A Weekend Working is a Weekend Well Spent (8/10/19-8/11/19)

So I keep forgetting to write these blog posts because, to be honest with you, things have been just same ol’ same ol’ here at Eataly. Now Saturday I was in section 1- which is right in the corner on the floor- so even though it was a decently busy day, all I got were large tables. Like even though I still had 26 seats in my section, it was all in big tables, with three four tops and an eight top, at least. Before I knew it the day had already cruised on by! Also I just wanted to add on that at the beginning of the day, I fell back into my normal routine of playing a game of League, (and winning thank god) before catching the train to work. I did catch the 2:22 train again, but thankfully I still made it to work on time. Now one of the other servers, Jay, keeps wanting to trade money with me, and I was curious if he would actually finally beat me today. As he counted up his money and gave his numbers to Emily, he ended the night with $90 in cash. However, I still somehow managed to come out on top with $130. Like god damn let’s go! We love making the big bucks. As the day came to a close on Saturday, I ended up rolling with Chernin and Lily, with Lily helping me polish and roll even though she had already clocked out and had even enjoyed herself a glass of wine. I figured that would be the last I would see them that evening, since they were going to a bar afterwards, but after I clocked out and headed down the escalator, I ran into them again, now both in hand with slices of pizza. As we walked down the escalators and out the door, Chernin asked if I wanted to go out to the bar with them but I politely declined, solely because they were going to a bar near their apartment, and that is in the middle of Brooklyn. To far of a walk for me to be honest with you. Unfortunately I missed the final express A and had to ride home nice and slow on the local, but I still made it home before 12 and finished the night playing League with Maggie and Eddie, and then getting some building done in Minecraft for a few hours with Eddie. Seriously, I haven’t felt so relaxed in a while, just listening to some music as I casually help Eddie work on his massive build. It’s such a good mental break after working all day and playing League.

Now today was a bit interesting, and I will tell you exactly why. So the day started off nice and easy; I played a game of League (and lost… oof) before showering and heading out to work. I actually managed to catch the 2:16 train downtown, making it into work and on the clock by 2:55, immediately starting up my side-work. Today’s task? Low-boys. Unfortunately, today I learned that heavy duty cardboard boxes are fucking dangerous, as I somehow managed to get cut like 3 or 4 times, just in the span of 30 minutes. Not. Fun. Despite that, I still got things stocked, along with Lily who was speeding through the process, and I clocked out- ready to get some food in my system. Now there was actually nothing really in the break room to eat (well there were supposed to be hot-dogs, but they were all gone), so I of course made my way to Pret and had myself my normal lunch, with some spinach and tomato mac ‘n’ cheese, a little cup of goodness, and a chocolate brownie cookie. As I sat down relaxing, I managed to catch the end of the first game of the day of the LCS semi-finals. My team, CLG, was playing against Optic Gaming, and even though they were behind for 46 minutes, CLG still managed to pull out the win, which actually pushed them through to a clean 3-0. I am excited to say the least. After they won, I had to call Maggie and talk to her about it real quick, just because of how crazy and long that game was.

After the game ended, I finally walked back to work, chatting with Maggie for a few minutes, before finally getting off the phone, using the bathroom, and heading to pre-shift. After the pre-shift meeting was over, it was time to get to it, and I headed over to section 4 to start off my day. Today was sadly, or I guess not sadly for them, the final day of two servers- Laura and Liz. They were both very kind to me as I started off my time at Eataly, and I’ll definitely miss them. I got to know Laura a bit more than Liz, so I know she’s going back to school and is definitely excited. After saying goodbyes, I grabbed some cake that someone brought in for the two of them, and I was at last ready to get down to it and start working. However, despite my energy, it was actually really slow today. And I mean, REALLY slow. Like so slow that the manager sent Jorge, who was working a double, home at 7, and Chernin left by like, 8 or 9. Talk about crazy. Now things did pick up in the final hour, and my section was actually full at 9:15 or so, but still- slow day. However, something funny did happen in that final hour or so. So I had a three top, two ladies and a gentleman, who I built up just a bit of a rapport with. I learned one of them was the cousin, and the other two were father and daughter I believe; The cousin is also an actress. Now none of that is really important, but I think it’s good to just kind of build up who these people are. What is important is that the cousin calls me over at the end of their meal, and asked who the man walking around was. “Which man?” The very Italian looking man with a strong chin and a beard. “Is he your manager?” “Oh you mean Sergio!” “Is he single?” This lady literally described my manager as “delicious”. Hooooooly fuck lmfao. I literally had to immediately go over and tell Sergio this, and could not control my laughter. Sergio definitely got a kick out of it as well, and to be honest with you, I think he definitely considered it. Now the fun didn’t end there, because there were two ladies who Sergio ended up taking the order for since I was really busy, and even though I talked to them a bit, he definitely had as much interaction, if not more, with them than I did. So when I get the bill back after they left, I had to immediately show him that they BOTH LEFT THEIR FUCKING NUMBERS. “Sergio, you and I both know these are not for me”. Like if they were I would of course be flattered, but let’s be real here. Also, one of them literally left the message “If you’re bored”. If you’re BORED. WHAT. I am just absolutely speechless. Sergio had a giant grin on his face, and to be fair, I would to if I were him. He said that he can’t because they were 18, but like c’mon, what an ego boost that is. I asked him how it was that I somehow unintentionally wing-manned him tonight, and he said that maybe he should start scheduling me more. I am just… speechless to say the least. I mean it’s fucking hysterical, but baffling.

As the night finally ended, I got all my roll-ups done and headed home. On my way down, I ran into the bartender Tina and Sergio, and Tina mentioned how I like to jump the rope right next to the hostess stand, and how her heart stops every time. Sergio said that that is the worst kind of fall, if your foot gets snagged on the rope, but I just laughed it off, before hurrying off to catch my train. Unfortunately the 11:03 A uptown was in fact local, so the long ride uptown began once more. Luckily I did get a good nap in there and before I knew it, I was already back home, (before midnight no less!) I’ve spent the rest of tonight playing League with Mags and Eddie, before moving to Minecraft to continue building with Eddie. I eventually made a sandwich for dinner at like 3, and now it’s 5AM and I REALLY have got to go to bed. I mean yeah I had to write these blog posts, but I need sleep, too! Tomorrow is Monday, which is my Friday, and then I’m off again! Somehow, we’ve made it through another week. We’re at the final stretch. Let’s do this.

Until next time,


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