The Curious Case of What the Fuck is Going On With My Headphones (8/4/19)

Alright so I am writing this blog on the train ride home, and though usually I would be doing this while listening to music, today is different. Now my Bluetooth headphones, fully charged this morning by the way, worked all the way to work. I turned them off as I chatted with a coworker, and then I headed to work. However, when I clocked out and went on break, my headphones wouldn’t even turn on. Even though they were fully charged, it was acting as though it was dead. After trying multiple things, from holding the middle button for a good amount of time, to pressing and holding two of the three buttons, to pressing and holding all three buttons, I just gave up on music; though I did leave my headphones in just to tune out the world. (I’m doing that right now, funny enough) Now as I sat in Pret having lunch, all of a sudden when I pressed the middle button it just turned on, like nothing was wrong! Like… what? However, after it working for a while, when I was heading back to work, the headphones just shut off and stopped working; unwilling to turn back on. I hoped that, after having them off all day, maybe, just maybe, they would work normally. I left them in my ears as I ran for the train, but alas they were still very much dead. However, randomly on the train, they came alive! Thankfully I started to listen to some music, but even before one song could finish, the headphone died again, and will not turn back on. What is going on!?!

Now despite the bullshit with my headphones, today was not too terrible of a day. I mean, I woke up at 12:30, played a game of League, lost- great- and then hurriedly showered, got ready, and headed out for work. I thankfully managed to catch the A downtown, and even with it running local until 145th, I still got to work a minute or two early. I had one of my colleagues jokingly comment on how the escalator is not a changing room, because as I head up the escalator going to work, I always throw on my work shirt. Quick, fast, and easy. Anyways, I clock into work and head to start my side-work of the day: lowboys. Unfortunately today, we seemed to be basically out of fucking everything. I’m talking large waters, apple juice, orange juice, limonata… If you didn’t see it there, yeah we didn’t have it. Fun times, I know. After stocking what I could with another server, Lily, I headed off for break. Today I was not feeling what was being served for the staff meal, so I made my way over to Pret, and had myself a solid lunch. Aka I had the spinach and tomato mac and cheese, the little cup of goodness, and a cookie. As I sat around eating my lunch, I tried to watch some of the LCS games that were playing at the moment- unfortunately without my headphones because rip- but before too long it was already time to head back, so I tossed my trash and made my way back to Eataly.

After pre-shift had ended I was back on the floor for another fun day at Eataly. It was a Sunday, which meant generally it was going to be pretty slow tonight. And to be honest with you, for a while it was. However, the hostess decided it would be an absolutely wonderful idea to just throw 4, 5, or 6 tables at me at one time, while there were plenty of other places to seat people. While others were able to breathe, I was fucking sprinting around, trying to get all of my orders in. Then they asked if I was “okay” and I blew up just a little bit. Because of course I’m not okay. I’m not going to be okay when you quintuple seat me and the rest of the restaurant is barren. I feel bad though, because later in the night they did the same thing to Lily, who at least had thankfully gotten her silverware already. Also by that point it was like 9 or 9:30, so great timing to be sure. However, despite the bullshit, I made it through the night, and thanks to my busser, who managed to find us both some silverware, I was able to leave before 11. Like one of the servers literally took some plates out of my hands when I was heading to dish and said, “I’ll get this, go find some silverware. Everyone else has their’s.” How do people manage to do that??? I literally still can’t figure it out. I also looked all around after he said that, to no avail, so rip. But I got silverware in the end, so we’re chilling. Oh also- I got in a small spat with another server, Jay, that evening, because one of his tables wanted the check and he wasn’t around, so I brought it to them. It was a large table of ladies, like a good 8 or 10 of them, and they asked how many ways they could split the bill. I told them as many as they wanted, but advised they just use their cards on one bill, instead of getting separate checks. When I let Jay know this, he kind of blew up on me, talking about how I should’ve told them that we can only do a maximum of four. I told him that he wasn’t doing anything and his section was quiet, so why couldn’t he do it. “Oh I get it, it’s too much for your hands; swiping all those cards”. Something like that. See apparently the ladies heard our conversation, and not only gave him sass later, one of them literally came up to me before they left and said “Thanks for trying to help us out earlier. He shouldn’t have talked to you like that. Here’s a token of my appreciation” and gave my $5. Jay and I made up at the end of the night, and I offered him the $5, but he refused, saying he had already counted his money. He did help out with my roll-ups though, which was very kind of him.

At last I was on my way home, and even though the A ran local to 59th, it was Express the rest of the way home babyyyy. Seriously, thank god tbh. When I got home, after stopping by Rite-Aid and picking up some snacks, I heated up my dinner before playing on game of League with Mags, followed by a few more with Eddie, before he and I made our way onto his server in Minecraft for a while. He’s trying to fill out a giant map of the area, and I helped him fill out one of the pieces of it. Honestly it was quite relaxing. Now I’m finishing this blog before I have to head to work on the 5th, so I really need to go and shower. Today’s my final day before my days off. Let’s get it done.

Until next time,


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