Finally Some Time to Relax and Re-Center (7/30-7/31)

So I decided to just write one blog post for the past two days, since these have been my days off and frankly I didn’t do anything really for most of yesterday. But I do have to say I am grateful for my days off, because it allows me to re-center myself, and try and refocus for the upcoming work week ahead of me. Now then, let’s just jump into these past two days, why don’t we?

7/30- We Love Doing Nothing

On Tuesday I really didn’t accomplish much. All I knew at the start of the day was that I had a package coming in, which contained my new headset, but besides that, the world was my oyster. I ended up waking up and getting out of bed by 1PM, playing a bit of Destiny, and then showering and making myself a sandwich for lunch. Now today I was supposed to play DnD with the crew at 8:30, so I was trying not to do anything that would prevent me from being home at that time. Unfortunately, as I finally took the time to shower and get ready, one of my teammates in DnD said she couldn’t make it, so we had to call it off; sad but it happens I guess. I had also texted my friend Maddie to see if she wanted to hang out for another wine and cheese night, but unfortunately she was absolutely swamped with work and declined my offer. Since I didn’t have anything planned for the rest of my night, I hit up Andrew to see if he wanted to hang out and see a movie. He said he had to cook off some pork before it went bad, but was still down to hang out, so after getting ready I walked on over to his apartment.

Once I got there, the two of us made some dinner- though I did pick up Subway on the way, because I wasn’t sure if he was just making food for himself or not, and didn’t want to assume- and hung out for a while, watching some YouTube videos and eating dinner. Now Andrew has a friend that has been staying with him the past couple days while taking a class in the city, so when he arrived back for the night, the three of us ended up just playing Smash Bro’s and Mario Kart for a couple hours, while obviously drinking. One of Andrew’s roommates popped by to say hello with his girlfriend, who calls me Gavin in reference to me apparently looking like a young Gavin Lee, who played Squidward on Broadway. As the time struck 1AM, I figured it was best for me to head on back home, so I said my goodbyes and walked back to my apartment, ending the night playing Destiny with Eddie. Unfortunately I spiraled a bit as the time struck 5AM, and I looked through a couple pictures of W. I do miss her a ton, and still wish I could change things; I know I can’t, and I feel like the letter is just going to confirm that, but that doesn’t mean I can just get her out of my head. I miss being with her, and doing things with her, and talking with her for hours, without a care in the world. I wish that things could go back to the way they were, but that can’t happen; also I wouldn’t want that because she wasn’t in the greatest place in the end (obviously or she wouldn’t have ended things), and I was unhappy with everything else in my life besides her. But it doesn’t just make the pain go away unfortunately. All we can do is keep moving, and take things day by day.

7/31- Back to Experience Another Show

So at the end of last night, I made the decision to buy a ticket to see The Prom on Broadway, because just like Be More Chill, it unfortunately ends its run next week. Now I have heard great things about the show, so I was really excited to finally experience it myself; especially because I know nothing about what the plot is. Now today started off with me waking up at 12:30, playing some League, and then scheduling and heading to a haircut appointment. Seriously my hair was just getting way too long; I realized looking back on the last time I got a haircut, that it has already been two months. (No wonder my sideburns were so long) I would have done it yesterday, but the barber I always use, Evelin, wasn’t working, and I am not going to cheat on my barber like that. Anyway, I got to my appointment, a bit late of course but whatever, after pushing through the rain outdoors. I even had to wear a jacket with a hood because I don’t own an umbrella.

Lucky for me the barbershop was empty, so Evelin was still able to see me right away, and get to work calming down the mess that is my hair. Seriously, my hair is so thick, and grows so quickly; I’m grateful as hell for it, but it definitely always surprises barbers when they cut it. She ended up finishing up my hair after like 30 or 40 minutes, but the finished product looked great. It always looks great; I love my barber, she’s fantastic. While the minutes passed, we caught up and chatted for a while, and I let her know that I would be coming back in about a month because obviously I need my hair looking good for the wedding. After leaving the barbershop, I headed to Sticky’s for some much needed food- I hadn’t eaten yet today and it was already 5PM- before heading back home and getting changed for the show. I did stop by a drug store along the way and finally buy an umbrella, because I did not want to get drenched by this thunderstorm, and it’s way too hot to be wearing a jacket in this kind of weather.

Now after eating my incredibly late lunch, I headed home at last, catching an A uptown to be home for a hour or two before I had to head back out. When I got home, I ended up playing a game of League before hurrying to get changed into something a bit nicer and heading back out. (If you’re going to the theater, why not dress up a little bit? Make it a whole thing!) The Prom is actually in the Longacre Theater on 48th St., so I transferred from the A to the C, just to get a bit closer. When I got off the train, I headed over to the theater and talked to the TodayTix worker to pick up my tickets and find my seat. Now I was just assuming I was going to have balcony seats like last time, but lucky for me I actually ended up getting a Mezzanine seat, that also was center stage, so I had a great view of the stage. After hurrying to the bathroom and back to my seat, the show started with an energetic opening number, and I have to say- the whole show was just so much fun. Now I didn’t know anything about this show coming in, so as the first act ended, I was speechless. Sad, angry, and speechless. And that is amazing! The fact that a show can bring out such raw emotions is truly special. Now The Prom sadly finishes its run next week, but I implore you to go see it if you can. Such talented people on the stage. Now I will say that watching this, and honestly anything on Broadway just makes me yearn to be acting again. I miss it so much, and I really hope to be doing it before too long.

As the show ended I made my way out of the theater and to the train, before making it back uptown to my apartment. Even though I made it home around 11:20, I still ended up playing two or three games with Maggie and Eddie before doing some 1AM cooking; why? Because why not! After an hour of prepping and cooking some chicken, rice, and broccoli, I finally got to eat at 2:15, and ending up playing some League and watching videos until like 4:30AM, where I finally got ready and promptly to sleep. Back to work tomorrow; let’s do this.

Until next time,


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