Getting Back Into the Grind with a Never-Ending Mass of Shitty Tippers (8/2/19)

Today we hop back into the same old routine that I have fallen into for the past while now. Yesterday’s post, which to be fair I posted just a few hours before writing this one, was a very important recap of everything that I’ve done since I moved to New York. It was definitely something diving into the break-up that I dealt with, though at this point I worry people may think I’m milking it; I don’t think I am, but it has also been a huge part of my time here so far in New York, so obviously I was going to talk about it. Anyways, today we got back into the groove, waking up at 12:45 and starting my day off with a very long game of League. Seriously a barn burner, and one that stressed me out to no end. What stressed me out more, however, was that even though we won the game, thank god, it was already past 1:40, which meant I had such little time to actually shower and get ready for work. I have no idea how, but I managed to get it all done and get out of the apartment on time; sprinting to the train as I always do. I managed to take a really good nap on the train ride down to work, waking up with a good yawn as I got off at Chambers and headed to the World Trade Center. I also got paid today which is fun, but whether because of the amount of cash I made last week or because of health insurance kicking in, my check was a good $200 less than last week. Still a good check, but damn.

Anyway, the day began as I clocked in, found my side-work, and spent the next 30 minutes stocking the lowboys. This of course made the time fly by, and before I knew it it was 3:30 and I was clocking out and heading for the break room. Now lunch today was pasta, and even though some of the time it’s not enough and I still head to Pret, I decided to just stick with it and relax in the break-room until it was time to head back to work. My break flew by, as all breaks seem to do, and before I knew it I was already sitting down at pre-shift, and then heading onto the floor for another fun day here at Eataly. Now honestly I wish I had a story about some crazy things that happened today, but I really don’t! Last night I had that woman who took my info to give to her director friend, along with that three top who got quite drunk, but definitely were a ton of fun to chat with, but tonight? I mean I had some good tables, but no one really stuck out. I did help out one of the other servers, Michele, since he always helps me out, and besides I like helping if I can, and apparently Eleanora, the manager working today, took notice and was impressed after I talked to a table of his that were complaining a bunch, and helped them calm down and even laugh when offering them wine, but as for my tables? I mean same old, same old. The day went by, people don’t know how to tip, the usual! Now nothing to horrendously bad like Monday, but still nothing great. Now maybe I can give some Europeans a bit of a pass when it comes to tipping, but when I see Americans tipping like shit… I mean for god sake at this point that just makes you an asshole.

As the time struck 9, and then 9:30, I wanted to start looking for silverware to polish, but unfortunately there was none, so instead Emily, the other manager working, had me go around and check all of the water glasses on the floor, and get rid of any that were chipped. Did it take a bit to do? Sure. Did I mind, since that meant I didn’t have to wait around for silverware? You bet your bottom dollar I didn’t mind. I managed to get out of there by like 10:50, and caught the 10:56 express uptown and headed on home. Now all I’ve done tonight is make an Instagram and Facebook post, along with writing yesterday’s blog, but that’s not a bad thing I don’t think. Some days don’t have to be insanely crazy. Some days can just be chill and normal. That’s what makes you appreciate the insane and exciting days all the more I think. Still no letter from W, which makes this two weeks now? Who knows, maybe after deleting me from Snapchat and Facebook, she’d think I’d get the hint to just fuck off. Yet here I am, writing a post about our relationship lmao. Very interesting times indeed. Either way, tomorrow is Saturday, and then it’s Sunday, and then it’s Monday, and then I’m off again. We’re halfway there almost. Time for sleep.

Until next time,


1 thought on “Getting Back Into the Grind with a Never-Ending Mass of Shitty Tippers (8/2/19)

  1. I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else encountering problems with your blog. It looks like some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Thanks


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