text back asking if I just wanted to come over and watch Endgame with him, so I obviously had to agree. I mean come on, it is SUCH a damn good movie. No way in hell I was refusing that offer. Before I knew it, I was all showered and heading on foot to his apartment; stopping along the way for a sandwich at Subway. After a good 15 minute walk I was at his apartment, and after Andrew let me inside, we both headed up the many stairs to his apartment. We sat down on the catch and so the movie began. All three hours of raw emotion; right there. On screen.

A good way through the movie, Andrew asked if I wanted to get some pizza for dinner, and obviously I did, so we headed out to a local pizza place to pick up an order Andrew put in online. After we picked up the pizza, we stopped by a liquor store and picked up a bottle of 19 Crimes. A type of red that I hadn’t heard of before, but Andrew was a fan of, so why not. We headed back up and started the movie once more, this time with food and drink in hand(s). As the credits rolled and we were of course feeling he emotional exhaustion, he asked if I wanted to play Bloodborne. Now I haven’t played that game since my brother Jake had me play it when I was home over break and god damn is it a triggering game. Well not as triggering as it is just incredibly difficult. After going through the incredibly detailed character design page, we had my character. He was blue, hugely built upper body, tiny legs, a face that looked like it had just been pinched in and distorted, and of course- a monocle.

For the next two or three hours I played through the first bit of the game, and actually got about as far as I did while playing back at home with Jake. Different methods and play-styles from the one watching and instructing me, but I still had a good time. Finally, after defeating the second boss, it was time for me to go home; it was getting late. As I walked home, I caught up with my friend Zoe on the phone, who had to fill me in on some good tea that has been going on. Now I did stop in the rite aid, but surprisingly enough I actually just left without buying anything. Talk about an unexpected turn of events. My night ended playing some League with Mags, and then hopping on Minecraft to do some building. I even started Brooklyn 99! Excited to start binging a new show now that I’m done with Stranger Things.


Today I actually had something planned out to do; I made plans to meet up with my friend Lauren for lunch at 1:30 in Brooklyn to just catch up for a while. I invited Andrew to come out with us, but after he had to cancel last minute, I made my way solo downtown. Now I was running late, but I had already let Lauren know, so I met up with her at 2:20 at a small little place called Egg. (We love finding places thanks to Yelp) We chatted for a good while, catching up on what’s been going on in each others lives, eating our lunches- she got some soup, and I got a pulled pork sandwich. We hung out for a little while longer, since rain started to come down pretty hard, and I don’t think either of us felt like getting soaked. After the rain lightened up, we made our way out and parted ways; but not before Lauren recommended a gym called Blink Fitness. Apparently they have good personal trainers, which I would love to make use of because I’m a lazy piece of shit and need someone to kick me into shape. As we parted ways, I made sure to take a picture of a phrase on a building wall that read “Love Never Gives Up”. Definitely an important message if I do say so myself. I made my way back to the train, and headed home for the day. Now I’ll be completely honest with you, I thought I posted this blog post a while ago, and it’s already the 29th of August and I’m just realizing that this never went up so…. awkward. But yeah, seeing college friends on my days off is always a blast, and I hope to be able to hang out with friends more often. I know being adult can be rough, and we’re all focused on our own lives and yadah yadah yadah, but being able to have that social interaction is incredibly important. At least it is for me. Because being an adult can be lonely and can suck quite a bit sometimes. But if you have friends with you, the ride isn’t as bad I don’t think.

Until next time,


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