Man Some People Don’t Wanna Tip (7/29/19)

So I’m actually writing this blog on the 30th, because I was up late last night playing video games, but damn am I happy I just got through yesterday. Now things ended fine enough, but for the most part man was it a difficult day at Eataly; not because it was too incredibly busy by any means, but more because of the numerous garbage tippers myself, and the other servers had to deal with. My final day at Eataly before my days off began as it always does, playing a game of League before showering and heading off to work. Unfortunately I lost the game of League, with one of the other players on my team flaming me at the end of the match, which is always a boost to morale. As the game ended and I finished getting ready for work, I rushed to get everything done and leave on time because the game ran so damn late. Luckily in my haste I did not forget anything, and before I knew it I was on the train headed towards work. I swear, my legs must be getting pretty buff from all the running I do getting to and leaving Eataly. I was originally going to get off at Chambers like I always do, but curiosity got the best of me since I had a few minutes extra time on my hands, and I decided to get off at Fulton, to see if it was closer. Unfortunately for me, as I exited the train, I ended up leaving the subway at the wrong exit, and ended up quite a bit farther from the World Trader Center. With only a minute or two extra to get to work, I had to quickly find my way back.

Thanks to Maps I managed to find my way to Eataly with just enough time to make it to work on time, clocking in right before 3PM, and heading off to do my opening side work. Today I was on roll-up duty, so I spent the next 30 minutes rolling as many roll-ups as I could before I headed off to break; I think I made it to 90, which isn’t too terrible I don’t think! As I clocked out and headed to the break room, I walked in to find that all that was being served today… was tuna fish. To be fair, they serve it every Monday,  so I immediately headed to Pret for lunch. I was incredibly hungry today, so I got my usual salmon dish, along with the little cup of goodness and a cookie, when I saw one of my coworkers getting some food as well. When we greeted each other, he said “Man, I always see you in here”. Well yeah, yes you do. But hey, “they have good food”, I replied. Besides, I don’t mind spending a bit of money every day, if it means I’m gonna have the energy to carry me through the rest of the day. After paying for my food and sitting down to enjoy it for a good 20 minutes, it was time to head back to work; I found my way back, took my usual bathroom break, and clocked in, finally heading to pre-shift. Now today was different than usual because everyone was actually wearing different shirts than usual at work, advertising a special drink menu we have running right now until mid-August. Now even though when I got my shirt I felt like a walking ad, god damn are they comfortable shirts. Also the change in shirts and colors (they came in yellow, navy, and grey- I went with blue of course), really brought about a different kind of energy into Eataly, and I’m here for it. However, that different energy didn’t feed well towards the vibes of the customers, because people really did not know how to tip today. The worst I dealt with was a table who racked up a $250 bill; they paid partly in cash, and the rest via their card, and when I brought it over, I said “This is where you  put the tip, and this is where you sign”. I don’t normally do this, but when a group doesn’t speak that great English, I do it just in the hopes that they will tip me. Unfortunately for me, this prick of a man chose to just sign his name where he should put the tip, and left; Leaving me nothing at all. Mind you, if you tip 20% on a $250 bill, which everyone should, because these are the workers’ livelihoods, that comes out to about a $50 tip. And instead of that, I got $0. Needless to say, I was fucking livid.

As the day went on, things definitely did not get better in the tip department, with my tips ending at just under $300 in cc tips, and $95 in cash. Rough day to be sure. However, I definitely felt bad for another server, Laura who worked a double, and who’s final table of the night, which was either 10 or 12 people, all asked for separate checks, and then all tips 50 cents each. Mind you, this is a $150 bill together. She said if the manager wasn’t around, she would’ve just told them to keep the 50 cents, and honestly I feel the same way. I cannot fathom how people believe that doing shit like that is okay. Like as I said, this is our LIVELIHOOD, and not only do some people try and hold tips over servers’ heads, others just decide to tip garbage amounts like that, and act like “Oh at least I tipped”. So conceited it’s disgusting. I also had a table of three older ladies who, to be fair, I had built up a sarcastic rapport with, but then towards the end when I critiqued one who had been the ringleader in the sarcasm throughout our talks, she said “Remember, we haven’t tipped you yet. Watch yourself.” My response? “I just had a table with a $250 bill not tip me, so it’s okay!” The other two laughed and applauded, and the three of them ended up tipping me pretty well, but honestly I don’t fuck with that. You try and hold a tip over me, I’ll just tell you to keep it; you obviously need it more than me.

Luckily, at the end of it all, I managed to finish my roll-ups and get out of there by 10:48, running and catching the 11:53 A uptown and finally heading home. Also! I totally forgot to mention that when I was on the train this morning heading to work, I watched a woman get on in nothing but what seemed to be a bed sheet or a quilt. Not being rude, just something interesting I saw. Anyway, I got off the train, stopped by the Rite-Aid to buy a snack, stopped at the little market where I bought tomatoes before, just to buy some grapes, and then headed in to play video games all night. It started off with League with Mags, Eddie, and Zach, and then turned into some Destiny, with Eddie talking me through some of the lore. I ended up passing out at 5:30 after watching another few episodes of Demon Slayer. Such a damn good show. Now I’ll write my blog for today either tonight or tomorrow, but I guess we’ll see. So glad to finally be off again though; feels good.

Until next time,


Selfie of me wearing the new shirts Eataly gave us for the promotional cocktails. The shirt reads reads "Pallini Limoncello"

**The shirt says “Pallini Limoncello”

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