Working to Ignore My Thoughts (Can Sometimes Backfire On You) (8/9/19)

Sometimes you just gotta work and ignore the dangerous thoughts stabbing the back of your mind; Unfortunately sometimes doing that backfires when you work in a high stress environment… you know, like a restaurant. So today was a day that I am so glad to be done with. So you know how there are some days that just seem to have a theme to them? Like surprisingly little coincidences, or little acts of kindness? Well today’s theme of the day was shitty customers. Now not just with me, though I did have one table that was annoying, but it seemed like everyone had to deal with some shitty guests. The beginning of the day started off fine enough, you know? I ended up not playing a game of League, instead choosing to lay in bed for too long again, before showering and catching the 2:22 A downtown to work.

Thankfully, despite running late again to work, I managed to clock in right at 3:01- not bad. Today I was rolling, so I got to it, and it seemed like the new server, named Gina, was rolling with us. She was actually training with Chernin, which is fun because I of course trained with Chernin for two days. After we had finished up, we clocked out, and Gina ended up walking with me to grab some food at Pret, which we were both coming from yesterday when I started up a conversation. Before we headed out to Pret, I had to stop by and grab some Mac and cheese, because Chernin hyped it up quite a bit. (I have to say, it was some solid Mac n’ cheese) As we headed to Pret, we started talking and I found out that she did not eat fish, especially salmon, because we were stealing whale’s food source; she’s big about protecting nature. After some sarcasm and light lecturing, we arrived at Pret and chatted for a while, just having a good conversation learning about one another. Not really things I’ll share in my blog, because it’s her story not mine, but it was fun honestly, getting to know someone new.

Before too long it was time to head back to work, and so we got up and made our way back for pre-shift. Before I knew it, I was on the floor and it was time to work. Today I was working in the middle, and after making a run to the bathroom, my day began and the day went from there. Now it really wasn’t that crazy of a day. Decent tables I guess, and okay tips. However I had one table where things got annoying when they went to pay. So they gave me cash and card, and told me to put the cash on the bill first, followed my the card. They mentions briefly that they wanted to put $33 on the card, but when I asked them if they wanted all the cash first, followed by the card, and they confirmed; so that is of course what I did. The end amount on the card ended up being like $15, and when I brought the bill back, one of the three told me that I had messed it up, and that part of that cash was my tip. Instead of just putting the tip on the card, the guy asked me to redo everything. Now in the end the tip was decent, but seriously what a pain in my ass. Other than them, I had a table give back one of their entrees because the mussels in their seafood linguini hadn’t opened that much, which I found out when I checked with my manager meant you should absolutely not eat them. Not a great tip was given, but it is what it is. As I mentioned at the beginning, I wasn’t the only one with rough tables; like for instance Chernin and Jay had a table, that just seemed to be giving them attitude all night- they seemed to have complained about their table I guess, and switched from Jay to Chernin, and they kept talking about how they were food bloggers and blah blah blah. Talk about some cocky, conceited fucks. Then, as we were closing, our manager Nicole had to deal with two ladies who walked up at 10:02 asking for a table. Nicole told them we were closed, but they could get pizza or salad to go. They exclaimed that they had been waiting around at 9:58, to which Nicole responded- “I put up the sign [saying we were closed] at 9:58 because no one was here”. The lady demanded Nicole’s name, and probably would have demanded to speak to a manager, except Nicole had already mentioned that she was the manager working tonight. After apathetically giving them her name, Nicole sent them away and that was that.

As the night came to a close, I helped a few other servers roll because there weren’t enough to actually get all the rookies done, and I clocked out, making it to the A right after 11. When I was walking to the train, I ended up catching up with Chernin and chatting with her a minute. Now I was using work today to really get my mind off of the letter and my insecurities, but the more I ran around throughout the shift, the more the emotions seeped through, and the the more pain I felt. By the end of the shift I felt so emotionally exhausted, and was just so ready to be home. After mentioning to Chernin that I just had some personal things going on, so I was just kind of emotionally drained today, she offered to listen if I needed someone to talk to. “I’m serious.” Just a really kind thing to say. I don’t really like talking about those kind of things, but just having someone say that to me felt good.

Unfortunately the A I caught was the first local A of the night, but before too long I was home at last. (Took a good nap too!) I did accidentally sleep a bit too long, but I got out at 181st which is just a few blocks away, so it didn’t really matter. Now I have been trying to avoid eating junk food, but after the day I had, I said fuck it and got some chocolate. I needed to eat my feelings for a bit. Thankfully I finished my day on a good note, heating up some dinner and playing League with Mags and Eddie, before ending the night helping Eddie build some of his castle on his Minecraft server. Seriously, Minecraft is coming back guys. I’m just as surprised as you all are.

Until next time,


1 thought on “Working to Ignore My Thoughts (Can Sometimes Backfire On You) (8/9/19)

  1. I hugely agree with this! Eventually, it feels like you’re about to break down and given the current situation, you just working, it looks like you could just be breaking down over something at work. On my second job, I worked at a pub and was friends with some incredibly draining people so I’d use work as an escape. Sadly, they started showing up at work so things didn’t work out like your scenario. I hope you can eventually find some mental peace, my dude!


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