Back to Work- So Many Tourists, So Many Low Tips (7/25/19)

Today begins my Monday of the week, aka Thursday, where I work for five days straight. It’s strange because Mondays are actually my Fridays, which is ironic but hey I’ll take it. Also before we get started, I have to spill some tea to you all, because it’s about DialogueDirect and you know I love talking about what a shit show it is right now. So I got a call last night from one of my teammates Josh, who told me that my old team leader Ray actually got fired, and he was promoted to team leader. However, Josh is seriously debating quitting, so that is definitely going to be interesting. I messaged one of the interns in my group, Kelly, who told me that Ray was told not to come in on Monday, and then fired, so now she is the team’s “site rep” even though she’s, you know, an intern. My assumption is that the boss, Edwin, didn’t want Ray to cause a ruckus, so he just told him not to come in. Smart, but I don’t think it looks good. That, added on to the fact that Ray is suing them, makes me curious about this real motives here. I mean the excuse was that Ray was just not performing, and not getting his numbers up, but I don’t know. All I know is that shit is getting real spicy, and I am going to keep an eye o. It however I can. It’s too spicy not to pay attention to this mess. And THAT is the tea sis.

Now today I followed my daily work routine, waking up at 12:30, playing a game of League, winning (thank god), showering, getting ready, and heading out to catch the train. Now either the train came damn early or something, because when I got to the subway at 2:14, the train had already left, so I had to catch the 2:21 train uptown. Despite worrying about being late, I still managed to get some sleep on the train, listening to my sisters Spotify playlist along the way; which is fire by the way. I got to Chambers St. and quickly headed towards work, not running, but definitely keeping a strong pace as I speeded through the mall. As I headed up the escalators, with two minute until 3, I saw another one of the Eataly servers, JR, speeding up the escalator as well. We both made it right at 3, thank god, and I stopped in a corner just to throw on my work shirt before stepping onto the floor.

Today I was on wine duty with Michele, god I think that’s how you spell his name, and we got it all done quickly enough, and before I knew it the time was 3:30 and I was on break. I stopped by the break room for food, but after grabbing a plate and not being satisfied with the chewy, fatty meat that we were served, I gave up, dumped the food, and headed to Pret. Once I got there, I got the usual- salmon, along with a little cup of goodness, and a cookie. Such a good combo, even if it does cost almost $18. A few months ago I wouldn’t even think about buying food at that price, but now I don’t mind taking a bit of a hit, since I know I’ll make it up. After I finished my food and headed back to work, I clocked in and went to our pre-shift. The manager of the shift, Emily, spent some time talking about our mussels and shrimp, aka what mussels are and what they do, (keep the water clean), and why our shrimp are called “Rock Shrimp”, which is for their tough exterior.

After pre-shift, I headed over to my section of the day, which happens to be section 6, the usual, and got ready for the day. Now we were warned in pre-shift that we had been very busy the past few days with large parties of tourists. Aka a lot to deal with, and trash tips. Greaaat. After using the bathroom, heading back and putting my apron on, my day finally began. Now today was busy for sure, but pretty normal all in all. I mean I got absolutely slammed at the beginning, getting at least quintuple sat, if not more, one after the other, but I caught up and was good. Now I was right that there would be trash tips, like a $10 tip on a $150 bill, and like $8 on a $90 bill, but despite all of that, I still hit almost $450 in credit card tips, and just over $60 in cash. Now the thing that got me heated was getting sat at 9:45, which was fine, I chose to take the table, and then sat again at 9:59. We close at 10. I’m sorry but when you see a restaurant closes at 10PM, and you see it’s 9:58, what sane person goes “This is okay. I’m not a garbage human being.” I would literally just say okay never mind I’ll go to McDonald’s or something.

Thankfully I still got out by 10:50, and ended up going to Fulton to leave for night; I don’t normally go that way, but it felt a decent amount closer, so hey I’ll take it. I’m now riding the train home, and should arrive at 175th in maybe 5 minutes. I’m probably just gonna make a run to Taco Bell for dinner, since I need to buy a tomato to make a sandwich, and I’m not in the mood to make chicken, and then I’ll make a stop by my mailbox, because apparently the items I ordered from Philip Defranco have finally arrived. I can’t wait to see them all. I’m so excited!! Finishing out the night, I’m just gonna be playing some League with Mags, and then I’m gonna rinse and repeat tomorrow.

Until next time,


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