A Late Night Making a Mad Dash to Get Home (7/26/19)

So I’m on the train headed uptown, it’s already 11:45, and we’re just now arriving at 50th St; 125 blocks to go and I’ll be home… can’t wait. Now today was honestly a fine day. But let’s start from the beginning, shall we? This morning I woke up and did my normal daily routine for work days (you know the drill)- wake up, play a game of League, thankfully win, take a shower, get ready, and leave. Now after my League game, I decided to check for mail, but unsurprisingly there as nothing, so I just headed back to my apartment to take a shower, and get ready to leave. I was planning on catching an earlier train, especially after my anxious day getting to work yesterday, but as I was finishing up getting ready, I found out that the next A was at 2:13 (it was 2:11), so I ended up having to catch the 2:22, and settled on the fact that I would be hurrying to work again. As I finally got on the train and headed downtown, I closed my eyes and let myself get some shut-eye before the rush to work finally began.

As we arrived at Chambers St., I made my move and hurried to work, still managing to make it and clocking in right at 3. Talk about a close call. As I checked to see what my opening side work was, I saw that today I was doing roll ups. I guess they haven’t been pleased by the amount people do every day, because it said “60 roll ups EACH”. I mean that’s what we do at the end of the shift, but let’s do this. Luckily for me, I still had some silverware that I had polished last night that hadn’t been used, so I grabbed everything I needed and got to it. Unfortunately for me, by the time I had finished polishing, I had 10 minutes to roll all my 60; somehow I managed to roll 54 by 3:31, before having to go on break; leaving the final few to roll once I got back. I grabbed my bag, clocked out, and headed to the break room, starved and ready to eat.

Now it was pretty packed in the break room, and though I debated just going to Pret, I stuck with eating at Eataly, since it was pasta day, and it’s never too bad. I piled my plate a few times, filling myself up as I sat back and relaxed for the next 45 minutes. As my break ended, I made a quick pit stop to the bathroom, before clocking in and heading back to work, ready for pre-shift. After we finished up pre-shift and got our floor plans, I saw for once I was actually not in section 6. Today I was in section 7, which is a smaller section but has two very large tables, so I was prepped. Now even though the pace of the day didn’t stop, I definitely didn’t feel rushed, as most of my tables were larger, and stayed for a while. I did have an annoying table, which ended up having a $160 bill. Now the only one who seemed to speak any bit of English was the son, but the father paid in cash, handing me the amount plus my tip. He kind of just made a noise, and I nodded that it was fine and he left. Fucker left me a $2 tip. Literally so fucking rude, but I can’t stop them and go “Hey, this is unacceptable”.

Despite that table, the rest of my tables were fine, and even though my final table didn’t leave til 10:40, they were a lot of fun and really put a smile on my exhausted face. I felt bad because it was just me of the girl’s birthday, but she was vegan so there wasn’t too much she could eat on ur menu. We still managed to get something that would work, but I definitely still felt bad. Now the main thing that I feel like I need to focus on moving forward is getting my silverware earlier in the night. Because tonight was another night where, when I finally went looking for my 60 forks and knives, there was nothing, and I ended up finally rolling whatever I could find at 11PM. When I finally finished and did my final count of my tips, I was missing a check, so I list $10. Not the worst, but still sucks. The good news is that I made almost $100 in cash, so hey I’ll take it.

I’m finally off the train now and heading to Rite-Aid, because there is no way in hell that I am going to be cooking food now; it’s already 12:30. Now I’ve actually already bought my food, and have been back home for a while now. It’s 3:16 now and I’ve actually been playing League with my friend Eddie and Mags for the past few hours. It honestly feels so great to wind down a day playing some games with good company… even if we lost every game. I actually just finished the night out playing a bit of Minecraft with Eddie. He’s got a real good eye for building, and has been working on a project for a few days now and damn is it impressive. Anyways, it’s finally time for me to get some sleep. I’m gonna see what happens if I decide to have this post go out at noon tomorrow; who knows, maybe it’ll get better traction. Either way, tomorrow is a new day, but for now, sleep is my friend.

Until next time,


**Also I saw this cool chalk art right down the block; has an interesting message for sure, but I just think it’s cool

Chalk Art on the Sidewalk that reads "Protect Yo Heart"

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