Still Managing to Make Some Good Money on a Slower Sunday (7/28/19)

Happy Sunday everyone! So ready to be finished working tomorrow, so I can finally relax on my days off! Seriously though, I am in DIRE need of a haircut, so be ready for that; because I am. Anyway, today started off so stressful, but it managed to mellow out into a good Sunday shift. Today started off alright, with me waking up at 12:35, playing a game of League, showering, and getting ready for work. Now today’s League game was actually pretty important because it was my promo game to move up a rank. If you don’t play League, as I’m sure most of you don’t, this doesn’t make any sense to you. But yeah I lost the last game yesterday, so I had to win today, and thankfully I did; so yeah definitely a good start to my day. After getting ready for work, I hurried to the train, because of course I was running a bit late, and made it to the 2:16 train no problem.

Now this is when things started to get stressful. Because the train kept stopping and not moving at points, I arrived at Chambers St. with only seven minutes to make it to work on time. Somehow I barely managed to make it, like clocking in right as the time turned to 3 o’clock; right on the buzzer. Now today I was wine and ice with another server, JR, but as I got going, I didn’t see him around helping out, so I got to it. As I finished the wine and went to turn to ice, I walked by the side area to see him rolling with some of the other servers. After asking if he was on ice and wine with me, he realized he mixed up his name with another server- Jay. Luckily he got right to dumping out and grabbing all the ice, so I still managed to get out and head to my break right at 3:31. Today for lunch Eataly was serving hot dogs, and that was just not cutting it. I grabbed myself one before heading out to Pret for an actual meal.

As I walked into Pret, grabbing my typical lunch consisting of the salmon quinoa salad, the cup of goodness, and a cookie, I noticed there was only one guy working up front running around doing everything. As I walked up, I asked him “They got you up here by yourself?” And the two of us ending up chatting for a brief moment, ending with me giving him my condolences and best wishes for the rest of the day. He actually even ending up giving me the cookie on the house, which was really kind of him. I definitely get it though; being swamped doing everything is rough. This made me think about how just a simple act of kindness can really change someone’s mood and can even get you on their good side. Now when it comes to getting free stuff, the easier thing would be to cause a stink and get things for free, because you’re being obnoxious, but I think the better option is just to be kind; a slower burn for sure, but building that kind of rapport with someone keeps you on their good side and can make their day; also being kind to people takes less energy and is just a better option every time.

Now when I got back from break at 4:15, (after taking a bathroom break of course), I headed right to pre-shift, before heading to the floor. As I arrived at my section, section 3 today, things started to quickly spiral downward. Today not only did we not have any roll-ups, we didn’t even have any linens, so we had to use paper napkins with every table. Not only that, but we’re short staffed on bussers today, so tables were taking forever to get cleaned. It was just insanely hectic and messy, and not a good time at all. To make things better, one of the tables that got transferred to me didn’t tip at all, and then the very first table I had complained because this woman was picky and didn’t like the pizza she ordered, and they hadn’t gotten their antipasti, so they just paid for the pizza and their drinks, and left. “This is disappointing”. Fuuuuck off. Just I mean I get it I guess, but acting like you’re going to get the best pizza you’ve ever eaten in your life is hysterical. (That’s not what she said, I’m just assuming). The good news, however, is that despite this bullshit, and the hectic mess that was the first part if the day, soon enough somehow linens were found, and the rolling party began. In between tables, I helped the managers and other servers roll all that we could, so we could at least have something to use on the floor. Before too long, things actually started to slow down, and before I knew it, the sun was setting and things were wrapping up over at Eataly. I managed to get my roll ups, and even managed to leave before 11PM; much better than the past two nights, where I’ve left work just before 11:30.

I finally made it home and into my apartment by 11:40, and was going to make myself a sandwich, but I guess one of my roommates took the tomatoes I bought last night, because they were no where to be found. I decided I might as well buy some more, so I went back to the little shop from yesterday and got three more before returning home, making myself some food, and playing League for the rest of the night with Mags and my friend Eddie. I actually have ended the night watching the first episode of an anime called “Demon Slayer”, which a lot of people seem to be pretty hyped about; guess only time will tell how good it is. For now, it’s time for sleep. It is 4:11, so I really want to get some sleep for my final day of work before I get to take a breather again, and more importantly- a haircut. Seriously, I haven’t been paying it much attention, but damn has my hair gotten long again. Who knows what tomorrow, and the rest of the week will bring; all I hope is that good vibes are headed my way, because I am tired of waiting and having nothing happen.

Until next time,


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