The Results Are In! I’m White. (Surprise!)(8/3/19)

So today I finally got my 23andMe results back. Even though my twin Maggie had already got her’s back, I still wanted to see exactly what my genetics say about me. Now I was expecting virtually the same DNA ancestors for Mags and I, but surprisingly it was a bit different than we had expected. For her, she was about 60% British/Irish, with French/ German, Scandinavian, and a bit of Spanish/Italian if I remember correctly. For me, I lost the Spanish/ Italian, and my British and Irish shot up to 71.1%, with the only other difference being that I have .3%, tracing back to a long time ago with North African and Arabic ancestors, which is cool. Other than that, I got to find out that I am more than likely to get late onset Alzheimer’s, which Maggie got as well, and a few other things. The good news is that I am apparently not carrying DNA that holds cancer, which might not be completely accurate, but still reassuring. Also even though unlike Maggie I don’t have DNA that shows muscles like professional athletes, I am not likely to have a bald spot, or start losing my hair early on; Thank god. (Seriously that one was a huge relief) I will say that it got a few things wrong, most notably that it said I was unlikely to have thick hair, and oh BOY is my hair thicc af. Barbers mention it like every time they cut my hair lmao.

Anyway, after finding out all of this info, I actually had to run off and shower, before getting ready for work. I somehow still made it with like two minutes to spare and got on the A, heading downtown towards Eataly. After a good nap, I got off the train and before too long I was at Eataly, clocking in and starting up my side-work. I got worried for a moment on the train, because the A decided to run local from 175th-145th St., but I still made it on time-thank god- and after clocking in, I got ready to polish and roll some silverware. Exciting, I know. Now as five of us got down to polishing and rolling, (another server, Laura, and I polished, while the other three rolled), one of our managers Eleanora said that she wanted us all to have 60 roll-ups each. Yikes. Now don’t get me wrong, we had a good amount of roll-ups, but 60 each? Yeah that did not happen. She said that she would check the roll-ups before we clocked out, but as the time his 3:30, we headed out, Ele no where in sight. I mean listen, we did our best and rolled a shit ton of silverware, but rolling 300 in 30 minutes is insanity. Either way, after clocking out I made my way to the break room, where they actually had a fresh pan of food, today was rice and pork sausage with peppers day, so instead of eating out, I decided to just relax for my break, enjoying the staff meal of the day. Soon enough, the time was striking 4PM, and I headed to the bathroom, we know the ritual at this point, before clocking in and heading to pre-shift.

There was nothing crazy going on today, other than a special pasta with penne pasta, mozzarella, and roasted eggplant, along with the Fru Fru pizza special that we’ve been running all week; however, the crazy part of the night was the fact that I was in section 9. Now I haven’t worked that area literally at all since I got to Eataly, besides the second training day I had with Chernin all those weeks ago now. I was told at the beginning that it was going to be a pretty low key and easy section, and for the most part, it was. I mean I had tables here and there, but I mean by the end of the night I only had maybe $250 in cc tips, so definitely easy tables. However, things hit the fan from 7-9PM, where all of a sudden I got triple, quadruple, or even quintuple sat at one point. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to make sure all my guests were happy, and all their food and drinks were delivered in a decently timely manner. Luckily one of the managers helped me by delivering some drinks to a few tables, but thankfully nothing went awry and my tables for the most part were happy and content. The only unfortunate thing, which is out of my control, was that two separate tables were not a fan of the Pomodoro. They said that it was undercooked, but to be honest with you, that’s al dente. Again, not my fault. Also, even though I only got maybe $250 in cc tips, I did end the night with $116 in cash tips, so like definitely not a terrible night by any means. I even managed to find myself some silverware so I wasn’t scampering around at 10PM trying to find anything I could to roll.

I still got out of there just before 11, but thankfully I caught one of the express A’s back home, and made it to my apartment before midnight. Unfortunately for me, as I stepped outside the subway onto my block, I became aware quite quickly that it was pouring outside. Like I saw lightning on my way to the subway, but I didn’t think much of it; whoops. Since I didn’t have an umbrella, I just rushed as fast as I could to the dry inside of my room, where I immediately changed from my soaking clothes. After relaxing for a bit, I finally got myself up and made myself some dinner, having a nice chat with one of my roommates, before returning to my room and playing some League for a few hours. Now before I end this blog, I just want to briefly talk about something that’s been on my mind; something I’ve thought about a bit now. So there was this girl, a grade or two younger than me in high school, whom I didn’t really think much about. I mean we knew each other and were friendly, but she was more friends with my twin thanks to girl scouts. Then she got engaged to someone I knew and that was the end of the story, or so I thought. She ended up coming to Mags and my grad party, and as we chatted, I found out that her fiancee had cheated on her, and they ended things (obviously), and we seemed to really hit it off. Unfortunately a week or two later I headed off to New York, and the rest is history; but my mind wanders to what would have happened if I never got the opportunity to perform in New York? Or what would have happened if I chose to stay in Maryland for a year, before moving to the big city? Would her and I have gone on dates? Would we have actually had a relationship? I think it’s interesting to see the paths that just almost crossed, but didn’t because of the paths that life has taken us. In a different timeline, maybe I never moved to New York and I stayed for her. But in reality I know that I could never do that to myself. I have way to much of an itch, too much of a drive, to let that happen. And I am so incredibly thankful and grateful I made this decision, to move to New York, and I am grateful for this past year. I still got to experience a fantastic, incredible relationship, and I am somehow following my dream. But yeah, just some 4AM thoughts.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “The Results Are In! I’m White. (Surprise!)(8/3/19)

  1. I never entertain 4AM late-night thoughts as they usually tend to spiral and go loose like a dog that escaped from it’s leash. Most importantly I never entertain “what if” thoughts as well because nothing good ever really comes from them as well.

    In my books, you are living your dream AND in NY as well; that’s a clear win right there. You are where you are meant to be and in a parallel universe you might even be wondering “Hey, what if I went to NYC to chase my dream instead of staying here in Maryland?”

    Eh, food for thought. But you are killing it. Cheers. Great article (Y)


    1. I definitely try to avoid “what if’s”, but you can’t help but have your mind wander at 4AM. Thanks for the support though, feels great. Definitely scary, but great

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