A Stressed and Busy Morning, But Beautiful Views and Great Friends Make Everything Okay (7/24/19)

I knew today was gonna start out busy. I may not have gotten nearly as much sleep as I wanted, but as I woke up at 8:30, I knew it was time to start the day. I got myself out of bed, showered, got ready, and left for my voice lesson just before 10, making it to Jason’s at 10:08. I got worried for a second when an A sped by me without stopping, but then another train came a minute later, so we were all good. I let him know at the beginning that I was going to be running out of there right at 11, and paid him right as we started, so as to not worry about that afterwards. Now the voice lesson honestly went pretty well. I definitely need to do more voice exercises every day, so I can start making the progress I need to be making, because to be honest with you, it’s hard at points. My body is so trained to do the wrong thing, that I have to continuously be consciously aware of what I’m doing, so I can be singing properly. It’s a painstaking process, but it’s so damn worth it; For now though, it’s still definitely an uphill slope that I will be climbing. As the time hit 11, I thanked Jason for another great lesson and ran the hell out of there, making it to the train and heading downtown by like 11:10. Now I thought I was going to be fine. I should’ve had just enough time to get there before the ferry left at noon, but as the train continuously paused at stations, and then had to hold because “there was a train in front of us”, the less and less I thought I would make it. To give context, today is my friend Maddy’s birthday, so she wanted any of her friends who could come to head with her to Governor’s Island for lunch and a drink. Now Maps was directing me straight to Pier 11, so as the time hit 11:56, I was sprinting to the pier, on the phone with Maddy asking if the boat was leaving or not. Mind you, these ferries leave every hour on the hour, so I was really behind. Right as I get close to Pier 11, I see a ferry leaving, and I know I missed it. They said they would be at the island for a bit, so I just hung around the dock waiting for the next boat to arrive.

After 20 minutes of just waiting around, looking where in the hell to buy a ticket for the ferry to Governor’s Island, I find out from a worker that I was actually in the wrong area, and I had to head to a yellow and brown building to buy my ticket. Great! So I actually wasn’t even CLOSE to making it before, which is great to know. I walk over to the building, buy my ticket, and decide that I need to use the bathroom before the ferry leaves in 30 minutes. I head into the single person bathroom, sit down because, you know, and do what I gotta do. Now sure, I was relaxing a bit, looking through Twitter as we all do, but I wasn’t even in there 10 minutes when there’s a noise at the door; someone’s trying to open it. After they keep trying, and obviously aren’t getting that the door is locked because someone is in here, I politely say “Someone’s in here.” Give it maybe 30 seconds, they do it again. “Someone’s in here.” Another 30 seconds, I get angry. “SOMEONE’S IN HERE.” I here a woman outside talking shit about how there’s a line. Bitch calm the fuck down, holy fucking shit. I was so pissed off at this point. As I hear her bitching, I make as much noise as possible so she knows that, congrats, you got me out of the bathroom. After watching my hands, I slam my hand on the dryer, just to make as much noise as possible, before drying my hands, swinging open the door, and storming out. I get it, we all need to use the bathroom. Congrats you entitled bitch, you couldn’t be polite and wait. No you must bitch and moan until you get what you want. The woman seemed to be a bit in shock, maybe from the amount of noise I made, or maybe from the fact that I’m just a scrawny white boy; who knows. Either way I was pissed as all hell, but it was time to board the ferry so I didn’t have time to be thinking about that woman’s shit.

I boarded the ferry and before I knew it we were off. Now even though I was quite annoyed at first, the view on the ferry was too amazing not to cool off. I mean holy moly- beautiful day, beautiful weather, amazing view; What more could you ask for, honestly? I finally made it to Governor’s Island and to Island Oyster, the restaurant where we were all meeting, to find Maddy and a few of her friends sitting down at a table. Apparently they had all already eaten, but I still ordered myself a burger, which was really good by the way, and some fries, along with a cocktail, as we relaxed and chatted for a while. I will say, by the way, that the fries were definitely stale, but whatever. After chatting for a bit, a bee decided to join the conversation, flying all around the basically empty plate and drinks, which definitely caused a bit of a ruckus around the table. I mean, I didn’t care, but if I had gotten stung boy would I have been pissed. As time grew close to 2:30, we all decided it would be best to head out, so I paid for the bill (having everyone Venmo me) and we got on the ferry back to the main island before parting ways. I rode the 4 up to Grand Central with Maddy and one of her friends before finally parting ways and heading home myself. On my way uptown I just made a quick pit-stop at TJ Maxx to buy some more face serum, and when I got there, I found that it was now in a spray form! Really cool. Thankfully the line was nice and short, because I had to get home for my appointment with a WordPress engineer at 4:15.

I made it home with some time to spare, so I checked the mail and then settled down for my 30 minute chat. Now I wasn’t sure necessarily what was going to happen, but it was definitely just a nice conversation. The woman I talked with suggested me to look what demographic I want to be gearing my content towards, but for the most part, it was more a confirmation that I was on the right path I guess. For now things will stay pretty much the same, except I’ve stopped running ads because she said it just isn’t worth it at the scale I’m at now. Also it can turn people off. After the session ended, I’ve actually, well unsurprisingly I guess, been playing League all day, only stopping to go out and get some food at Pick&Eat. Oh! I also found a compilation of meme’y shit from The Bachelorette on YouTube and it is SO goddamn funny. Tomorrow I head back to work, and we’re gonna be pushing through until next Tuesday. Here’s hoping for another good weekend, and here’s hoping I continue to get more comfortable and kill it. And who knows? Maybe W’s letter will arrive, whatever that will say. But I can’t think about that now. For now, it’s time for sleep.

Until next time,



**Also- Happy Birthday Maddy! Thanks for being a great friend~

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